Sleeping less than six hours a day carries a 27% increased risk of having fatty deposits in the arteries. Furthermore, sleeping with frequent sleep interruptions can increase these deposits by 34%.

These are the conclusions drawn from the results of the largest study conducted to date on the relationship between sleep and cardiovascular risk factors .

Experts recommend sleeping between seven and eight hours a day.According to the results of the study, published in the JACC magazine, only 31% of the participants sleep what is recommended. “We don’t know if this percentage is representative of the  population, but my impression, after having lived in three countries.

According to estimates by the Society of Neurology, between 20% and 48% of the adult population suffers, at some point in their lives, difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep. Stress , anxiety , or excessive noise at night are some of the factors that contribute to this problem..

Band with Sleepace RestOn sensors


This sensor is placed on the sheets of the bed and records all kinds of data related to your sleep such as heart rate, breathing, sleep time, your movements, etc. You can consult all this data through a mobile application and it analyzes it and offers you personalized advice to improve rest. Sleepace RestOn can be installed on a double or single bed.

Withings Aura smart sleep system


Two components, a sensor that is placed under the mattress and a lamp with light and sound, make up the Withings Aura sleep system. The first measures us: how we move at night, records heart rate and breathing. The second measures what surrounds us: the temperature of the room, the quality of the air and the amount of light present. With all this data, it generates a relaxation program based on light in which the wavelengths vary to favor the secretion of melatonin and adjust sleep cycles.

AGPTEK ZP01 Mask Headphones


Sleep masks have evolved and jumped on the technology bandwagon. This model has integrated headphones where we can fall asleep listening to our favorite music or relaxing sounds. We can connect it to our mobile or other devices by cable. In addition, it has a noise cancellation system that guarantees isolation from the sounds of the environment. The materials with which it has been manufactured help it mold to the face and do not disturb during sleep.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 activity bracelet


This model, in addition to multiple very useful applications for practicing sports or daily life, also performs a sleep analysis thanks to the historical data available in the Mi Fit App application. This Xiaomi activity bracelet reports heart rate, quality sleep and health control. In addition, the battery has a durability of up to 20 days.

Dodow luminous metronome


The same brand ensures that there are already more than 200,000 people who fall asleep with Dodow. Among them, those who have difficulty sleeping (from the age of 6), mental agitation, chronic insomnia, depression, night awakenings, pregnancy insomnia, etc. This ingenious device is a light-up metronome to re-teach you how to fall asleep safely. naturally, without taking drugs. The exercises last from 8 to 20 minutes and then Dodow turns itself off. The exercises consist of synchronizing your breathing with an ambient light that slows down the metabolism and the body relaxes completely.

Viscoelastic Pillow with Speakers Pikolin Home AH213


This pillow connects to any device (smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, radio…) via an auxiliary audio cable to listen to music or sounds of nature. And it is that inside it hides a speaker that allows you to enjoy the benefits of music therapy without disturbing whoever sleeps next to you. It has dimensions of 70 by 35 centimeters and is made of viscoelastic.

Toogoo anti snore bracelet


You may not realize that you snore, but the one who sleeps with you has a hellish night. If you are one of those who snore, this bracelet will help you stop doing so. Its set of sensors captures your snoring. If it counts three in a row, it sends you a small electric shock so that you stop doing it but without waking the user. It works on batteries and turns off automatically after running for eight hours.

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