According to legends, it was a Chinese emperor who accidentally discovered tea back in 2737 BC. C. Whether it is true or not, what we can affirm is that this drink has conquered palates as it passes through the countries of the world. And currently, it is the second most consumed drink; just behind the water. We tell you how the tea ritual is in different parts of the world.

The ritual of tea in the world

It seems that while Shen Nung, a Chinese emperor, was resting in the shade of a tree, some leaves fell into his cup of boiled water, changing both its color and its flavor. Amazed with the aroma and flavor, he had just discovered what we know today as tea.

The range of possibilities is tremendously wide, since we can not only find a wide variety of types of tea, but the ways of preparing it also vary greatly from one region to another. If you want to know more about the tea ritual in some parts of the world, we will tell you here.

Turkey, producers and large consumers

Turkey is not only one of the great producers in the world, but the tea ritual is very important there. In addition to a drink, it is conceived as a way to socialize and offer hospitality and courtesy on all kinds of occasions.

For its preparation, and to make your taste for this drink clear, the tea is prepared in double teapots. The lower one carries the water and the upper one the tea. When the water boils, it is poured into the tea pot and more water is boiled again, leaving everything on the fire for at least ten minutes. Since it acquires a very strong flavor, when it is served, add more hot water and accompany it with two small sugars.

China, in the variety is the taste

The varieties of tea that are drunk in China are as vast as its surface area. As in neighboring cultures such as Japan or Korea, the tea ritual in China is a complicated ceremony in which there is a certain placement of the cups and the teapot, as well as certain movements. Such is its importance that it has its own name: chafa , which means “form of tea preparation”.

Also as part of the tradition of the tea ritual, it was consumed in the so-called Tea Houses or chaguan . However, for the new generations these places have been losing their interest, and this drink now tends to be enjoyed in any cafeteria or bar.

Japan, sparkling matcha tea

From China, the tea ritual spread to Japan, and it was celebrated in Buddhist temples, although it later spread to the aristocracy and later to the entire population. Currently, the most characteristic is matcha green tea.

For its preparation, a bowl is used where the tea is placed. The utensils are also specific, and a bamboo spoon called a chazaku is used, as well as a stirrer. The water must be at a temperature that oscillates between 75º and 80º and with it only the bowl will be cleaned. Next, add a tablespoon of the sieved tea and pour water at a maximum temperature of 90º, that is, without boiling. Stir with a stirrer until completely dissolved and form a foam.

Maghreb, passion for mint

In the Maghreb they also practice their own tea ritual and it is even considered an offense not to accept it. Green tea with mint is the most characteristic of this region, and its origin is in Morocco. For preparation, the kettle is first heated and cleaned with boiling water. Then add the tea and boiled water and let it rest for 40 seconds. That water is discarded and a new one is added so that the tea loses its bitter taste.

Then the mint is added to the taste of the consumer and the white sugar in cubes. Then it is left to rest without stirring and it is poured back into the teapot, like this up to three times to get a mixture and a sweeter flavor. Once ready, it is served in long glasses to allow it to oxygenate.

Pakistan and India, té chai par excellence

Although other varieties are also tasted, both in India and Pakistan, masala chai tea is preferred; a black tea with spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon or ginger, among others. For the tea ritual, let it boil for about 5 minutes and let it rest for another 10. Then add the hot milk with sugar.

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