The arrival of streaming platforms such as Netflix on almost all televisions in the world has opened up the possibility for fiction consumers to enjoy productions made all over the world.

Turkish novels, American programs, oriental cinema… To all these options, which are increasingly integrated into the habitual consumption of fans of the small screen  , Korean dramas are being added with increasing force, stories with the ability to hook everyone.

What are Korean Dramas?

Dorama is the western word that from South Korea is used to refer to  all those local productions in the form of a series.  In essence, they are what in Spain has always been called series or soap operas.

The most interesting thing about these fictions from the Asian country is that they  show the way of life and culture and history of its citizens in scripts that are as interesting as they are frantic  , capable of keeping everyone who sees them on edge.

These Korean dramas are having more and more success in the series boom that has been taking place in recent years.  

These are the 10 best Korean dramas that can be seen today:

1. Romance is a Bonus Book

The plot of this drama is very simple:  a love story between a successful young editor and writer (Cha Eun Ho) and a completely broke journalist (Kang Dan Yi).

When she arrives at the publishing house with a new contract that she achieved thanks to hiding her past, Cha Eun Ho can’t help but notice her little by little. It is the origin of a current romance, in a tragicomedy tone, based on her lie.

2. Hwayugui

This series first aired between December 2017 and March 2018 and is an adaptation of the novel  Journey to the West , one of the four great classic works of Chinese literature.

This South Korean-produced drama is one of the most interesting, since it  mixes mythology, love, conflicts…  it really has all the ingredients to become one of those series where you can’t watch a single episode every time.

Regarding the plot,  Son Oh Gong is a god condemned to wander the human world forever.  He has been stripped of his powers and has to survive however he can.

On his adventure around planet Earth, he meets Woo Hwi Chul, a successful businessman who is at the peak of popularity. A love-hate relationship begins between them that intensifies when Jin Sun Mi appears on the scene, a beautiful and successful woman with whom the god falls in love.

3. Black

This is  another great series that is up to competing with the best British and American fiction.  Once again, the fantastic and the real come together in a frenetic drama that will take the viewer to the limit of their nerves.

A demon lives housed in the body of a detective. There he falls in love with a woman capable of intuiting that something is hidden behind that man’s skin. Both come together with one goal: to save people from their ultimate destiny, death.

4. Mr. Sunshine

One of the most impressive period series of how many doramas have been made. Centered in the 19th century, it is based on the activists who fight for the independence of Korea.

Above all this, there is a love story between a young man of Korean origin who lives in the United States and who returns to his homeland, where he falls in love with a noble girl.

5. Memories of the Alhambra

What better than a romantic Korean drama based on the city of Granada to begin the adventure in the world of fiction of the Asian country?

In this series fantasy, drama and comedy go hand in hand: Yoo Jin-woo, the powerful owner of one of the most important video game producers in the world, travels to Granada to meet the developer of a new gaming platform that promises revolutionize the world There he meets a girl who exceeds all the worlds he could invent in his video games.

Many more surprises are found in the plot of this drama  that promises to amuse all viewers as it has been doing since its premiere.

6. Strong Girl Bong-Son

A superhero in the South Korean way: Bong-Soon is a young woman who was born with a gift, that of having a force above any human nature. Aware of her power, she tries to live a normal life while she fights the forces of evil.

It is a production that bases all the twists in the script on humor and fantasy: in South Korea it is a success and has a legion of followers.

7. Goblin

It is one of the most loved and valued series by the inhabitants of South Korea.

Kin Shin is a warrior from the kingdom of Goryeo who is sentenced to death because of the envy of the prince. For a magical reason he is allowed a second life, which he takes at first as a gift but is actually a curse:  he will see all the beings he loves die.

8. W – Two Worlds

W is a full-fledged love story:  Kang Chul is a rich heir living in a parallel reality and Oh Yeon-Joo, a successful young surgeon from the real world.  A spark will arise between them that will make them wonder how to solve the small problem that prevents them from living their love fully: they belong to completely different worlds.

9. 300 years of love

A journey through time brings a powerful man from the Joseon dynasty to the present. There he falls captive to the charms of Choi Hee Jin, an actress who little by little explains to him what has happened in the last three hundred years of South Korea’s history and helps him change events of the past.

It is a romantic drama that became one of the most popular in the country during its broadcast.

10. Ice Adonis

Two stepsisters faced by love for the same man. The story gets complicated when a relative of the boyfriend dies accidentally run over by one of them,  who plans to blame the other to get rid of her and live her love story free from her guilt.

11. A click away

The popularity of these series is growing exponentially in recent times and platforms like Netflix  already have some of them at the click of a button. You only have to search a little in their catalog to find  Romance is a Bonus Book, Black, Mr. Shunsine, Recuerdos de la Alhambra and Strong Girl Bong-Son,  among many others.

12. Crash Landing On You

This romantic story begins when a South Korean heiress, Yoon Se Ri, played by Korean actress Son Ye Jin, goes paragliding in Seoul. However, an unexpected storm blows her away from Seoul and she ends up crash-landing in the North Korean territory of the DMZ.

Upon landing in the North, KPA Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, played by Hyun Bin, manages to find her hanging from a tree. From here, despite being a North Korean heiress and soldier, her romance began to unfold as Jeong Hyuk did everything he could to bring Se Ri back to the South unharmed.

13. Alone in Love

Alone in Love is a Korean series starring Son Ye Jin and Kam Woo Sung. It’s very accessible when it comes to Korean dramas: the story follows a couple who break up after the death of their baby and what their lives are like after they start dating other people.

The dialogues in this drama are simple and easy to follow, making it ideal for learning Korean. Conversations can be a little harder to follow when emotions run high among the main cast and they start talking quickly. Even so, most of the conversations are realistic and full of words that will help you learn Korean.

14. My Love from Another Star 

If you like television series and movies with fantastic elements, you are in luck. My Love from Another Star is not your typical Korean series. This drama follows a superhuman alien who landed on planet Earth hundreds of years ago. Think of it as a mix of Doctor Who and Twilight… sort of? You will understand when you see it for yourself.

This alien, Do Min-Joon, played by Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun, has various superhuman gifts. He is out of this world in appearance, has super speed and can hear even the faintest sounds, making eavesdropping on conversations a breeze.

15. My Golden Life

South Korean culture is deeply rooted in the philosophy of Confucianism. Like any other country that follows Confucianism, filial piety is one of its fundamental philosophical tenets. In South Korea, weekend shows, especially on major networks, are often designed with families in mind.

This drama revolves around two families that are involved in an unfortunate event. Two daughters who happen to be twins are found to be completely unrelated. One of the twins was born into a wealthy home. However, she was separated from her biological parents due to an oversight of her mother.

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