Earn money without trying too hard? It’s possible. The 15 tips below will make it easy to generate ‘passive income’.

1. Membership

Do you have a creative mind as well as a good pen? Do you run a blog or do you want to start one? Perfect ! Affiliation usually means that you allow advertisements from other people/companies on your website or blog. A central system (eg Amazon or Google) pays you to display advertisements on your platform. Your income, however, will depend on the number of clicks by Internet users on the advertising banners. Only a high performing website with many visitors will actually earn you money.

2. Ready to sing

Do you have a musical talent but are not interested in the spotlight? You can always consider composing a jingle or background music and selling it to an artist. If it breaks through, you will receive royalties on your creation, which will bring you money years after the release of the title. Make sure you have a license for the songs you create or publish via popular websites such as SoundCloud.

3. Invest in real estate

Okay, we admit it, it’s a little less sexy than the previous options. Nevertheless, real estate remains one of the best investments and gives you a good return on investment. To get there, you obviously need some start-up capital, but the income from it will be high. Be careful, rentals have their share of unforeseen events and you may sometimes have to reinvest part of your income in repair or maintenance work.

4. Launch a webshop

Do you describe yourself as an inventor capable of creating fun and extraordinary gadgets? Have you found a niche in the market and a unique product to market? Creating a webshop is for you. For information, this is one of the most popular side jobs around the world.

5. Riskier activity: the stock market

Dividend income on stocks makes it easy to earn money effortlessly. To really make a fortune, you will sell your shares when the prices are at their highest. But beware, the stock market is risky and very volatile. Therefore, consult a financial advisor before deciding to invest large sums of money. Regular monitoring is also important.

6. Rent a room

Despite stricter regulations for renting rooms from home, you can still make money from sites like Airbnb. Take the time to learn about the evolution of the legislation to avoid any unpleasant surprises and, if you have a space available or are going on vacation for several days, go for it! Of course, you must trust your hosts enough to let them live with you.

7. Cashback

They made their appearance in the United States but, in the meantime, their popularity has increased in Europe: ‘cashbacks’ or ‘money refunds’. If you keep a close eye on promotions and brochures, you can get money back on many products. Sites like myShopi spot discounts and cashbacks for you. The only thing you have to do is create an account, purchase the item and then get your money back.

8. Create YouTube videos

Do you have a theme to develop and about which people would like to learn more? Whether it’s professional advice or interesting tutorials, the YouTube platform will be the perfect medium to distribute your content. You’ll need to have a lot of subscribers before you can earn anything, but if one of your videos is a smash hit, you might just become a big-name influencer.

9. Sell photos online

Do you have the art of photographing the environment around you? Sell ​​your pictures online on specialized sites! Each time someone uploads your photo, you will receive a commission. The amount of it will increase if your images become popular. It will not directly make you rich but you will generate income from your passion.

10. Create and sell an app

Are you able to code/program and do you have a good idea? You can easily earn money by developing a practical, user-friendly and sought-after application.

11. Give online lessons

Create something that doesn’t exist yet or for a niche market… It’s certainly not the easiest option, but if you really know something about a specific area, you can teach online . However, you will need a good marketing campaign to attract your future customers.

12. Write a book

As soon as you tell something, you are told that it is a great story. Do your texts please, are easy to read and let the reader forget his daily worries? It’s time to start writing a book. If you’re thinking big and dreaming of a career in publishing, know that Amazon can help you publish your own book. Even if it doesn’t become a bestseller, you’ll still receive royalties on every copy sold.

13. Invest in a business

Do you have any savings? You can invest them in companies that are looking for (seed) capital as a ‘silent partner’. If you find a business that you think can be (very) profitable in the long run, it might be worth putting a few marbles there. You will then earn money by sharing the profits and can sell your shares after a few years. And all this without having to work!

14. Open a High Yield Savings Account

Today, interest rates on normal savings accounts are low or non-existent. Some alternatives are slightly more advantageous, such as a term account offering higher rates. Again, this won’t make you rich given the current economic climate but, in the long run, you will reap the rewards without having to lift a finger.

15. Cryptocurrency

It takes time, research and start-up capital. Bitcoin and Ether are currently the most used digital currencies but, if you want to earn a little more money in the future, you could invest in other currencies. Be careful, however, to inform yourself well because it is an extremely complex market.

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