If you have little time or are looking for an alternative to complement your training, these options may give you a hand. Did you know them?

The way of training is the one that is in charge of defining your physical development and the results within the competition. For this reason, it is always advisable to vary the way you stimulate your body, even when you do not have enough time to do so. In that order of ideas, short training sessions for runners stand out.

Regarding training, in general, it is believed that the higher the number, the better the result. This does not happen only with time but with loads , routes, among other things. However, within sports sometimes less is more, especially if it is done properly and a timely balance is achieved with other types of training.

Short workouts for runners

The first aspect for which you would have to train in a reduced way is time . Everything happens due to the pace of life you currently lead, which is saturated with tasks and responsibilities, running being one of them.

Despite this, time is not the only relevant aspect to implement a short training session . The importance of varying the type of stimuli also stands out so that the organism does not remain stagnant in the adaptation zone.

Short running workouts allow the body to readapt.

Therefore, we will teach you some short training sessions for runners. These can be implemented during at least a 20 minute session.

1. Fartlek -like intensity changes

The fartlek training method stands out for the rhythm changes it has within its execution, it is also considered a great tool to stimulate the body’s aerobic and anaerobic resistance. In this publication of the Superior Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana, it is used as a method to develop resistance.

Its realization can be implemented to carry out a short training within running. By emulating his method and reducing the execution time, you can get a great alternative to training a few days a week.


  • Perform a joint and muscle activation of at least four minutes. A smooth jog with the movement of all body segments can help you .
  • Execute the intensity changes during the tour. Try to run at a high intensity for 15 or 20 seconds and jog again at a moderate intensity, but do not stop at any time. You should do these changes of pace for approximately 12 minutes.
  • Do not forget to perform the final phase of training. Return to calm around 4 minutes at a moderate jog.

2. Speed ​​intervals

In order to implement short training sessions for runners you can resort to intervals . These are easily used within your routine, and can also be adjusted to the amount of time you need.

Speed ​​intervals are responsible for specifically stimulating anaerobic endurance and can be well complemented by other training methods during the week.


  • Start by warming up through joint activation and moderate jogging . Said phase can last for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Perform intervals of maximum intensity and recovery. The goal is to force your body a little to carry it out, but don’t neglect your state of health. These intervals can be 20 or 30 seconds of running at maximum intensity, for 30 seconds of recovery. Perform at least 5 series and if you feel capable, add another 2.
  • It culminates with the final phase of recovery . In this you can implement alternating jogs with walks while your heart rate reaches a normal state.

3. Increasing intervals

This type of training is similar to that described above with respect to intervals. However, here the intensities are increasing and must reach maximum capacity.

High-intensity interval training seeks to reach maximum capacity starting at a moderate pace.

Within short training sessions for runners, increasing intervals are useful due to the length of time they use and the stimuli they produce in the body.


  • Perform between 3 or 4 minutes of joint activation and jog at moderate intensity to activate the body.
  • Run 3 running intervals in an estimated time of 1 minute and 30 seconds . The first should be at a moderate intensity (60-70 percent), the second at medium-high intensity (80 percent), and the third at high intensity (90 percent). Do not use rest until you finish the three intervals and try to perform 2 series -6 intervals divided by 3-.
  • At the end, take a walk at a moderate pace to return to calm.

Complement your short training routine for runners

While short workouts for runners offer you a variety of benefits, it is advised that you supplement them so that they are not your only method of training.

Try to intersperse these workouts with long-term routines and strength training. In this way, the development of the body will be more comprehensive and your results can improve considerably.

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