Are you more of Red Alert or Tyler Rake ? The old guard or Army of the dead ? These are the 25 best action movies on Netflix , according to critics.

In this list of the 25 best action movies on Netflix, according to the critics you will find titles like Red Alert , with The Rock, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, Tyler Rake and Spiderhead , with Chris Hemsworth, or The Old Guard , with Charlize Theron.

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    Red alert

    The first film with which Netflix reached the 200 million dollar budget has The Rock, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot as protagonists. Red Alert is the story of two thieves in search of Cleopatra’s relics, and a policeman forced to deal with them. 

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    The director of Top Gun: Maverick also got behind the controls of Spiderhead , about a man who undergoes some experiments to reduce his sentence. With Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller. 

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    Criminals at sea

    One of the most watched movies on Netflix, between comedy and action, with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston , among others . It narrates the adventures of a marriage that is involved in a criminal plot. 

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    The invisible agent

    Along with Red Alert , it is one of the most expensive movies on Netflix… and one that has paid off the least in critical support. The Invisible Agent , with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans , is an action thriller about a former CIA agent being hunted by his colleagues.

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    Day shift

    Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco star in The Day Shift , a cross between the action genre and the supernatural about a pool cleaner whose job is a cover for his real occupation: killing vampires.

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     Criminal Investigation Brigade

    The French film BAC Nord: Criminal Investigation Brigade , based on true events, follows the steps of an anti-crime unit working in the most criminal districts of Marseille.

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    The siege of Jadotville

    Shortly after finishing the 50 Shades of Gray saga , Jamie Dornan dared with this war drama set in the 60s, about a cornered Irish detachment.

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    Tyler Rake

    Chris Hemsworth is the absolute star of Tyler Rake , directed to his measure by Sam Hargrave, who was precisely the actor’s double in his appearances at Marvel. Follow in the footsteps of a mercenary hired to rescue the son of a mafia boss. 

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    Army of the dead

    Zack Snyder directed this film for Netflix with an improbable but successful mix: the zombie genre and the heist genre. In Army of the Dead , a group of criminals sets out to rob a bank in the midst of a viral plague. 

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    The adam project

    Shawn Levy , producer of Stranger Things , directed Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project , a nostalgic action film about a man who goes back in time and is reunited with himself as a child. 

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    Acclaimed Chinese action film director John Woo ( Face to Face , Mission Impossible 2 ) takes the helm in this production about a lawyer and detective teaming up to stop a criminal plot. 

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    The charismatic Allison Janney ( I, Tonya ) plays Lou as a courageous mother who sets out to find her daughter, who went missing during a storm.

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    Wolves night

    A particular story starring Jeffrey Wright ( Westworld ) and Alexander Skarsgard : an expert in wolves must hunt down the animals that took his young son. 

  • 14/25

    Triple frontier

    One of the most stellar Netflix casts yet. Ben Affeck , Oscar Isaac , Charlie Hunnam, Pedro Pascal and Garrett Hedlund star as five ex-military men who come together to raid a region of South America controlled by a drug lord. 

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    This Spanish film by Daniel Calparsoro has gone almost unnoticed, but it has received good reviews from critics. Alex Monner and Carlos Bardem star in Centauro , about a young motorcycle driver involved in a dispute with drug dealers. 

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    The old guard

    Based on a comic and directed by a very comfortable Charlize Theron in her role as the best current action star, The Old Guard was the closest thing we had to a blockbuster in that fateful 2020. 

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    The director Romain Gavras , acclaimed in certain auteur cinema circles, generated applause with Athena , but more for its aesthetic aspect than its narrative. What would happen if a violent revolution broke out in the slums of Paris?

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    The harder the fall will be

    Jonathan Majors ( Lovecraft Territory ) and Idris Elba lead the cast in this heavily cast noir western about an outlaw who rallies his friends to hunt down a man fresh out of jail. 

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    The decline

    Recommended for both action and horror fans. The decline tells what happens when something goes wrong in a training camp for survivors of the end of the world. 

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    Frank Grillo stars in this film about a driver who receives a mysterious call while the robbery in which he participates is taking place. 

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    Below zero

    Javier Gutierrez takes command of Bajocero in the role of the driver of a convoy of prisoners who is ambushed on an isolated road one inhospitable night.

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    The Night Comes For Us

    Critics gave this Indonesian film a high score about a man belonging to a mafia gang who must help a young woman flee from crime. 

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    Enola Holmes

    Although not a “strictly” action movie, Enola Holmes is fast-paced in its update on detective intrigue. Millie Bobby Brown gives life to the little sister of the Holmeses. 

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    Rough diamonds

    After several movies for Netflix with very lukewarm reviews , Adam Sandler hit the bull’s-eye with Diamonds in the Rough , about a New York jewelry store owner who finds himself in deep debt after being robbed. 

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    The world is Yours

    The world is yours is a proposal halfway between action and comedy about a Parisian dealer who accepts one last assignment in Spain before leaving that world. 

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