If the beginnings of a relationship are marked by fiery and recurring lovemaking, in the long run, routine can gain ground and sexual reunions become less frequent and hectic than before.

Sleep naked

The pilou-pilou pajamas are certainly very comfortable but they are not the most alluring. If your significant other is used to always seeing you in the same nightwear, change into something sexier or sleep naked to foster bonding. 

Spend the night away from home

To break with habits, nothing like sleeping somewhere other than at home. In a new environment, the (re)discovery of the other is more favorable. When you have children, it requires a bit of organization but reunions are savored. Failing to leave, just changing places in bed allows you to change your bearings. 


Talking to each other outside and during sex can spice up the relationship. When cold, taking stock of your couple and ensuring that the needs are met for both is beneficial. During lovemaking, we can try to talk to each other and verbalize what we like, this reinforces the complicity of the couple and further eroticizes the relationship. 

Practice the art of massage

Massages bring closer and sensualize the relationship. Opt for scented oils to awaken the senses and create an auspicious atmosphere with dim lights and a few candles. Disconnect together by leaving aside laptops and computers to put pleasure and relaxation back at the center of your priorities. 

To make an appointment

At first glance, planning a sexual relationship seems unglamorous, but when the days and evenings are loaded with exhausting and restrictive daily life, allowing yourself a “recreation” is fun and healthy. An evening, a day or a weekend depending on your availability, taking a break and giving free rein to your imagination is good for you and strengthens the bonds. 

Take a bath for two

Taking a bath for two brings bodies together in a voluptuous and intimate atmosphere. For even more sensuality, think of a bubble bath, candles and plan two glasses of champagne to taste and snacks. 

Indulge in erotic readings

For couples looking to spice up their relationship, erotic readings can awaken the libido. It is possible to read alone to awaken your desire or to read together, under the duvet, to discuss the subject, or even more if you like…

Text each other

Sending a naughty little message to your partner can spice up the antics and increase the excitement before you meet again. Whether the distance between the two partners is hundreds of kilometers or just a room in the house, sexting creates surprise and thumbs its nose at routine. 

Invite gluttony

Eating is an activity that can be very sensual. Getting together in a restaurant or cooking together at home brings hearts and bodies together. Spicy and/or spicy dishes will raise the temperature, as for chocolate, whipped cream and honey, they can serve as a base for a massage for a gourmet and carnal moment.


The mechanical kisses, or the absence of kisses do not maintain the carnal bond. Consciously kissing while listening to your feelings at any time of the day, even and especially when the other person least expects it, helps to rekindle desire.

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