If you wonder what the basic wardrobe is , we can define it as the basic clothing set that we should all have to overcome any day-to-day situation successfully (at least, in style).

On the other hand, if you are one of those who already knew its meaning but have never known exactly what basic clothes are the ones that you should exactly integrate into your wardrobe to complete it, we have prepared the definitive shopping list . From coats to shoes, including shirts, sweaters, pants and even essential accessories (even how to choose a tie is explained). All concentrated in a single article to make your life a little easier.

Duffle coat

Its most formal version is the Chesterfield (traditionally cut to the knee, with a single-breasted covered button, velvet collar, and herringbone cut), but its shape has evolved to this day and you’ll find a version in every store. every winter. Black is the basic, blue is the one that will hit you with everything and beige is the one that everyone will turn to look at (as long as you have chosen the right size, make sure that the shoulder seam falls at the end of the bone of your clavicle).

It is the most versatile coat, perfect to wear with a suit or with jeans and trainers in a more casual way. You need it.


Here we present the quintessential maritime coat. We can say that he is the little brother and more casual of Chesterfield. You can combine it with practically anything , although it will be somewhat complicated with the suit due to its informal side.

Trench coat

You’re only going to wear it when it rains, if you go to London and on half-seasons (which we don’t really know when exactly), but every man needs a trench coat . Since World War II and until its popularization in the world of cinema, this lightweight coat has survived in top form. It is up to you to choose it with one row of buttons or crossed and with traditional or raglan sleeves (diagonally from the armhole to the neck). Oh, and it goes for any situation, formal or informal.

Hunter cowgirl

The casual halftime calls for a denim jacket, either to combine it with a total denim look or with chinos and trainers.

Leather jacket

You’re not always going to wear the denim jacket, are you? The  biker jacket is one of the most popular options for any type of look. Be careful, it can be very cool to wear it with a suit, yes, but it is better to leave that touch for the catwalk and mix it with jeans, shirts, sweaters, t-shirts… There are infinite options, but not with the suit.


Do not overwhelm yourself with this garment if you do not use it daily. Two colors are what you need, navy blue (for day to day) and black (for more formal situations) . Nothing more. What will make the difference will be the correct size and fit. Control the shoulder, the length of the sleeve, the fit of the jacket and, above all, the length of the bottom of the pants (that lightly brushes the shoe without a cascade of fabric falling on it).

*Note: It wouldn’t hurt to add a navy blue blazer , which is not the same as a jacket. Made in a more sporty fabric and generally with patch pockets (as in the image) instead of slanted flaps, it will be perfect to combine with jeans . You can also use the jacket from the suit above, but it will not be the same.

Dress shirts

You will differentiate them by their light fabric and because they do not have buttons on the neck , but whalebones (if you lift the tips, you will see that a stick runs through them to ensure that they are straight and not flying). First, find out what your cut is (you can find out here), then buy the exact same one in white (goes with everything) and blue (one of the easiest shades to mix). We are building the wardrobe, if you do not have these two, leave the experimentation for another time.

Sports shirts

The same happens with its casual version. Generally made of Oxford fabric (we are referring to that thick granite generated by weaving cotton) and with buttons on the neck. Whenever you don’t know what to wear, grab one of these two options (hopefully hanging in your closet), because they go with any casual look. Inside the pants in its most classic facet and outside it in the most irreverent.

In this section we can allow ourselves some license and expand the range to the classic striped shirt, the denim shirt and the traditional square s (without being crazy, which can go wrong, choose two-color squares).


Neither as formal as the shirt nor as informal as the t-shirt. Three solid colors, memorize them: white, navy blue and black . They will give you the perfect knit for summer Casual Fridays at the office (if the dress code allows it) mixed with chinos or jeans, or for the weekend.


This is a plain t-shirt. basic. It seems like a no-brainer, but of all the ones in all the stores in the world, it seems that some people never come across them. Before you dive into the world of prints, stock up on a ton of these in neutral colors . If you are thinking that they are boring, perhaps you should consider taking a step towards maturity.


See the strip of colors on the right? They are the tones of jersey that should populate the drawers of your wardrobe. If you take the shirts from the previous points and mix them with any of these four jumpers, there is hardly any chance of failure. Easy, right? The choice of round or V-neck is up to you.


Straight or, at most, slim fit (don’t risk it with the extreme skinny or the bootcut). Make sure they fit well at the waist, and when you find yours, buy the same one in dark blue and black. Now you do have life resolved.


In this image you will see two good friends: the gray tailor pants and the khaki of a lifetime . The first, you can combine it with the jacket of the blue suit (the one we have seen above) and you already have the classic business combo. Another option is to mix it with a shirt and a sweater for Casual Friday or for an informal dinner that requires something more dressed up.

Khaki is the staple of American sportswear. One of the most versatile pants. You can add anything to it (shirt, polo shirt, t-shirt, jersey, jersey with any of the above options) and it will always look good.

Dockers Smart 360 Flex. Courtesy of Dockers


– The casual: plain brown, medium width, aged buckle.

– The least informal (for Casual Friday): brown, braided, medium buckle (aged or not, to suit the consumer).

– The one with the suits: smooth black, fine without being too tight, careful buckle.


We arrive at a complicated point: How to choose the tie? Here are the steps to follow:

Fabric : silk (the most traditional), wool (with a more informal nuance) or cotton knit (one of the latest trends).

Width : this depends on you and your tastes, you only have to take into account one thing: the narrower the tie, the more the width of your shoulders visually expands, and vice versa.

Color : the choice can become controversial. Our recommendation is that, when in doubt, choose sober, muted tones. And if you don’t calm down with sobriety, engrave these three colors in your head: navy blue, garnet and bottle green.

Stamping : if you have successfully passed the previous point, maybe you can delve into this one. The classic diagonal stripe popularized by Brooks Brothers or those with discreet micro-patterns will be the best options to start with.

Other accessories

A white scarf will always give the appearance that you have taken care to dress carefully and carefully.

 Dress Shoes

If you have to choose one, let it be the Oxford . You’ll recognize it by its Prussian seam (the two flaps on the upper that incorporate the laces are sewn under the front of the shoe) and its stitching on the toe. Due to its elegance and correctness, this type of black footwear is appropriate both for day-to-day use, with a suit, and for more formal occasions in which the use of a morning suit is required. It is the basic lace-up shoe.

Sports shoes

In this section we will stay with the moccasin . In leather or suede, you can mix them with a suit to go to the office (although it is not strictly correct according to traditional codes) or with jeans and a British- style polo shirt .


The whiter, the better . Choose a model that you like and incorporate it into your shoe rack without dyeing it any color. It will not give any problem when combining. Then, add to the collection all the versions, colors or mixes you want, but have some white ones, they will be a good salvation table.

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