Long taboo, the use of sex toys has now become more democratic. Sex toys are now part of the sex life of millions of people around the world. Why such a craze for these intimate toys, and what are the benefits of sex toys on sexuality? WK Pharma, your health and wellness magazine, explains why these sex toys are on the rise!

What is a sex toy?

By definition, a sex toy is a sex toy intended to increase or induce sexual pleasure. The origin of the vibrator dates back to the 19th century, when they were designed to cure “hysteria” (Greek: uterus), which psychiatrists of the time believed to be due to a lack of sexual activity.

Today, sex toys are intended for both women and men and come in different forms for different functions: vibrators to stimulate the erogenous zones, geisha balls for pleasure, but also to strengthen the perineum, the artificial vaginas for men, etc.

They are usually made of silicone or latex, although they are sometimes found in glass or wood.

They are found everywhere: in sex toy meetings which are organized like tupperware meetings with a demonstrator who comes to your home; in online sex shops where you can order discreetly, and of course in sex shops in town!

Why use sex toys?

Whether used alone or with a partner, sex toys can be purchased in large numbers. According to a study on the French and sex toys carried out by the IFOP in 2017, 50% of women have used a sex toy in their lifetime, the same goes for 47% of men and 44% of couples say the to use during their sexual intercourse.

Sex toys are used to bring pleasure by stimulating the erogenous zones. They allow women as well as men to discover their bodies through sexual games and thus to reach orgasm more easily.

Alone or as a couple, sex toys awaken the libido, break sexual monotony by bringing spice to sexual intercourse.

For women who have difficulty experiencing sexual pleasure, sex toys are recommended by sexologists. They will help the woman to tame their sexuality and thus, achieve sensations hitherto unknown.

Why use sex toys?

Are sex toys good for your health?

In addition to their benefits on sexuality , sex toys have many advantages for our health.

With or without sex toys, sex is good for your health. Indeed, sexual pleasure releases endorphins in our body. These natural hormones secreted by our brain relieve pain, increase pleasure, provide calm and relaxation and promote sleep.

Some sex toys such as geisha balls or Yoni eggs improve the tone of the perineum and are even recommended by physiotherapists as an accompaniment to perineal rehabilitation exercises.

Prostate sex toys stimulate the prostate and help eliminate the accumulation of prostatic fluid, responsible for inflammation of the prostate. The simulators, by massaging the prostate, contribute to its proper functioning and reduce the risk of cancer.

Do they have an impact on sexuality?

Despite their many health and sexual benefits , the use of sex toys can lead to a certain laziness of the body.

Thanks to vibrating sex toys, orgasm is reached faster than with sexual intercourse. The mechanical overstimulation of the erogenous zones can cause difficulty in achieving orgasm in a natural way, whether through penetration or masturbation.

It is then enough to abandon the sex toys for a while so that the body fully regains its sensations without having recourse to sex toys.

What material should be preferred?

Rigid textures, porous materials, difficult maintenance, etc., not all materials are created equal!

A brief overview of the different materials used to manufacture sex toys  :

Preferred materials:

  • ABS plastic is a hypoallergenic, rigid and robust material. Its price is affordable and its maintenance easy.
  • Silicone is non-porous and above all hypoallergenic, which is important for a sex toy. Silicone is a pleasant texture, it is soft and easy to maintain.
  • Elastomer is a soft and flexible material. Hypoallergenic and easy to clean, it also has the advantage of being inexpensive! 
  • Metal sex toys are very easy to maintain and hypoallergenic. The metal at the beginning cold warms up very quickly and provides new sensations.
  • Glass sex toys are often aesthetic and fragile toys. If the glass awakens the senses with its freshness, it must be handled with care. Hypoallergenic and non-porous, glass is a material to be tested.
  • Ceramic is a material that absorbs heat and increases the pleasure tenfold. This material has many advantages: smooth, soft, easy to maintain, hypoallergenic and non-porous.
  • Wood is one of the materials used for hundreds of years, ecological and durable, but they are difficult to maintain and splinters can hurt you. To be used with a condom!

Materials to avoid:

  • PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is a rigid material and to make it more flexible manufacturers add phthalates, substances harmful to the body. Since PVC is porous, the phthalates eventually rise to the surface and settle on the mucous membranes. There are now phthalate-free PVC sex toys. PVC sex toys have the advantage of being inexpensive and recyclable, but check their composition carefully! However, they have a very unpleasant smell when they are new, fortunately this fades quickly.
  • Latex is porous and difficult to maintain. It is a material widely used in sex toys at low prices and generally contains phthalates.
  • Jelly sex toys have the advantage of being supple and soft, but have many disadvantages: difficult to maintain, porous and degrade very quickly! Some models also contain phthalates.
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