In the coming months, we will witness a make-up resurgence that brings positive energy to the face through lip color that returns in glossy textures , vibrant and unconventional eyeshadow tones , luminous skins, eyeliners graphic and minimalist and fluffy brows. In short, a great year to perfect and customize different looks . And it is that the desire to wear a fun makeup returns . To catch up, discover the top seven 2022 makeup trends you’ll want to try now.

Eyeliner doble

 The architectural lines in the eyes and the minimalist graphics in the look will be one of the eye makeup trends that stands out the most. In addition to the reverse eyeliner, which we already saw last season and which will continue to be in fashion, the double eyeliner will succeed, it will be one of the ones that gains more momentum in your eyes, giving a return to the simple eyeliner because this year becomes more artistic than ever. There is more to see how they look at the Dior parade . Among its advantages is that it adapts to all eye shapes and can be customized and done according to your more or less skill.

Luminous skin

Juicy and luminous skin on the faces of the models in the Isabel Marant fashion show, an upward trend for this spring-summer.

Marking the points of light in the tear duct, the eyelids, the nose and the cheeks, the skin is full of light and with a glow effect. Make-up bases will be very light and fit the skin without weighing it down. You can even just apply concealer just where you need it or mix your revitalizing pigment foundation with your moisturizer to let your skin breathe without excess product.

Fluffy eyebrows

 Eyebrows have gone through many phases, thinner, thicker… throughout the different seasons but looking forward to spring summer 2022 we will see fluffy eyebrows that you can achieve with an eyebrow pencil to achieve a more defined and voluminous look.

Red and outlined lips

In 2022 and even in spring-summer, we will see well-defined dark red lips as in the Saint Laurent show  and juicy coral lips as proposed by Giambattista Valli.

Red lips will also return, which will continue to be a staple until well into the summer. They will be worn with a gloss or satin finish , well outlined and in a coral or dark red version . The eyeliners create a volume effect and an ideal profile whether you wear them nude or in full color.

Brightly colored eyeshadows

Orange eyeshadows by Anna Sui (left) and green, turquoise blue and yellow at Versace (right) for this spring-summer.

From Versace to Anna Sui , there is no firm that resists making up the eyelids of the models in bright colors such as greens, oranges and yellows, inviting us to unleash our creativity and play with our eye shadows keeping a line. cleansed.

Strass and applications on the skin

Metallic and rhinestone applications on the top of the cheekbones and temples in the Etro show for this spring.

Another of the trends that we have seen not in one but in different catwalks such as Siriano or Etro and Paulo Costelloe are the applications of strass on the skin, either in the area of ​​the dark circles or on the top of the cheekbones as as an eyeliner or on the upper eyelid .

Glitter skin with wet effect

Glitter skins that give a wet effect finish in the Blumarine. 

This year, do not be afraid of galactic textures and with a glitter or glitter effect on the skin because they provide a wet finish that gives juiciness, metallic and glossy textures return and proof of them are the skins that we have seen in the Blumarine parade like from outer space.

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