Looking for role play ideas for couples? We’ve got you covered on that, Hunny. In our guide today, we are going to explain what erotic roleplaying is and offer you different sexual scenarios to start your adventure.

But before moving on to the proposed fantasies, let’s refresh our memory a bit on what sex roleplay is all about.

What is sexual role play?

As its name suggests, this activity consists of playing a role. Sexual roleplaying is sexual activity or kink in which you live out your wildest fantasies. Basically, you dress up with your partner and act out a certain sexual scenario.

Once considered a taboo, role-playing has become a staple sexual activity. Just check out the various resources and online forums to find a bunch of recommendations on this type of game. It is known to be a fun sexual activity for those who want to experiment and experience a new type of pleasure. You can also incorporate other kinks into this activity, such as impact play or bondage.

Role play ideas for couples

Want to spice up your sexual escapades with role-playing games, but don’t know where to start? Well, here are some sour scenarios you can discuss with your partner. Good reading !

1. Held by a seductive witch

The scenario: You wake up in a dark room. There is an earthy smell from all the scented candles that have been lit. Your hands and ankles are tied. You called for help when an attractive witch entered the room. Holding a small cauldron of unidentified potions, she tells you that you’ve been sent here for “sex healing” and that the only way out of her lair is to unleash the “savage beast within you.” She’ll start giving you a sensual massage and things will quickly spiral out of control.

How to prepare: This is one of the role play ideas for couples that focuses on the mood. For this one, just prepare a bunch of scented candles and place them all over the room. Turn them on and let them be the only source of light all night long. You will also need ties, preferably rope for a more natural effect. If a sensual massage is planned, be sure to invest in a quality massage oil. When it comes to costumes, captives can work with their casual attire. As for the witch, we highly recommend getting a sexy witch/wizard/witch costume to amp up the vibe.

2. The good cop and the bad cop

The scenario: You are sitting in the interrogation room, with one of your hands cuffed to the table. You’ve done something naughty and you’re afraid you’ll get caught. A sexy police officer walks into the room. This person then starts asking you questions about the crime. The officer then asks you to confess, but you do not move. The officer then started to touch you on all your sensitive points, trying to make you confess out of pleasure. You kept saying no, but that person won’t budge unless you tell them the truth. Things get so hot you’re sweating in an air-conditioned room. The next thing you know is your pants are off.

How to prepare: This sexual fantasy is related to consensual non-consensual kink. For this one, it’s important to communicate well with your partner and establish a verbal and non-verbal safe word. As for the accessories, all you need is a set of handcuffs and a cute policeman costume. You can, however, incorporate other toys and accessories – just make sure everything is agreed!

3. The Sexy Tutor

The scenario: You absolutely must pass your final math exam, so you have hired a personal tutor to guide you. The tutoring session takes place in the bedroom, to keep you away from any form of distraction. Everything starts well, the teacher shows you the formula necessary to solve the equation. But things get a little tricky… Your sexy tutor’s hand “unwittingly” brushes your thighs. You can feel the tension in the room. Next thing you know, the papers came out and you were both making out.

How to prepare: This is one of the role play ideas for couples that is quite easy to do. You just need some books, papers and pens. You can also wear schoolboy costumes to heighten the mood.

4. Intimacy

The scenario: It’s early morning. In your private room, the nurse you’ve fallen for wakes you up to check your vital signs – there’s no one around. You start chatting quickly and things turn sour. The next moment you were kissing the pretty nurse. Things have escalated to the point that the pretty nurse is all over you.

How to prepare: This is one of the role-play ideas for couples who rely on the atmosphere. Put up green/white curtains and get hospital props if possible. Make sure you have a charming costume for the nurse and a hospital gown for the patient.

5. Unattached

The scenario: Pretend that you and your partner are strangers and that you are ready to have a one-night stand. Create new personalities, preferably the opposite of your characters. Enjoy the night of passion – and the “embarrassment” that comes with it.

How to Prepare: You know what’s great about that sexual fantasy? This is one of the role play ideas for couples that doesn’t require much preparation. This one emphasizes acting though, as you and your boo have to stay on your roles throughout the night. You may also need to change your style a bit to make your characters match the ones you created. And don’t forget the lube!

6. The Maid’s Mistake

The scenario: You are single and you live alone – well, not necessarily alone since you have a maid. Your last meeting of the day was canceled, so you went home early – and whoops. You caught your maid touching herself on the couch. She didn’t even notice you because she had her eyes closed and was feeling every moment. You hear him moan your name. You cleared your throat. She opened her eyes and was shocked to see you standing on her half-naked body. She started crying and begging you to keep her in her post. You told her you wouldn’t fire her, but on one condition: you’ll punish her for being a bad girl.

How to prepare: No drastic changes to your room. In fact, you can change it according to each other’s preferences – you can ask your partner to do it in your bedroom or even in the kitchen. As for the costume, it’s best to get a sexy maid costume for the vibe. You can also incorporate BDSM toys into it since the dominant-submissive dynamic is very present.

7. The best stripper in town

The scenario: Put on a sexy playlist. Dim the lights. Things are about to intensify. Dance like you’re the best stripper in town. Treat your partner to the most sumptuous night of their life. Pass on the ground, on the walls and on his body. Tease him by brushing his thighs and pleasure zones while doing a lap dance. Slowly take your clothes off, one at a time, until you can jump naked.

How to prepare: If you are an advanced dancer, good for you! You can surely perform the sexiest moves for your darling. But if you’ve never taken a dance class, don’t worry. You can still deliver a sexy performance. You can check out these sexy dance tutorials. Also, don’t forget to prepare a sexy ad-free playlist. Invest in quality lingerie to live up to it!

8. The submissive secretary

The scenario: You spend the night at the office, preparing for an important presentation the next morning. You realize that your shy secretary made a big typo. You call her and confront her with this error. But as you scold her in the private meeting in your office, things start to escalate. The next moment you spank her to “punish” her for her mistake.

How to prepare: This is one of the couples role play ideas that is quite versatile – you can’t just take one scenario and leave it at that. You can try having a steamy night in the office together or do the deed during a conference call. When it comes to preparation, it’s all in the overall look. You both just need to put on your office clothes. Have handouts ready and even include BDSM toys to amp up the vibe.

9. Body Swap

The scenario: You and your partner are going to pretend that you swapped bodies. Basically, you are going to love your partner and vice versa. You’re both going to pretend it’s your first time having sex in a male or female body, and you’re aroused with every move.

How to prepare: For this sexual fantasy, it is not necessary to use a lot of accessories and sexy costumes. However, you have to excel in acting because you are going to act like a totally different person. Just make sure you act like them, not a caricature of their character – making fun of your sweetheart is not sexy.

10. Living in Virgo

The scenario: You’ve never done anything like this before. Ditto for your partner. The tension is noticeable as you enter the motel, nervous about what is about to happen. You are both virgins and ready to lose your mind. In the dark room, you awkwardly kiss, you’re both awkward, you don’t know what to do next, but it’s worth it.

How to prepare: This erotic fantasy is pretty simple – just pretend you’re both virgins. You don’t need a lot of items, but we strongly suggest going to a motel or somewhere that feels new to you, to build up the “new lovers” vibe.

11. Abducted by an alien

The scenario: You wake up in a dark room filled with neon lights. Your ankles are tied to the bed. You are scared and unsure of what just happened. A mysterious figure enters the room. He’s an alien who made a quick visit to earth. You’re inside their spaceship. You ask the alien to let you out. The alien then says he will but only if you submit to his experiment. It’s about sex and the alien wants you to practice it with him. Thinking about your family and your future, you said yes to the experience.

How to prepare: This is one of the role play ideas for couples that requires a lot of preparation. First, install neon lights or fairy lights in the bedroom. You can also check out motels that offer spaceship-themed rooms, like this Space War room at Victoria Court or the space-themed rooms at Astrotel. As for the costumes, it’s up to you and your partner to decide what the Alien character will look like. You can use alien characters from movies as a reference. You can also use extraterrestrial sex toys to enhance play. And don’t forget the ankle restraints!

12. Detention with the insolent class president

The scenario: You are in detention for 3 hours with the most insolent class representative. Both of you are being asked to clean up some things in the basement. If everything is clean after 3 hours, you will both be released. Otherwise, you will both have to wait 2 hours. She does her best to finish while you do nothing. She asked you to move your ass but you wouldn’t move. You jokingly reply, “Give me a blow job first,” but oh… she starts undoing your pants.

How to prepare: This is one of the easiest role play ideas for couples to implement. You just need to both stay in character. You have to keep this “I’m a tramp” persona while she’s this “cheeky, bitchy” class president. It is also best if both of you wear school uniforms for this erotic role play.

13. Camping fun

The scenario: You and your partner enjoy a night in the woods. As you’re comfortably settled in the tent, your partner begins to touch your sensitive spots. He starts taking your stockings off and whispering naughty phrases in your ear. You both get so turned on that you end up having sex in the tent.

How to prepare: For this sexual fantasy, all you need to do is set up a tent in your backyard. Even though we feel like suggesting you take a trek and have sex indoors, it’s pretty hard to pull off right now. So just set up a nice tent in your garden. Enjoy the vibes of the outdoors!

14. The starlet and the biggest fan

The scenario: You’re one of the biggest celebrities, relaxing in your dressing room preparing for your next show. We then knock on the door. He’s a fan who won an exclusive encounter. The person looks lovely, sweet, and just plain excited to meet you. You chat quickly, as sexual tension slowly fills the room. As you finish signing all the merchandise collected by your fan, your biggest fan asks you for a kiss on the cheeks. You said yes, but ended up kissing the fan on the lips. Things quickly get sweet and kinky.

How to prepare: This is also one of the easiest role play ideas for couples. Just give your room a “celebrity dressing room” look and you’re set. As for celebrity, you can impersonate a celebrity if you look like a real artist. You can also adopt a whole new personality for this game – it’s all up to you and your partner.

15. The Royal Highness’ Request

The scenario: You work for the royal family. One of its members asks you to go to his room immediately. The Royal Highness needed help removing her garment. Sexual tension ensues. The next moment, you’re sharing a hot, intense kiss with royalty.

How to prepare: It is best to have a royal themed hotel room for this. You can also do it in your room, but keep the royal vibe with the costumes and the game.

16. Animal Game

The scenario: You have only been a faithful pet for your master. One day, you turned into a semi-human. Your master is very shocked by this transformation, but things quickly take a sulphurous turn.

How to prepare: We strongly advise you to get some sexy pet costumes for this erotic role play. You can also intensify the experience by letting the animal use pet toys, such as chew toys. BDSM toys will definitely come in handy in this scenario – get whips, paddles, collars, leashes, and butt plugs with tails to amp up the vibe. Note that this role-playing idea is considered deviant or bizarre by some. Be sure to get voluntary, informed consent from your partner, especially if they are the pet.

17. A risky way to pay the rent

The scenario: You haven’t paid the rent in months. Your spouse is at work. The fiery landlord knocks on the door and asks you to pay your rent. You asked for more time, but the landlord is reluctant to kick you and your spouse out. You beg him for more time and say you’ll do anything to have some time to make the payments. The owner then makes you an indecent proposal. You didn’t want to accept it at first, but eventually you agreed to be exempted from paying your rent.

How to prepare: There’s not much to prepare for this sexy scenario. This is one of the role play ideas for couples that is easy to implement – ​​just stay in character and you’re good to go.

18. Additional Service

The scenario: You work as a personal masseuse. While you’re giving a massage to a new client, they start flirting. This person then asks you for an “extra service”: you will offer him sexual services after the massage. You were hesitant, but her sexy gaze made you accept. Things quickly escalated and you found yourself getting “extra service” from your customer.

How to prepare: If you or your partner know how to give massages, this role play will be easy to perform. But if none of you have any knowledge of massages, you can check guides on YouTube. As for the costume, a simple blouse will do – just put some lacy lingerie underneath. As for the accessories, it is better to have a massage oil or a massage candle ready. Don’t forget the lubricant either!

19. Get Kinky With The Genie

The scenario: You found an old bottle and jokingly rub it. A genie comes out of the bottle and offers you three wishes. For your first wish, you wished for the genie to grant any perverse or sexual request you wish. This led to a series of kinky sexcapades involving bondage, sensation play, wax play and golden showers.

How to prepare: This is one of the couples role play ideas that can be related to BDSM play. The submissive can play the role of the genie while the dom has the role of the owner. Now, take note that before playing this, all activities under the wishlist must be agreed between both parties. There must also be a verbal and non-verbal safe word. As for accessories, all you need is an old bottle and some BDSM toys. The owner does not need to have a specific costume, but the genie should have one. It doesn’t have to be a genie, it can be a fairy, an angel or any other supernatural entity.

20. The Bored Woman and the Door Seller

The scenario: You are a housewife. You’re bored enough of staying home all day and having less sex with your spouse. Alas, someone is knocking at your door. He is a door-to-door salesman who offers you to buy some of his vitamins. You let it into your house, and eventually into your holes – if you know what I mean.

How to prepare: The look of the seller depends on your preferences. As for accessories, you can incorporate a few sex toys into this piece – you can even use sex toys as seller’s products, even if it’s not realistic.

21. Like a porn star

The scenario: Have a hot sex session with your boyfriend and record everything. Treat yourself and fuck like you’re producing the best porn movie of the year.

How to prepare: This is one of the simplest role-play ideas for couples – and one of the most versatile too. All you need is a camera and a trusted partner. You can also use accessories and sex toys for fun!

22. Strike Viper

The scenario: Inspired by the Netflix series Black Mirror, you will play the role of video game characters. You’ll start out fighting each other, Tekken-style, but eventually move on.

How to prepare: It’s all in the lewk! We suggest watching the episode that inspired this idea. You can also dress up as your favorite video game characters or superheroes, however you like! As for the actual activity, start with fun fighting games before moving on.

23. A frenzied childbirth

The scenario: You ordered sex toys from an online store. The courier arrives and you let him into your house because you want to check the sex devices before you pay. He eventually sees the toys and a flirtatious conversation ensues. Things heat up real quick – and the next moment you’re “testing out” the sex toys together.

How to prepare: You need a box, some sex toys, a courier uniform (a simple shirt and a helmet are enough). You can also change the delivery scenario, for example, change the delivery of sex toys to a delivery of food and incorporate food play into the act.

24. Paid Baby

The scenario: You play the role of a sex worker and your partner is a new client. Give him the best night of his life.

How to prepare: There is not much to prepare, but you will need to create characters for this experience. Plus, it’s best done in motels, just to amp up the vibe. You can even host a little play in the motel lobby and pretend you just met there for the first time.

25. Mile High Club

The scenario: You are flying alone to a business conference. It’s early morning. A charming stewardess begins to attend to your needs, helping you choose the best wine on board. This then leads to a flirtatious exchange. At the end, the stewardess handed you a note, telling you to meet in the plane’s bathroom. You ended up having an intense sex session in a cramped toilet.

How to prepare: Since it is strongly forbidden not to have sex on a real plane, we suggest that you DIY this sexual fantasy. Do this in your usual bathroom or try the rooms at an airplane-themed motel, if there’s one in your area. When it comes to costumes, the passenger should opt for something formal while the stewardess should wear a sexy uniform or costume commensurate with her role. Good game !

Tips for sex role play

After reading about the different role play ideas for couples, we can sense your excitement? But before you jump into shopping for sexy costumes and accessories, check out these tips first!

  • Choose a scenario that you both want. Don’t choose a storyline just because you find it sexy. Make sure your partner has that fantasy too.
  • Plan the details. No need to work on a scenario, but it is essential to set the scene. See how we wrote the scripts, it’s just there to set the scene.
  • Set boundaries and a safe word. Safety first !
  • Take inspiration from certain movies and shows. Whether it’s for a script or for your character, taking inspiration from TV shows and movies is helpful.
  • Don’t forget to dress up! Come on, dress up and dress for the role.
  • It may be awkward at first, but feel free to laugh about it! It is impossible to do things perfectly for the first time. Laugh and try again.


For those who want to try something new in the bedroom, sex role play is a must experience. It takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it in the end. You’re not only bringing your wildest fantasies to life, you’re also strengthening your relationship by showing another side of your partner, a side no one would ever know.

So what are you waiting for? List your favorite couples role play ideas from this guide and have a fantastic time!

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