Since 1927, Volvo has developed from a small local industry to one of the leading suppliers of commercial transport and infrastructure solutions providing products such as trucks, buses, construction equipment, and drive systems for marine and industrial applications.

The Volvo Group is a Swedish multinational manufacturing corporation headquartered in Gothenburg. While its core activity is the production, distribution and sale of trucks, buses and construction equipment, Volvo also supplies marine and industrial drive systems and financial services. In 2016, it was the world’s second-largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks.

Automobile manufacturer Volvo Cars, also based in Gothenburg, was part of AB Volvo until 1999, when it was sold to the Ford Motor Company. Since 2010 Volvo Cars has been owned by the automotive company Geely Holding Group. Both AB Volvo and Volvo Cars share the Volvo logo and cooperate in running the Volvo Museum in Sweden.

The Polestar brand, which belongs to the Swedish manufacturer, opens its first store in Oslo to sell models 1 and 2. On sale from 39,900 euros

On sale now. Orders are accepted for the new Polestar, the fully electric car of the Volvo group that has already opened its first Polestar Space store in Oslo, the capital of Norway, where orders for the Polestar 1 (plug-in hybrid) and reservations for its second model are already accepted , the Polestar 2 (100% electric).

Polestar plans to open 50 such centers in Europe in the next two years.This Swedish brand of electric vehicles Polestar has designed a different type of business based on customer service, since it is still almost testimonial. In the newly opened store with a minimalist design, customers will be able to customize all the steps of the acquisition, from the first inquiry to the delivery, if any, of the chosen Polestar.

The store is located in a historic building from the early 20th century. Inside, the brand’s specialists collaborate with customers and the cars can be tested on site, deliveries can be made at home or in the office, and there are no units in stock, which ensures buyers take the car they have configured.

In this establishment the two models of the brand, the Polestar 1 and the Polestar 2, shine in specially designed light boxes to provide studio-quality lighting without shadows. On one side is a wall of products with different components that can be admired upon opening each door, while others are displayed in interactive proximity modules designed to stimulate conversation and consumer interest.

Customers can also interact with the Polestar 1 or Polestar 2 thanks to virtual reality glasses with a resolution similar to that of the human eye, allowing them to enjoy a total driving experience. To configure the new car, the client will be able to use a workshop table inspired by the cutting tables of design houses. By physically placing the cutting modules on the surface, the technology allows customers to carefully select their own specification and immediately see it reflected on nearby screens. If a compatible phone is placed on the table, once the design is finished the user can take it away without even pressing a button.

The objective of the new brand is to put on the market a range of electric vehicles with a high level of design and performance. Polestar is the electric performance brand of the Volvo Cars Group. The Polestar 1 is a hybrid electric GT with 600 hp and an exclusively electric range of 150 km, the longest of any hybrid car in the world. In the future, the Polestar 2 and 3 will join the range as fully battery electric vehicles.On the other hand, Volvo also benefits from Polestar advancements, as in the case of the Volvo S60 T8, which includes Polestar components that offer a cleaner driving experience In addition, Volvo models also incorporate software updates Polestar optimization techniques that improve six areas of engine performance.

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