There is no age to enjoy a day of fun, laughter and company with friends, as preparing playful activities at home for young people and adults is a perfect option to liven up an afternoon or a night of boredom. In this case, games to play with friends are always the perfect excuse to do activities together, share memories and experience fun-filled moments, so we want to show you some great games and hilarious challenges.

Get ready, because we invite you to discover the funniest games to play at home with friends or family. A safe bet that never goes out of style… do you dare?

Escape games to play with friends

If you and your friends like puzzle games or mystery games with adventures and experiences, what’s better than playing together through an escape game experience? The Escape Rooms are original games, they are still in fashion and there are more and more modalities to enjoy.

To play these adventure, experience and enigma games, you can go to a physical place or you can play an Escape Room at home completely online or with the new Escape or Riddle Box boxes. There are different themes and for various age ranges, including for children from 7 years old, from 12 years old and also for adults.

Exhaust boxes

Escape or Riddle Box boxes are ideal for lovers of escape games. It is a mysterious box, which will arrive by mail at home, with which you will have to play to decipher the enigmas that will be inside and, in this way, achieve the mission. In addition, it can be well adapted to the group of players, since it is without time, without rush and there is no Game Master either. With an Escape Room in a box you will have the escape game ready for when you are all ready to play.

Card games to play with friends

Card games never go out of style, and there are many games to play with friends that will make you have a fun time. Depending on the deck you have you can play one thing or another, so keep reading to get some idea:

  • Spanish deck : with the Spanish deck you can try classic card games such as chinchon, escoba, cinquillo or Mus, which you can learn in this article on How to play Mus. In addition, in this other article you will find 10 Card Games with simple instructions.
  • Shuffle Poker Cards – If your deck of poker cards is what you have on hand, you can host a game, play blackjack with friends, or learn How to Play Three Card Poker, a great variation on the classic game.


If we talk about classic and card games to play with friends, we cannot fail to mention this one. It is one of the most popular among both children and adults , and it is also very easy to play. It is about matching cards that match by color or by number, until the one who runs out of cards wins. Of course, remember that when you only have one card left in your hand, you will have to shout: “Uno!”… otherwise it won’t work!

The UNO deck! It is easy to find and it is also cheap, but if you want to play with friends online , there is also the mobile app.

Classic games to play with friends

If you are looking for games to play with friends in a group and enjoy a moment of fun and laughter in company, you will also like these options. Take note, because we propose the following classic games to play with friends :


The king of all meetings and games with friends is undoubtedly karaoke. It’s a fun option with which you can enjoy a friendly encounter like no other, so prepare a list of varied songs for your friends and have the participants duel, in a group or delight you solo.

If you want, you can use online platforms that offer karaoke song bases such as YouTube or do it through games like the classic SingStar .

Who I am?

To prepare this game, you will only need a pencil and paper. Each participant must write a character (real or fictional) on a piece of paper and paste it on the forehead of the partner sitting to their right .

This game to play with friends is that everyone must discover who they are by asking simple questions , with which they can answer YES or NO. If the answer to the question asked is YES, the player will be able to ask a new question, and so on until he fails and the turn passes to the next teammate.

The movies

A team game for which you will have to use mime . Each team will have to tell one of their opponents the title of a film, and they will have to mime said film so that their group can guess it… laughter is guaranteed!


Who doesn’t like a classic bingo with friends? Prepare cards and balls and enjoy the tension of seeing who calls line or bingo first. You can bet some coins to add more excitement and the challenge of winning some money. You can also find this game in the online version, another way to enjoy bingo with friends and without leaving home.

Just Dance!

The dance game par excellence to have a great time. Surely you have this forgotten video game saga in a drawer, so it’s time to dust it off and get ready to compete, dance and play with friends. And if you don’t have the game? Don’t worry! The Just Dance Now mobile application will allow you to enjoy it from any device and for free. Connect your mobile to a screen and let the dance begin!

These games for children and adults are also ideal if you are looking for family games, so choose among all the ones that most attract your attention and enjoy. And if you want more specifically some games to play as a family, check out these 10 Games for Family Parties.

Games to play with friends at home – teenagers

In addition to the games to play with friends recommended above, there are some games for adults and teens that can liven up an evening at home. These are the funniest!


This is one of the most popular home games out there, as forbidden words never go out of style. The taboo consists of guessing concepts, characters or objects without naming certain words.

If you don’t have the board game or are looking for games to play with friends on mobile, feel free to look for the online version or make your own game. How? Very easy: you will only have to write several cards with the word to guess and, just below, some terms that cannot be used so that the person in charge of making the others guess it does not have it too easy.


It is another of the classic board games that you can play. Geography, art, history or sport are some of the categories that hide questions that must be solved with skill and teamwork, so if you want a competitive and fun game, this is the best.  


Drawing, mime, coordination, questions and answers… Party is one of the best games with friends ever created, as it makes each meeting a unique event full of competitive and fun activities. Find out!


Who has not lost long moments playing Monopoly? It is the board game par excellence , the one that never goes out of style. The bank will provide you with tickets to acquire streets and buildings until you create your own real estate empire. You dare?

Tutifruti o ¡Basta!

It is one of the most entertaining games to play with friends. Don’t know what it consists of? Take a look at this article on How to play Tutifruti and discover one of your new favorite games to play with friends .

Games for adults at home

We come to a section on games for adults at home, ideal if you are preparing an entertaining and fun evening with a group of friends.

I never never

One of the most daring and fun adult party games, perfect for getting to know your group of friends better! The dynamic is simple: one person in the group will say, “I never, never…” followed by some statement that may or may not be true. The people who have, will have to drink, and those who don’t… wait for the next turn!

 Beer Pong

Do you want to have a few drinks while you play something entertaining? Then Beer Pong is your game… place plastic cups at one end of a table and, from the other, try to fit a ping pong ball inside. It is played one against one and each mistake involves taking a sip of a drink in your hand… be responsible!

Do you think you are very smart?

Games to play with friends at home like this one are calmer, but that doesn’t stop them from being hilarious. Do you think you are very smart? It consists of making teams and playing to see who can guess the most General Knowledge Questions. The losing team will have to do what the winning team tells them to do!

Truth or Dare

The best adult group games are a bit more spicy and daring than the rest, so if you want to get to know each other a little better and liven up your evening, nothing better than a few rounds of truth or dare.  

Games to play with friends online

Looking for some games to play online for Android, iPhone, or PC? These are some of our favorite options, simple and very fun games that will make you spend an afternoon or night full of laughter and fun. Take note!

  • Trivia Crack : if you want to play Trivia, but you don’t have the board at home and you want to play an online version together, Trivia Crack is the ideal game for your group. Correctly answer the questions in each category and progress until you are victorious.
  • Aworded : Have you ever played Scrabble? If this is the case and you like to find new words and learn while having fun, Apalabrados is the ideal game. Make words and let the member of the group with the highest score win.
  • Among Us – The fashion game that is as addictive as it is hilarious. The crew have to complete a series of challenges to fix a ship, however, they find impostors among them, villains who want to kill the rest. Who will be the impostor? Can you find it? Will you know how to hide if it’s your turn to be?
  • Stop! : just like Tuttifruti and Basta! but online. This game is very fun because, in addition to being able to play with friends, not only the most ingenious wins, but also the fastest. Go pointing words from different categories that start with the indicated letter and may the best one win.
  • Pinturillo : Pinturillo is the best option if you are looking for a game like Pictionary but that you can play online. Put your artistic skills to the test and show your friends that you are the best at guessing!
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