If you like drama, action, and history, World War II movies are definitely for you. They show different points of view about what happened during this period that marked a before and after in humanity, many of these works being based on real life events. 

Schindler’s list

This interesting film directed by Steven Spielberg , is based on true events and tells the story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who was willing to sacrifice everything to save the lives of thousands of Polish Jews who were about to be exterminated in death camps. Nazi concentration.

Saul’s son

A feature film that allows viewers to put themselves in the place of the protagonist, Saul Auslander, a Jew who is used by Nazi soldiers to clean up the places of execution and the remains of his own companions, but when he finds the corpse of a child he everything possible to give him a decent burial and thus achieve some peace of mind.


Based on the play “The Vicar”, by the German writer Rolf Hochhuth, it tells how a member of the SS and a Jesuit try to expose to the world the support that the Catholic Church gives to the Nazi regime by allowing it to commit atrocious crimes against the Jews and how despite their many efforts they fail to achieve their goal.

The pianist

A fairly popular movie that stars William Szpilman, a Jewish pianist who lived with his family in Warsaw and survived the German invasion of Poland. To achieve this, he goes through different difficult situations, but on one decisive occasion his good musical skills save his life.

The fireflies’s grave

Considered the best anime about war, it tells the story of Seita and Setzuko, two little Japanese brothers who face the ravages of war alone, since their mother dies in a bombing and their father was recruited by the Japanese army. This situation leads them to extreme poverty, indigence and malnutrition.


This film shows the true story of Operation Dynamo, one of the greatest defeats of the Nazi army. In it, more than 300,000 soldiers of the allied forces manage to flee from the imminent attack by the Germans, an impressive event that occurred on the shores of Dunkirk, France.

Blood brothers

This is another of Steven Spielberg’s great productions, this time accompanied by Tom Hanks; which narrates the traumatic experiences of the company of Easy paratrooper soldiers from the United States. Specifically, it is a mini series that consists of 10 chapters that go from the enthusiastic entry of these brave men to wanting to find meaning in their objectives.

The great Dictator

One of the few comedy movies that bases its script on events that occurred during World War II. Charles Chaplin, its protagonist, does double impersonation giving life to the Nazi dictator and a Jewish barber persecuted by the Germans. It was the first film with audio of this well-known character.

The great escape

This real and exciting event shows how high-ranking British and American officers are prisoners in a high-security German camp from which it seemed impossible to escape. However, thanks to the skill and experience of these men, they decide to come up with a very subtle and careful plan to evade their imprisonment and get as many people out as possible.

Das boot

A German submarine navigates dangerous waters in the middle of World War II. During that time, the crew’s military training is put to the test as well as their mental and physical capacity since the events around them are very unexpected.

Life is Beautiful

The most emotional and well-known film set in World War II, which shows how true love is capable of overcoming any adversity. It shows an Italian Jew named Guido Orefice who does everything possible to protect his son and reunite with his beloved wife.

Saving Private Ryan

Set in the events that led to the invasion of Normandy, this famous blockbuster production headed by Tom Hanks recounts what 7 soldiers experience who were assigned to search for their partner James Francis Ryan who is missing. Not knowing if they will return or not, these brave men carry on with the important mission with which they have been entrusted.

The black book

Dramatic film that tells how a beautiful Jewish singer hides her identity to secretly enter an important Gestapo headquarters, as in revenge for the heinous murder of her family she joins a rebellion of Dutch citizens to end the German empire. However, she reaches a point where she must decide whether or not to do the right thing.


Traudl Humps was Hitler’s personal secretary and thanks to her story this film reveals the events that preceded the fall of the German empire, and how Hitler and his officers tried to keep something standing that was impossible to repair.


This tape is a narration of the unpleasant true story of Willi Herold, a soldier who, with the defeat of the German army, decides to escape and who on his way gets a captain’s uniform that by putting it on manages to deceive other soldiers, whom he orders to kill. to more than a hundred people.

The Sun’s empire

Christian Bale plays a rich kid from Britain living in Shanghai, China during World War II. From one moment to the next, circumstances change drastically as his parents disappear and he begins to realize the reality of what surrounds him. Alone and without help, he begins to live a life completely different from the one he was used to.

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