The disaster cinema has been one of the great claims of Hollywood to fill the rooms. Many of these films were born with this premise and some managed to be a very interesting product as well as a commercial one.

Today we leave you the list of the 6 best disaster movies.

1. The Colossus in Flames (1974)

Back in the 1970s, Irwin Allen and John Guillermin formulated the guidelines that any disaster movie eager to succeed in the box office should follow, namely: a script that fits on a Post-it note, a wide cast of stars (the more the merrier). , regardless of the time they act in it), a situation of maximum danger that triggers reactions of solidarity or selfishness and a very bad villain whose function is to vinegar the matter.

The Airport saga   and this  The Colossus on Fire are perhaps the clear examples of the aforementioned formula, and also served to begin to build the concept of  blockubuster  under this thematic line, teaching that would be followed later by directors such as Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich.

This fact, together with a duo of actors as powerful as Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, are enough to justify the golden crown for this wonderful catastrophe. A pity that both John Guillermin and Irwin Allen did not know how to continue on the path of success…

2. The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

Although Irwin Allen and John Guillermin were the visible heads in the resurgence of the catastrophic genre in the seventies, it is lawful to remember the adventure of this ill-fated transatlantic captained by Ronald Reame (who ventured again with catastrophes in  Meteoro  shortly after, without success ).

In this film with a cast of huge stars (the one that shone the most was without a doubt Shelley Winters) we were able to enjoy the capsizing of a majestic ship that contemplated the hysteria of some rich people who, with the despair of prevailing rigor, brought out their miseries and bad vibes. His remake? not so bad

3. The Perfect Storm (2000)

Although we deny it, we have always liked catastrophes on the high seas, and  The Perfect Storm  is the clear example of a movie that we can watch several times without complaining. The solvency of this film is not due in this case solely to the technical aspects (effective, in any case), but to a cast completely delivered to the disaster they must confront.

Thus, the chemistry between George Clooney, Diane Lane and Mark Whalberg is a wonderful buttress that can hardly be broken unless it is due to the inclement weather that comes upon this group of simple but fighting people. As if that were not enough, pay attention to Horner’s score, which is more than memorable and which greatly strengthens the juicy plot of this remarkable film.

4. Monstrous (2008)

There are several factors that justify the bronze of  Monstroso . The most important is the hand of the always effective JJ Abrams (here, producer), who helped with his previous experience in  Lost  to build in this catastrophe of the new millennium a story that combines intrigue and emotion in equal parts and a breakneck pace.

As if that were not enough, it was the film that revived the fading  found footage subgenre  (make no mistake, it was not  Paranormal Activitiy ) and it also knew how to fool audiences with an attractive viral campaign that had not been remembered since, precisely,  The Project of the Blair Witch  another pearl of  found footage .

5. A Town Called Dante’s Peak (1997)

Yeah, okay, okay. Perhaps for many  A Town Called Dante’s Peak  is far from being one of the great disaster movies we have enjoyed and/or suffered.

All in all, its inclusion on the list should serve to claim it as the best attempt to recover the clearly catastrophic genre of the seventies, unlike the paltry results in qualitative terms obtained by  Deep ImpactVolcano  or the mammoth  Armageddon .

Reasons are not lacking: traditional story but seasoned with good performances (including Brosnan’s, be careful), striking special effects and a good conjunction between emotions and explosions. The shot of Hamilton contemplating how the volcano that threatens his beloved town explodes is anthological. Give him a chance, he deserves it.

6. Deep Impact (1997)

The performances are all correct, and the direction is good. Some garnished visual effects recreate the impact of the comet. Come on, it’s a successful, entertaining film, without a fast pace and without enormous nonsense as we have seen in so many others. More realistic, intimate and credible, if you will.

And it is that the slogan of the film has some truth: the oceans overflow, the cities collapse, but hope survives. I cannot fail to mention that Morgan Freeman has the honor of having played the three most powerful characters of all time: God, the President of the USA, and the inventor of the gadgets Batman uses. There is nothing.

7. Titanic

The Titanic Movie is a romantic disaster film based on the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as Jack and Rose, two people who meet on a luxury liner.

The film is set in 1912 during the first voyage of the luxury ocean liner RMS Titanic, which was designed by Edwardian architect Thomas Andrews and built by Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast, Ireland.

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