If you want to run faster you should incorporate the following exercises into your routine at the gym.

If your goal is to run faster, you should know that in addition to having speed sessions, you need to train the whole body, without forgetting strength.

In addition, you must take into account some recommendations and habits so that you can become a fast runner , either to compete or to improve yourself.

Do you want to run faster? try these tips

The first and foremost thing before putting into practice any recommendation to run faster has to do with knowing what your goal is. “Eyes on the prize” as it is said in English.

Whether you’re training to run your first 5K, improve your track time, run a faster marathon, or simply become a more well-rounded athlete, being clear about your goal will help you determine your training focus.

In addition, we recommend the following tips:

1. Add speed to your workouts

This sounds obvious, but it is an important part of the equation. Interval training, pace runs, and fartleks add different levels of effort and speed. Interval training includes a period of maximum effort followed by a recovery period.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtraining can help you look like an athlete.

2. Incorporate longer runs

Being increasingly resistant is one of the most effective strategies in running . But remember, the term “long run” is relative to each runner. A long run for someone training for a 10K is going to be much different than a long run for someone training for a marathon.

3. You don’t want to be super fast from the start

The general rule of thumb is to increase 10% distance each week . And with speed work, the idea is to incorporate one to three sessions a week when you’re first starting out so your body can adjust.

4. Analyze your performance

Doing a detailed analysis of how you run can help you get faster. For example, the way you step, how you position your torso, if you keep your fists clenched, etc. This is all relevant information. Don’t belittle her!

5. Recover well

It’s important to keep your workout schedule in mind to make sure you’re not doing hard runs too close together with little to no recovery time in between. Remember that rest is a fundamental part of your training and rest is vital to avoid overtraining.

6. Be persistent

Many runners start out motivated and disciplined, but soon lose steam when they don’t see overnight results in their pace or skills . Remember: getting faster has a lot to do with your goal, but even more with how hard you are willing to work to achieve it.

Strength training to run faster

The love of endurance and speed can make it difficult to lift weights, but runners who want to get faster need to understand the important relationship between muscular strength and lightness.

The stronger your legs are, the more power they can generate, which can translate into a faster run. If you don’t want to lift weights, even bodyweight movements like pushups, squats, and lunges can improve your running form.

Adding HIIT workouts, which activate fast-twitch muscle fibers, is also recommended. Some strength routines that can help you are:

1. Lower body routine for runners

The circuit should include the following exercises: traditional squats, Bulgarian squats, deadlifts, forward lunges, lateral lunges, glute hip raises, and calf ankle extensions. In each case, four series of four repetitions each are recommended.

2. Plyometric exercises

Another interesting option to run faster. Plyometric exercises are used to achieve explosive, fast and powerful movements. They also help strengthen joints and prevent injuries. Basically they are jumps with one foot or with both (for example, jumping rope), rebounds, swings, displacements at different heights (with a box or step ).

Plyometric exercises build explosive strength and will allow you to be faster.

Once we already have experience, the next step is to add weight. The recommended load is 5 kilos. The frequency of these exercises is twice a week, about 30 minutes per session.

3. Cross training

If you are one of those runners who cannot sit still for a day, there is a way to train and at the same time recover from the last session. For this, some aerobic exercises are recommended such as swimming, the elliptical, yoga and the stationary bicycle. In any case it is necessary that the intensity be low.

4. Exercises for the core

A strong core is essential to improve running performance . The abdominal and lower back muscles have to be “a rock” to help you in the races. Among the best exercises you can choose is of course the op lanck plank .

Other options are side planks, glute bridges, pilates swimming , or limb raises.

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