The growing popularity of streamers who have taken advantage of YouTube proves that making money online is entirely achievable. We can thus believe that everyone can easily generate income online thanks to YouTube.

However, the monetization of a YouTube channel through advertisements is far from sufficient if you really intend to make your activities profitable via this channel. How to make money on YouTube and make it a real earner ? Are there other ways to get paid better on YouTube? All the answers on this page!

How to make money on YouTube from subscribers?

The number of YouTube views generated by each video published as well as the number of visitors who subscribe to it condition the monetization of a YouTube channel . Before answering the question of how to make money on YouTube without having to have several million subscribers to your account, let’s remember that to make a YouTube channel, and in particular to succeed in making money to this channel , you will need at least:

  • Have a Google Adsense account .
  • Generate over 4000 hours of video viewing.
  • Have at least 1000 subscribers on your channel.
  • Apply to join the YouTube Partner Program .
  • Achieve more than 10,000 views per month .

How to make money on YouTube and make it a real profitable source of income  ? Similar to websites, YouTube also offers a huge opportunity for online business profitability .

Although it brings in more money, monetizing a YouTube channel by increasing the number of views and subscribers is not enough. It will be wrong to believe that you can generate easy and fast money there. We will have to combine several methods and techniques to really succeed in making money on YouTube .

As on any other channel with high traffic potential, the profitability of a YouTube channel obeys a whole cog of strategies, processes and techniques. Moreover, the YouTubers who managed to make their fortune on this channel first sought to build their audience and gain the trust of their followers . And this, even before they have thought of unearthing all the promising opportunities and therefore carrying money to be won.

Instead of trying to figure out how to make money on YouTube quickly, they preferred to get involved in the creation of content that was rewarding , specific , qualitative , instructive , inspiring , entertaining and at the same time engaging. Indeed, you can perfectly earn a living on the internet and on YouTube while living from your passions.

Although it’s not often the urge to make a fortune on YouTube that spurred successful people to make a living there , they have still managed to generate colossal income on this channel.

Does the number of subscribers condition the monetization of a YouTube channel?

It is estimated that people who have become millionaires on YouTube also generate millions of views and have tens of millions of subscribers to their channel. In this case, how to make money on YouTube and become a millionaire thanks to your channel?

The income likely to be generated by a YouTube channel depends on its location and orientation. Here is an overview of some estimates from Forbes concerning the income of YouTubers in relation to the size of their audience and their respective niche:

  • DudePerfect: $20 million (Over 47 million subscribers)
  • Jake Paul: $21.5 million (nearly 20 million subscribers)
  • Jeffree Star: $18 million (over 16 million subscribers)
  • Logan Paul: $14.5 million (nearly 20 million subscribers)
  • Markiplier: $17.5 million (nearly 25 million subscribers)
  • PewDiePie: $15.5 million (over 100 million subscribers)
  • Ryan’s World: $22 million (over 22 million subscribers)
  • VanossGaming: $17 million (nearly 25 million subscribers)

As a result, all channels, regardless of size, can be monetized. These figures also show that it is entirely possible to generate more than a million views and collect a lot of income on YouTube without having to rely solely on the number of subscribers. Various other factors condition the monetization of YouTube videos:

  • The level of engagement of your fans and followers
  • The field in which you specialize
  • The niche in which you intend to position yourself
  • Your expertise
  • The quality of your content
  • The added value likely to be provided by each of your videos
  • The various other channels you use to multiply your sources of income through YouTube

All these factors count as much as the number of subscribers and views to successfully monetize a YouTube channel and make it a real earner. So how do you make money on YouTube in practice?

Before examining the different YouTube monetization strategies point by point, we must first manage to target our audience and identify all these expectations. This involves a good understanding of the demographics of the audience you are going to target.

How to Make Money on YouTube: Understanding Audience Demographics

YouTube gives access to different monetization options, but you will have to manage to start with a good and solid audience. It is therefore recommended that all YouTubers in the start-up phase understand the need to analyze the demographics of the various fan profiles and Followers to be targeted.

How to make money on YouTube by exploiting the demographics of the audience you want to target?

If you plan to make money online quickly from your videos to post on YouTube, you should keep only one thing in mind: The people you are going to target will be more likely to follow you if you design a channel positioned in a specific niche market that sparks their interests.

In parallel with this profitable and high value-added niche search, you must also analyze the demographic data of your future subscribers by complying with the following criteria:

  • Age: The age range that most people who watch your videos and subscribe to your channel are in.
  • Gender: Is your channel mostly made up of subscribers or subscribers? Does it have as many subscribers as subscribers? Does it consist of more subscribers than subscribers (or vice versa)?
  • Geographic location: The countries, regions and cities where the majority of people who follow you and subscribe to your YouTube channel come from.
  • Watch Time: The average time visitors spend watching your videos in streaming and replay mode.

By managing to combine these criteria wisely, you will be better able to identify and identify the profiles of people who really want to commit to following you. With such (valuable) data in hand, you should easily be able to build your audience .

Note that a good and solid audience base will constitute a main real customer portfolio to promote to major brands potentially likely to become your long-term sponsors and partners. From then on, we start to really earn money on YouTube .

Now that we have (roughly) covered the different essential points for the monetization and profitability of a YouTube channel, it is time to examine in detail the different ways to multiply the sources of income through through the exploitation of this channel with high traffic potential.

How to make money on YouTube by monetizing a channel?

As with all other channels and media allowing bloggers and influencers to maximize their online income (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.), the monetization of a YouTube channel is strictly dependent on your popularity and the size of your audience.

Aside from this fact, you absolutely must create multiple sources of income using this channel to hope to be able to make the most of your YouTube channel . How to make money on YouTube and how? In answer to this question, here are the best ideas and practices to increase your chances of making money on the internet and getting rich on YouTube:

  • By subscribing to the YouTube partner program.
  • By promoting the offers you want to market and highlighting them in your videos. It can be a product and a service as well as a concept.
  • By soliciting the help of your audience through participatory financing or crowdfunding.
  • By engaging your fans and allowing them to support you with various donations.
  • By licensing your copyrighted videos.
  • By collaborating with various brands as an influencer, as an affiliate or as an ambassador.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these techniques to better understand how to make money on the YouTube channel .

1. Subscribe to the YouTube Partner Program

This method is a great way to generate passive income through the insertion of ads in your video pages. This technique for making money easily is even an essential step when creating a YouTube channel to monetize.

Whatever your project goals on YouTube, you will therefore (first) have to activate the monetization of your channel. In this case, how to earn money on YouTube thanks to the monetization system? Here are all the instructions to follow:

  • Create a YouTube account dedicated to monetization.
  • Login to access the account.
  • Click on the account icon at the top right.
  • Go to “YouTube Studio”.
  • Browse the menu on the left to access “other features”, then click on “Monetization”.
  • Read the YouTube Partner Program terms and conditions, then accept.
  • Create a Google Adsense account to link to the channel to ensure you get paid from ads.
  • Choose and set your monetization preferences.

After completing all these processes, you can immediately return to the dashboard to access the “Analytics” tab which is on the left. From then on, you will obtain a detailed overview which will allow you to have a fairly precise idea of ​​the estimated amount of advertising revenue likely to be generated passively by your videos to be monetized.

It should also be noted that it is imperative to open a bank account to ensure that you pocket the money according to the payment methods of your choice. The ease of access to these monetization options does not mean that they are the most profitable.

This technique makes it possible to generate passive income , of course, but it remains (fairly) unprofitable. Even by combining it with other methods to earn money easily from home, to name only: online sponsorship, cashback and paid emails on Igraal, ySense, and Swagbucks, we will not be able to round off our ends sufficiently. month.

To really hope to be able to live from your blog, your channel and your YouTube videos, you will therefore have to supplement this source of income with various other techniques to earn a lot more extra money.

And there again, there are not thirty-six means! You absolutely must use all the right methods to honestly earn money on YouTube in addition to making views.

2. Monetize your YouTube channel by promoting offers in your videos

Just like the indispensable search engine Google, YouTube can serve as a powerful channel to boost your sales in addition to earning you some money. Even better, all the offers you intend to promote will generate much more interest (in audiovisual format) than your web pages of product sheets (in text and illustrated format).

Internet users and mobile users who want to learn more about your own products will be more inclined to become your leads if they see that your videos are convincing, credible and rewarding. Thus, they will not hesitate to subscribe to your channel or to ask to contact you via your form. In practice, how should we go about it?

First, you will have to create a website and buy a domain name . It can be a web store, a second-hand item resale site, a Dropshipping site (see how to create one), a site dedicated to reselling micro-services or a simple showcase site.

This last approach would be easier to implement if you want to save money at the start of your project . Ideally, you should also create an informative blog to capture the attention of your future customers and better convert them by educating them.

In addition to owning an online sales site and a blog, you must also create a dedicated Fan page on Facebook to build your audience. Your YouTube channel once in place and your videos once published, you can embed banners, affiliate links , sponsored links and links that redirect to your Facebook pages, blog pages, podcast download pages and online store web pages.

Just like for these pages, you should dedicate comment areas to each of your video pages to get better feedback. The more you are able to react to these comments, the better you will be able to identify the needs of your targets and the better they will be able to trust your expertise and your services.

This implicit promotion (or marketing) effort of your offers on YouTube will be all the more beneficial to the overall natural referencing of your site and your blog. It can also help to increase your notoriety on Facebook and via the other channels on which you are already present and influential: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok…

To go further, you can even boost your conversion rate by reworking your web content and increasing your efforts on the ingenious integration of call-to-action buttons . That’s pretty much how to make money on YouTube by (implicitly) promoting product and service offerings in videos.

3. Finance your YouTube project to make it viable through crowdfunding

Here, we can’t really talk about “immediate money gain” since the funds collected will be used to finance your YouTube project to be profitable. Let’s agree on this! People who want to participate in the financing of such a project also want to reap the benefits.

If you intend to use this method to give life to your YouTube project to be monetized, make sure that it is profitable enough! In support, the people who want to finance your project will also want to make sure that it is fully viable so that they can get a better return on their investment .

This method is therefore more appropriate for projects that are really big enough to arouse the enthusiasm of people who want to make their money grow . If you really need a boost to start a large and promising YouTube project, consider going to platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Before thinking about finding out how to make money on YouTube through crowdfunding or crowdfunding, also remember that all types of credits are binding on you. So check your repayment capacity before you start! You must do everything you can to bring your YouTube project to success within the given time frame. You will thus protect yourself from any risk of indebtedness.

4. Earn Money on YouTube from Fan Contributions

On YouTube, you can also engage your fans so they can support you with donations. This form of contribution greatly helps to make a channel profitable since in return for the free value of your content, your fans will be able to reward you in return.

By dint of producing rewarding content that helps you progress, you will also be able to allow all the people who follow you to support you more.

Thus, you will reap regular additional earnings in addition to the subscriptions that you are likely to receive every month via your YouTube channel. So how do you make money on YouTube from donations?

The best attitude to take is to turn to specialized platforms on which you can easily find generous fans predisposed to support your project. This is the case for the following platforms:

  • Patreon: By registering on this platform, you will increase your chances of receiving donations from your fans. They will indeed be able to create an account on this platform to take advantage of a certain number of exclusive advantages and be able to support their favorite YouTubers. The average revenue per subscriber is around $1 for the standard subscription plan.
  • Tipeee: Just like Patreon, Tipeee allows you to collect donations and get paid on a regular basis depending on the subscription plan you choose.
  • YouTube’s Super Chat: This (paying) chat tool accessible from YouTube allows you to collect donations directly from people who view your live broadcasts (or streams) each time they wish to chat with you to ask you questions, make comments, thank you, send compliments, etc.

5. License premium and paid YouTube content

You probably want to know how to make money on YouTube by betting directly on the potential of your atypical videos. Know then that if you manage to produce videos that are likely to generate buzz , there is a good chance that they will be sold under license at the best price to television media and news sites.

You can even increase your chances of generating more revenue from your high-viral YouTube videos by marketing them directly on a dedicated marketplace like Juken Media.

This method of making money on YouTube will be able to bring in much more money than trading on a Forex exchange site. This is even a great way to save time and earn a maximum of money , because you will directly sell videos subject to copyrights (thus legally protected).

The related rights of use may also be the subject of a periodic payment of income. What more could you ask for to make money in a safe , profitable and sustainable way online?

6. Make More Money on YouTube By Affiliating With Brands

You are a confirmed blogger and you also have good popularity on YouTube. Even better, more and more followers follow you on your Facebook Fan page. If this is the case then, know that you meet all the right conditions to be eligible to affiliate with one, or even several brands.

Be aware that they will be ready to pay whatever price it takes to hire someone influential enough to become their own ambassador. You will thus use your influence to attract traffic and direct them to the stores of the brands that have hired you. That’s pretty much how to make money on YouTube through blogging and affiliate marketing .

Of course, you are not going to advertise directly on YouTube or in your videos! You will need to develop a good and solid strategy to achieve this. Your YouTube channel alone will also not be enough to generate income through an affiliate program .

You must use various other channels that will be used to redirect your visitors to the sites to which you are affiliated. The insertion of affiliate links on each channel (whether blog, online store web page, Facebook Fan page or Instagram page) follows a number of steps. Find out more about these different points before going any further!

You need both credibility and ingenuity to achieve this. Note in passing that some e-commerce platforms, to name only Amazon, the commission rate can reach 10%. In particular for each order finalized on its site through the Amazon affiliate links inserted in your optimized pages. Affiliate platforms like Le Bon coin, Cdiscount and eBay can also bring in a lot of money.

On platforms like ClikBank, this percentage can even vary from 1 to more than 65%. You are free to choose the platform that suits you the most. You can even register on several reliable and fairly profitable sites to increase your chances of multiplying your income through affiliate marketing on YouTube, Facebook and through your blog.

You can also propose to the brands that hire you to negotiate your service prices. Brandan Gahan, a well-known influencer in web marketing on YouTube, suggests calculating this pricing based on the average number of views generated. According to this expert, this average should be multiplied by 5 or 15 cents.

This roughly equates to the average cost per view or cost per click “CPC” that brands are willing to pay through the ads they intend to post on your YouTube video pages. Of course, several factors are taken into account in this calculation of remuneration.

Note that by totaling 100,000 to 500,000 active subscribers on their channel, affiliate YouTubers can generate between $2,500 and $15,000 per month: roughly €2,125 to €12,750. You can even expect to get more depending on your influence and the effectiveness of the strategies you will put in place to earn more money on YouTube.

You can increase your chances of finding brands that may be interested in your partnership offer as an influencer, blogger and YouTuber on one of the following platforms:

  • BandyouLike: Now with more than 4,000 active influencers, this affiliate platform can easily allow you to collaborate with brands wishing to develop their image and expand their customer portfolio.
  • Natividi: If your channel has at least 500 subscribers, you can register on this platform today to maximize your chances of finding partners and generating much more revenue through YouTube.
  • Reech: Just like the two previous platforms, Reech will allow you to easily find partners to improve your income on YouTube through affiliate marketing.

As an alternative to affiliation, you can also decide to test products from various brands for free, and do the same on your site and blog, to improve your income on YouTube as an influencer.

You will be paid according to your efforts and may even be entitled to bonuses and additional income for fans who are satisfied with the products and who have become customers of the brand thanks to your videos and blog content.

How to make money on YouTube while building trust with your audience?

Whether we like it or not, any strategy for distributing videos through the use of a YouTube channel has a lucrative purpose. Most of these videos aim to promote services, products or concepts.

However, you should not express this intention explicitly at the risk of losing the trust of your audience and of all the people likely to become your subscribers. You really have to be subtle if you really intend to use your YouTube channel to sell products. In this case, how to make money on YouTube without (wanting) to explicitly manifest this (firm) intention?

Just like with sites, blogs, and social media pages, calls to action can be leveraged wisely, even on YouTube, but in a different way. The goal is to suggest to people who are closely interested in your publications to contact you, to give you their feedback, their expectations, etc. you will be able to encourage people who liked your videos to click the “like” button, subscribe, visit your blog pages, upload materials to your site, post their comments to the areas there dedicated.

If these people find that your content is really rewarding, useful and with high added value, they will not hesitate to subscribe to access your services and benefit from them.

By combining all the techniques mentioned above, you can build a real monetization strategy based on your expertise and on the trust of all the people who follow you from near or far. It can be your fans, your viewers, your followers, or your subscribers.

Adding links in the descriptions of your videos will only strengthen your credibility in addition to improving the positioning of your videos and your online pages whether it is a blog page, a website page and -commerce or Facebook Fan page.

It will be even better if you have subscribed to several affiliate programs, since in addition to having the possibility of redirecting your followers to your pages of sites, blogs and social networks, you can also direct them to your Kickstarter page. , Patreon or Tipeee.

Now that you know how to make money on YouTube profitably, you must also do the same by maintaining a good presence on high-potential media like Twitch, and powerful social networks to name only Facebook and Instagram among many others.

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