Why should you improve your way of writing a sext? For the simple and good reason that short texts and SMS have become the preferred means of expression for younger generations. Indeed, women and men belonging to the age group of less than 30 years tend to abuse SMS. Among them, a large majority would like to improve their skills to seduce someone by texting. (Whether it’s a target or your current girlfriend). In this article, you will be able to discover some particularly effective sexts to excel in the art of SMS seduction.


Sexto: from origins to definition

The term “sexting” was used for the very first time in 2005 in the Australian newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”. So, what is the definition behind this expression? To put it simply, we could say that it is a naughty SMS which evokes a sex plan.

But, in general, it is also possible to say that a sext relates to a message that is sent to someone on Facebook, Snapchat or Tinder with the intention of heating them up.

According to the digital encyclopedia Wikipedia, the concept of “sexting” boils down to sending images or text messages with an explicit sexual connotation from one smartphone to another.

FYI, sexting is a very common practice shared by all age groups.


What are the purposes of sexting?

The main purpose of a sext is to evoke your desires, induce sexual urge, have fun, and enhance the bond with another person.

Sexting is particularly effective in turning on someone you haven’t slept with yet. But it’s also an excellent technique to brighten up a couple’s sex life during the long hours spent at work.

Another goal is to make the partner feel the act. In fact, you should know that if you’ve had smartphone sex with someone, it will be much easier to sleep with them in real life.

Sexting remains a more discreet mode of communication than a phone call, for example. Likewise, the words give pride of place to the imagination and bring an erotic value to your message.

It is for this reason that sexting is a real weapon of seduction.

By reading this article, you will learn the basics of sexting with your target, without scaring them and without becoming vulgar. Personally, I don’t care if I look obsessed or even a pervert. But I know that a large majority of men like to take care of their reputation while having abundant and unbridled sex. It’s not easy, but by text everything is possible.

What can a sext be used for?

The first use of sexting is to bring a good dose of eroticism to your life. Exhibiting your desires is much easier by written message and it allows you to see if your partner is in the same state of mind as you. At first, a little confidence building is sometimes necessary.

Is it possible to seduce with a sext?

Of course, because sexting has a powerful sexualizing power. It’s ultimately an excellent way to circumvent what is called the friendzone.

The main attraction of SMS and sexting is that it concerns the private sphere. In other words, there is no societal pressure.

The strong point ? You can easily sext a partner close to you in the middle of a group without anyone noticing your little game. This way of communicating can spice up your relationship and improve your level of complicity.

When to send the sext?

It’s best to send a sext in the evening or after the work day when people have ideas to flirt and warm up.

At the beginning of a relationship, it is generally a particularly warm atmosphere that is established in the new couple. Under these conditions, sexting is always welcome. Also note that this type of text can perfectly serve as a preliminary or serve to excite a girl before going to bed.

If you have a long-distance relationship with a girl, sending calls on Facebook video or on the WhatsApp application or even writing text messages also helps to strengthen ties.

The notion of timing also plays a major role. Meaning, you’ll try to send your sexts at times when you and she are available so you can get a quick response. In reality, it is often necessary to sext for a long time, for example by sending four or five sexts in a row in order to achieve a favorable degree of excitement.

Also, you must remember that there is a fundamental difference between writing tender words and sending sexts. I don’t recommend that you play romantic (the objective is to turn her on), nor to be too quickly explicit (you have to avoid scaring her off). However, it is necessary to adopt a direct, sincere, frank tone and not to hesitate to use raw words. Concretely, you must avoid any form of overly complicated innuendo… adopt an explicit tone!

Finally, you will never forget that the objective here is to be as direct as possible. You will also take care to always take into consideration the preferences, the fantasies and the desires of your partner. For example, it is not good to try to turn her on by offering her anal sex if she hates this practice.

A few precautions to consider

Never sext with your company’s smartphone. We all remember the misfortune experienced by an Orange employee because he did not respect this rule. (He was fired.)

Similarly, you will check that you have a suitable plan to avoid any unpleasant surprises when paying the bill (even if nowadays a large majority of people have an unlimited plan). Also, you will remember to check that you are sending your text to the right recipient: on a work employee or your boss, this would have disastrous effects.

From time to time, it happens to think of another person when validating the sending of an SMS and inevitably the message arrives at the wrong recipient. In other words, two checks are better than one. Likewise, you will always be very careful if you send erotic photos: I advise you that your face always remains unidentifiable. And above all, only send explicit photos when you have complete confidence with your recipient.

For guys, never show his penis. The dick is always more pleasant to imagine than to see for a woman. And then some limits can not hurt the girl!

Personally, I have repeatedly received many photographs of naked girls without having in return sent a photo of me in the simplest device. All this thanks to words. It is therefore perfectly possible not to discover too much while strongly exciting the girls.

sext example

Write and send the perfect sext

It is not necessarily easy to send an optimized sext. Indeed where to start? How do you know if you are too salacious, too tough or too direct? I will now teach you the best reflexes to maximize your chances of seducing. However, you will not forget that this type of communication, like it or not. Fortunately, moreover, it is more often a pleasure than it bothers.

Again you will absolutely avoid sending images of your dick (always allow a dose of mystery and a little frustration for the other). Only, if you still choose to show everything, make sure that the image of your sex and your face are not visible in the same photo.

Adopt a direct tone

The first thing to do is to let go, to be totally uninhibited, to be daring and to constantly push the limits. Of course, you will always reserve your sext for a girlfriend you know very well.

Start by taking it slowly and observe how it responds to you. Depending on his way of accepting and considering your proposals, you can move up a level or, conversely, temporize your enthusiasm a little more.

The first of the rules is above all to avoid the use of words that are too vulgar unless you know full well that she loves it. Some girls like erotic text messages while others prefer when it’s literally porn.

In any case, this is an ideal situation to express your sexual urges and test your agreement with another person.

Long sexts?

You can heat up by writing long erotic texts explaining what you want from the girl. However, this does not turn out to be really practical.

In my experience, the best thing to do is to send brief sexts, then develop your enterprising ideas by relying on the way your partner will respond.

Respond quickly?

If a girl is sexting with you, you will respond to her as soon as possible. It happens that the girl is horny at a T moment and if you don’t take advantage of it, you will fuck with her for sure… but in another life.

Prioritize simplicity

I often observe that guys try to send too sophisticated texts, to arrange their salacious remarks so that it seems more acceptable.

It’s a big mistake: a spontaneous tone always reveals a lot more charms… even more for a sext.

Never forget the basics: a sext is not a tender little word. It’s hardcore, brutal.

Finally, never be afraid to look too perverted because women are too.

With or without permission?

Never ask permission. On the other hand, the girl must not have the impression that you consider her a whore or a “lay down there”. You will make sure to single out the communication: why did you choose to sext with her?

To use humor or not?

A light and humorous tone is always preferable to an overly austere tone. Too many guys will brag about their sexual performance in bed and actually be worthless. So, even if you know you’re a sex beast, the girl will always take points from you if your ego is too assertive on the subject.


Some ideas and examples of sexting to excite a girl

” I want to eat you. I would devour your buttocks but unfortunately I will settle for an apple for my lunch. »

“I’m going to lick your small tits. »

“What color are your panties today?” »

“I challenge you: are you coming without panties to my house tonight? »

“What are your fantasies? You can also use these 20 questions to ask a girl to turn her on and fill her with desire. »

“I sewed beautiful curtains for you to climb easily.”

“My tongue really wants to slip into your crotch. »

“I want to take your hips while stroking breasts. »

“What color is your thong?” »

“You’re going to get spanked. I’m already very excited! »

“I’m totally naked on my sofa…I’m making a movie about you and it gave me a serious erection.” »

“You make me very envious. Can’t you imagine all the things I would do to you if you were in my bed? »

“I imagine your warm kisses on my body and your caresses. My cock hardens. »

“I’m going to take a shower…am I inviting you?” »

“I’m starving, I could eat every part of your body without exception. »

Sexting: the shot of the dream

A good idea is also to admit to the person that you dreamed of them and to tell in detail your dream (of course an eminently pornographic subject). In this way, you do not make any form of request but your correspondent will necessarily visualize the scene of your dream that you describe to him. Thus, no request is required but you will sexualize the textual exchange.

Sexting before a real encounter

Small clarification, if you sext correctly with a girl on a website before the physical meeting, you must have the same state of mind during your appointment. Assume, stay bold and don’t hesitate to be enterprising… otherwise his disappointment risks taking precedence over your exchanges.

Because yes, sending porn SMS (MMS therefore) inevitably ends with a meeting in real life to take action. Otherwise, there would be absolutely no point in trying so hard.

Examples of sexts to send to get excited as a couple

“You will come completely naked to my room. »

“Imagine something particularly pornographic. I’ll give it to you tonight. »

“I just saw your place of work and I take you directly to your desk? »

“Tonight, I’m going to inflict a submission on you.”

“I’ll take your ass as soon as you arrive. »

“I jerk off thinking about your butt. »

“I love the smell of your sweat while you fuck. I really want you to be back home. »

“Would you like us to register on a libertine dating site?” »

“Do you remember when I licked your pussy the other night?” »

“Think of something really dirty and I’ll do it tonight.” Word of honor “

“You know that I massage very well? »

As you can see, it’s not always text pornography…

Should you put smileys in your sexts?

Yes, the use of a smiley in an SMS immediately makes the interlocutor friendlier. This has been proven in particular by scientific investigations.

However, banish a complex diagram made with emoticons such as zucchini or banana. Choose basic smileys: winks, laughs, smiles… at least, that’s what I think. It would be too complicated to understand if not for a girl who would not have the wrong mind or the head at that time.

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