Something (and something very powerful) has a product when it is positioned in the top sales of Amazon and remains on the podium for years. Even more so if it accumulates a huge number of 18,300 ratings on the platform: mostly from users who give it a five-star rating. It comes as no surprise, however, that this is what happened to Maybelline New York’s Concealer – Dark Circles, Puffiness & Blemish Eraser. Not in vain is it one of the best sellers not only on Amazon, but in the entire world (one is sold every five seconds, according to brand data) and is one of the favorites of professional makeup artists.

A priori, and without trying it, there is something that attracts a lot of attention: its price. It is one of the cheapest concealers on the market and also belongs to one of the most recognized and demanded brands in our country. It is, as confirmed by Maybelline, the firm’s most versatile product —both for its multiple uses that we will develop later and for being available in up to 8 different shades.

Magic eraser with sponge applicator

Such is its fame and such the results it offers that it is known as a “magic eraser”. A lot to do with this is its applicator in the form of a mini rounded microfiber sponge that gives it an unparalleled ability to reach all corners of the face in an ultra-soft and precise way.

But what has really made it famous is a super-covering formula that, more than as a concealer, acts as an eraser for all kinds of unwanted marks on the skin. With a fluid texture, its composition is enriched with goji berries and haloxyl to slow down skin aging while correcting. “The Eraser is the best and most advanced concealer that currently exists. It has a very high coverage power, being able to cover very marked dark circles and sun spots without cracking at any time… This is especially important in the area around the eyes, where a concealer that cracks can mark wrinkles that don’t even exist. The eraser perfectly integrates hyaluronic acid into its formula to keep the skin always hydrated and elastic”, explains Gato,

Applied to the skin, it covers evenly and does not spread into your creases, instead smoothing them out with a natural finish and a texture that blends into the skin. “I love this concealer, I keep replenishing it. I have very marked circles under my eyes and it is one of the few that manages to neutralize it well. In addition, the applicator is very comfortable”, comments a user.

 How to apply it? A concealer with 10 uses

Like any other concealer, its application is no mystery, quite the contrary: simple and fast. We asked Gato about the ideal way to do it to get the most out of its potential: “I recommend using it directly on the area to be treated with the help of its cushion tip, then you can always blend with your fingertips ‘by little touches’ without dragging”.

The makeup artist reveals how to find the most suitable shade: “It’s perfect for girls who don’t want to make up their entire face with foundation but want to enhance their skin. Choose a tone similar to your skin and remember that as a concealer it should be slightly lighter. Apply it on the parts of the face that need a touch of coverage, such as redness, both sides of the nose or chin. But we can still go further and discover up to ten different uses and applications to get the most out of this concealer:

1. Erase dark circles: like any concealer, it blurs and camouflages the marks that appear around the eyes.

2. Erase blemishes: cover scars and pimple marks in a single pass.

3. Erases spots: conceals redness and dark spots in any area of ​​the face.

4. Contour your face: applied according to the contouring technique, accentuate and mark the desired areas.

5. Illuminates: with a lighter tone, it provides points of light in strategic areas of the face.

6. Eyelid primer: used on the eyelid, it evens out the tone before applying the shadows and makes them stay longer.

7. Defines the eyebrows: applied under the arch of the eyebrow, it creates a point of light and defines its shape.

8. Illuminate the tear duct: finish off an eye look with a touch on the tear duct as an illuminator.

9. Lip primer: touches on the lips works as a primer. This will make it easier for the lipstick to stand out more and to last longer.

10. Stroke concealer: after applying lipstick or eyeliner, used to correct misplaced strokes without the need to remove make-up.

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