With thousands of vehicles for rent on roadstr.fr, we try to make your choice of electric car rental easier. Here are the main parts of our special file on the Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 is the fourth model from Tesla. Initially, the Tesla Model 3 was to be called Model E but this name was held by the Ford brand. The first is the Roadster followed by the Model S, then the Model X and lastly the Model Y. So they chose a 3 to make an inverted E. The 4 acronyms for electric cars make S3XY.

Today, the company of Elon Musk (whose name pays homage to Nikola Tesla, brilliant inventor in the field of electricity) arouses the interest of a wider public.

The aesthetics of the Tesla Model 3


General appearance of the car

The Tesla Model 3 is a 4.69m long, 1.85m wide and 1.44m high sedan. In terms of detail, everything that was chrome on the Phase 1 is no longer. Tesla talks about Chrome Delete and we now find satin black on the door handles, the camera surround and the door sills. 

The trunks of the Tesla Model 3

The car has a front trunk with a capacity of 50 litres, ideal for cabin luggage, for example.

As for the rear trunk, there are no aesthetic changes between the first phases and the last phase. However, an electric trunk opening control button has been appearing since 2021.

The rear trunk opens and closes via the button, the Tesla app or the dashboard. Its capacity remains very correct since there are 425 liters as well as 70 liters of additional volume found under the floor of the trunk. Ideal for leaving with suitcases for the weekend or on vacation.

The door handles

Even if they are at the top of aerodynamics (they do not protrude from the bodywork, which eliminates any air resistance), they lack ergonomics when you have your hands full because you have to push it in first with your thumb and then grip it with your whole hand.

There are several ways to open a Tesla, the first is to use a Tesla card, the size of a credit card, this is what serves as your “key”, you are provided with two at the purchase of the car. The second is to use a smartphone with the Tesla application and the third is to buy a key to the mini design of your car (invoiced 183€ on the Tesla Shop).


3 versions with different finishes and performances are offered for sale.

  1. The entry level with the Standard Plus version (SR+),
  2. the Long Autonomy version (Dual Motors),
  3. and finally the Performance version.    

In terms of interior finishes, the quality of materials has evolved with black or white vegan leather seats depending on the customer’s choice and a gray vegan leather cabin.

Which tires for the Tesla Model 3?


The cars come with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 235/45 tires front and rear. Their only fault is that they do not protect the rims enough during parking slots. Watch out for scratches!

As for the wheels on the Standard Plus and Long Autonomy version, 18” Aero rims are offered as standard and for an additional €1190 sports rims are optional. On the Performance version, 20” Uberturbine rims are offered as standard.

The consumption of a Tesla Model 3

These figures are difficult to achieve in winter. For example: It is between 0 and 5° that the heat pump comes in handy to pull consumption down.

Nevertheless, the car has a consumption that leaves all competitors far behind.

Version Empty weight Battery capacity Consumption /100 km Range Standard Plus 1733 kg 55 kWh 14.9 kWh 448 km Long Range 1980 kg 75 kWh 16 kWh 614 km Performance 1980 kg 75 kWh 16.6 kWh 577 km

How to charge the battery of a Tesla Model 3?

Quite simply, on the side of the electric vehicle is a camouflaged hatch in the rear optics of the car. To access the socket, simply press it or order the opening from the screen in the Tesla.

There are two types of sockets, a recharging with a type 2 connector at the top for alternating current (the recharging time is approximately 65 km / hour) and a socket for recharging with direct current at the bottom, called “Combo CCS”. It is in particular the one used to connect a supercharger and injects 250 Kw with a so-called V3 fast charging terminal and allows fast charging and recovering a few tens of kilometers in a few minutes.

A heat pump has been present since the 2021 models

Appearing on the 2021 models, the TESLA heat pump provides the energy needed to heat the passenger compartment while preserving battery capacity and has an impact on autonomy. It is located between the front trunk and the passenger compartment. This very slightly reduces the size of the front trunk but saves energy on heating consumption.  

Welcome aboard the Tesla Model 3


Previously in Piano Black (glossy and sensitive to fingerprints coating) the new center console in the Tesla Model 3 is very elegant, there are stitching, vegan leather, alcantara and matte materials.

Driving position

The seat is adjusted electronically from the buttons located on the side: forward – backward, raise – lower, and finally an adjustment control for the lumbar. The steering wheel is also adjustable and everything is managed on the tablet on the center console. The opening of the door is done via a button. Very little explicit before, the button has been restyled and it is much more meaningful on the 2021 version of the Tesla Model 3.

The front seats are heated. Activation is done via the control screen. Tesla recommends using this less energy-intensive feature than heating the cabin via the air conditioning.

The Center Console

The great novelty on the central console is to create a space on which it is possible to place two telephones charging via induction. You will also find a sliding opening tray with two USB-C sockets inside with an extremely smooth opening and closing. In the extension of this central console is a large storage compartment, lit, with a cigarette lighter socket under the central armrest

The glove box

The glove box contains a USB key provided by Tesla which will be used to record Sentinel mode images. To open it you have to go through the 15-inch screen with the possibility of locking with a PIN code to prevent access to the USB key.

In terms of ergonomics, if you put something a little big in the glove box, you will tend to hit the USB key. As a result, you can plug it into the available USB port of your choice. 

The interior varies according to the version

The Performance and Long Autonomy versions benefit from the Premium interior, while the Standard Plus Autonomy version comes with the Partial Premium interior. What are the differences between Premium and Partial Premium interior?

On the Standard Plus, there are no heated rear seats (this feature is deactivated and unlocked by an online purchase of €300), the audio system is a little less efficient and there are no fog lamps. LEDs on the front. Tesla offers access to the Premium connection for 30 days compared to 1 year for the Performance and Long Autonomy versions.

And for the passengers in the back?

In the back of the car, the space available is not huge for the legs. It is very satisfying if you are less than 1m90 tall. The comfort is very correct and the on-board equipment is electric windows, heated seats (optional for the SR+) and two USB-C sockets as well. The panoramic roof brings a very appreciable light.

The Tesla Model 3 interface

What is the difference between Premium Connection and Standard Connection at Tesla?

The “Premium Connection” gives access to Tesla services like a map with satellite view. It also allows you to view traffic in real time and enjoy music (Spotify Premium account), karaoke and the internet browser via a cellular network. The “Standard Connection” embeds music, karaoke and the browser only via home Wi-Fi or shared via a smartphone.

The interface of a Tesla evolves according to the updates. A few features change or are modified, for example the portion of the settings screen is now a bit larger. This part located on the left of the screen allows you to check the info of the car. At the level of the display there is a DAB and FM radio. 

However, Tesla doesn’t want to incorporate technology that changes the look of its screen so there’s no CD cover. Also for the same reasons, there’s no Apple Carplay or Android Auto in all Teslas. 

When the car is parked, there is the possibility of opening the front and rear trunk and the charging hatch from the 15-inch screen located on the dashboard. To start the car, just put your foot on the brake and put the stalk located to the right of the steering wheel in the Drive position.

The Tesla Model 3 is ready, which gives you access to the trip odometer, tire pressure and more. You will also find traffic lanes while driving on the interface. The electric car manages the automatic switching on of dipped and main beam headlights, it indicates the energy consumed or recovered with the possibility of accessing the recharging functions.  

The different features of a TESLA car

From right to left on the screen of the Tesla Model 3. First of all you find the controls for the volume of the radio, music. Followed by a button for the front defrost then a rear defrost. The heated seat button offers 3 different intensities. The automatic wiper position.

Overall the car’s menu is super intuitive and gives quick control over important information like fog lights, steering wheel, mirrors (adjust, fold) and screen brightness.


You also have access to a front and side camera. The only downside to these cameras is that even if there are all around the car, Tesla does not offer 360° vision. Electronic mirrors lower to see the curb when backing up. The Radio part includes other sources such as your phone, Spotify, karaoke and the Tune in service. 

Tesla gives everyone the freedom to hide certain menus if they are not used on a daily basis. The telephone function offers to synchronize your diary. Thus, when you get into your vehicle, the information is synchronized and appears on the car screen.


The internet function gives access to Arcade Games style entertainment, access to Tesla tutorials but also to Twitch, Youtube, Netflix. Ideal for waiting at a supercharger

sentry mode

This is a mode that will make you feel calm once parked. When you receive your Tesla Model 3, you plug a USB key into your glove box. This key will record the videos captured by the car cameras.

The performance of the Tesla Model 3

The two Model 3 Grande Autonomie and Model 3 Performance versions have all-wheel drive. They have two electric motors, a permanent magnet at the back and an induction motor at the front. This arrangement makes it possible to have torque at low revs and to obtain better efficiency at high speed. In the event of difficulties on the road, the second engine comes into operation to prevent slipping on wet or snowy roads.

  • The Performance version achieves 0 to 100 km / h in 3.3 seconds and reaches the maximum speed of 261 km / h for an autonomy announced at 567 km.
  • The Long Autonomy version achieves 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, reaches 233 km/h and has a range of 614 km.
  • The Tesla Model 3 Standard Autonomy Plus announces a 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds, 448 km of autonomy and a maximum speed announced at 225 km / h.

To power the two motors, Tesla is upgrading the lithium ion batteries from previous versions from 75 kWh to 82 kWh of power.

Driving behavior of a Tesla Model 3

To start it’s simply effective, no start button, foot on the brake and gear selector on D. The restarts are dynamic and the torque is impressive. The performances are incredible all in simplicity. In everyday life, the car is usable in complete safety. Its generous torque means faster, safer overtaking.

It’s an anti-bias car. It is heavy but the performance makes you forget its weight. We take pleasure with good reminders and sharp behavior. On the 2021 version of the Tesla Model 3, the American car manufacturer has added double glazing to the front windows to reduce noise (aerodynamic and rolling). 

The car is quite noisy for road noise compared to other electric vehicles on the market like the Nissan Leaf for example.

On the road, the Tesla Model 3 is a joy, the phone is well placed on which we have a view if we use Waze or Coyote or another driving assistant. The driving position is easy to find when the vehicle is stationary, however when driving it is more difficult to find the ideal position if you are over 1.90m tall.

The 100% electric car offers an optional towing hook to tow a maximum load of 1000 kg. Adaptive cruise control with assistant is standard. This offers extremely safe driving and we want to trust it. 

The system in Beta version has some limitations, for example if you overtake trucks and the truck overtakes, the car tends to brake a little hard. However, if you let go of the steering wheel, the car’s retention system is extremely secure. 


The Tesla Model 3 harvests energy very well. At the level of the pedal the feeling is a little hard. That said, it is very rare to press it regularly because the regenerative braking is very efficient in tightening mode. With this mode, you are driving “one footed”, the car stops smoothly, you will not touch the brake anymore.

An autonomous driving package

For an additional €7,500, Tesla offers an autonomous driving package. Restricted in Europe because of legislation, there are a lot of features that are only possible in the United States.

The mode is a little restrictive especially if all the functions are in BETA mode when we paid 7500€. Which Tesla features of the Autonomous Pack are not available in Europe?

  • Automatic exit: If another vehicle has parked too close. Via the Tesla application it is possible to get your Model 3 out of its parking space
  • The smart exit: The car moves to your position. In Europe this feature is of much less interest since you have to stay next to the vehicle
  • Autopilot navigation is not quite fair in terms of decisions, this feature may require you to swerve into a lane for no reason.

The Tesla has the ability to overtake cars in front that are going slower than the speed indicated in the adaptive cruise control. In Europe, it works differently. The car slows down and suggests turning on the turn signal and pushing the steering wheel to overtake. What she does on her own after performing the manipulation. 

Is it worth taking the self-driving package?

If you can afford the standalone pack, that’s an extra treat. The functionalities will surely evolve and the legislation will perhaps go in the direction of autonomous driving. However, if it’s only to assist the car when it’s supposed to and get frustrated, there’s no point. It is perhaps more interesting to invest the 7500€ in solar panels offered by Tesla to save on refills.

A few points for improvement

Tesla does amazing things that other automakers can’t, like managing energy or staying perfectly in lane. And yet she is not able to do simple things correctly. Switching from high beam to low beam is quite laborious. 

Generally the car keeps its high beams on when it is not necessary. The wipers in automatic mode lack sensitivity. There is no sound equalizer function to manage the sound according to different moods (rock, classical music, etc.).

Tesla gives the impression that they have put all the engineering at the service of what is important, namely making cars that consume little fuel. For more basic functions it is complicated.

Driving record

There are pros and cons because no car is perfect, not even this Tesla Model 3. In the positive points there are the accelerations, the sensations that one can have at the wheel and it is a huge positive point . Paradoxically, consumption is relatively low. This is due to high efficiency from an energy point of view. 

The Tesla Model 3 takes you far and can cause a lot of thrills. In the end, it’s a fairly versatile car that you can drive placidly in calm mode and go very, very far or send, but you’ll go less far with a lot of fun.

The rolling noises are quite important but ultimately there is little noise related to the aero. For the rest, the opinion is mixed compared to driving aids. The fact that the camera sees very well around the car makes us regret the lack of a 360° camera. 

The autonomous driving pack offered at €7,500 for a version that is not 100% complete and is also restricted by European legislation means that the vast majority of customers do without it. For the rest, the car is quite incredible in terms of performance compared to other electric cars on the market.

Purchase bonuses and tips

The ecological bonus

An ecological bonus of €6,000 is available on the Tesla Standard Autonomy Plus version if its price does not exceed €45,000. On the other hand, for the Tesla Performance and Tesla Grande Autonomie versions, the bonus is €2,000 for orders placed before December 31, 2021.

The Conversion Bonus

If you wish to scrap your diesel vehicle whose first registration is prior to January 1, 2011 or a petrol vehicle registered before 2006 and for the purchase of a new Tesla whose price is less than or equal to €60,000, the conversion bonus is: €5,000 for households whose reference tax income for the year 2019 is less than €13,489 and €2,500 for other households or businesses. That is a cumulative ecological bonus of €4,500 to €11,000

Other bonuses exist at regional level (IDF, Rhone-Alpes, etc.), find out from them.

Tip: rent your Tesla Model 3 on Roadstr

A good way to lighten the bill is to offer your car for rent on Roadstr as dozens of owners have already done throughout France. With an observed average price of €140/day for a Model 3 Standard Range+, you can earn around €250 per weekend and around €650 for a week’s Model 3 rental. It’s up to you to compare this income with your monthly payments… 

In conclusion

The Tesla Model 3 is probably the car that consumes the least of all categories. It’s a very efficient car and the competition will find it increasingly difficult to catch up with it from this point of view.

Driving 580 km with the Long Autonomy version is very comfortable. Performance is very high, ranging from 3.3 seconds to 5.6 seconds depending on the version. With Tesla’s own ergonomics, everything on the screen is a delight.

Nevertheless, the ecological bonuses are much more interesting for the SR+ model which only has a hundred kilometers less autonomy, approximately. It’s up to you to see according to your needs and your budget to decide the model that suits you best.

Questions/Answers about the Tesla Model 3

What is the price of the cheapest Tesla?

The Tesla Model 3 Autonomy Standard Plus is the first prize at Tesla. At the price of €43,800 you benefit from an ecological bonus of €6,000 if you buy it before December 31, 2021. If you want to scrap your diesel vehicle whose first registration is prior to January 1, 2011 or a petrol vehicle registered before 2006 and for the purchase of a Model 3 you receive a conversion bonus of €5,000 for households whose reference tax income for the year 2019 is less than €13,489 and €2,500 for others homes or businesses. The cheapest Tesla costs €32,800 new.

What is the latest Tesla model?

The latest model released by Tesla is the Model Y. However, the American brand has restyled the Model S with the Tesla Model S Plaid. Now available for sale, delivery is scheduled for the end of 2022.

What is the smallest Tesla?

For now, it’s still his historic Roadster. A city car, commonly called “Tesla Model 2” is under development. A small model with 400 km of autonomy would come to compete with the Nissan Leaf and the Volkswagen ID.3 and should see the light of day in 2023. 

What is the price of a 2021 Tesla?

Model Version Price Model 3 Autonomy Standard Plus €43,800 Model 3 Long Autonomy € 52,990 Model 3 Performance €59,990 Model X Long Autonomy €109,990 Model X Plaid €119,990 Model Y Long Autonomy €59,990 Model Y Performance €66,990 Model S Performance €99,990 Model S Plaid €129,990

What is the average price of a Tesla?

The average price of a Tesla is €82,000, starting at €43,800 (excluding any bonuses) going up to €129,990.

What is the best Tesla model?

Each Tesla corresponds to a use. The Tesla Model S is the flagship of the American brand but the Tesla Model 3 for its value for money and interior finishes would be the best Tesla model.

What is the most powerful Tesla?

The most powerful Tesla is the latest update of the Model S. The Model S Plaid reaches 322 km/h and does 0 to 100 in 2.1 seconds. With 1001 horsepower, its autonomy is given for 652 kilometers. 

What is the first price for a Tesla?

The first prize at Tesla is the new Model 3 at €43,800 (excluding bonuses and other possible aid).

How do Teslas age?

The aging of a Tesla goes mainly through the battery. Proper battery maintenance and compliance with charging greatly increases battery longevity. It has been demonstrated that a cell stored at 30°C only loses 8% of its capacity after 450 days. Also, the deeper the batteries are discharged, the faster they age.

What is the real autonomy of a Tesla 3?

The real autonomy of a Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy is:

City Road Highway 445 km 393 km 320 km

Who sells Teslas?

There are 19 Tesla Stores in France

  • Aix-en-Provence-Chemin des Piboules
  • Bordeaux-Merignac
  • Cannes (coming soon)
  • Chambery
  • Lille
  • Lyon-Chemin des Gorges
  • Montpellier-Ettore Bugatti
  • Mulhouse
  • Nantes-Avenue des Lions
  • Nice-Polygone Riviera
  • Paris-Parly 2
  • East Paris (coming soon)
  • Paris Chambourcy
  • Paris-Madeleine
  • Paris Velizy 2
  • Reims (coming soon)
  • reindeer
  • Strasbourg
  • Toulouse-Plaisance-du-Touch

Who invented the Tesla car?

The creators of the Tesla brand are Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Originally Martin Eberhard was the CEO of the company and Marc Tarpenning the CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

Why Tesla Dual Motor?

The Double Motor or Dual Motor means that there is a front motor and a rear motor. Elon Musk said there was one for autonomy and the other for power.

How much does a Tesla battery cost?

According to Elon Musk, replacing components costs between €5,000 and €7,000. However the complete set includes a large list of parts: wiring, plates, liquids and the labor of 2,299€ raises the bill to 16,000€

How to buy a Tesla?

You can simply go to the various Tesla stores located in France. You can then try a car there, before deciding on the model you prefer. You can also go there to buy accessories from the brand. To buy a Tesla, just go to one of the different stores (link to the question of tesla stores) in the territory. It is also possible to buy the car online via the Tesla site. Tesla accepts bank transfers, financing through a bank or leasing.

Where are Tesla cars produced?

Tesla vehicles are manufactured at the GIGAFactory in Fremont, California as well as in Shanghai. Recently, Elon Musk started the construction of a brand new factory in Europe in a city located near Berlin.  

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