Many men find it difficult to fully satisfy their sexual partner. Know, gentlemen, that each woman is unique, with specific carnal expectations and sensual needs of her own. There is a whole protocol to respect if you aspire to satisfy a woman and fulfill her fantasies.

We are therefore going to divulge the best kept secrets to help you lift the veil on the mysteries that surround the desires of the female sex in bed. Leading his sweetheart to orgasm is within reach of any man, as long as he puts in a bit of his own and does not balk at the task.

To satisfy a woman, you must first take the time to identify her needs

The problem with many men is that they are focused on personal performance and pleasure above all else. If you want to satisfy a woman sexually, start by listening to her first! Even if she does not explicitly tell you her desires, often moreover out of modesty or shyness, it is quite possible to decipher what she likes.

To do this, observe her, pay attention to her slightest reactions to your stimulation and listen to her breathing. Go through every inch of her body and explore every corner. Caress her, taking your time. There will inevitably be parts of the body where she will be more sensitive! Among the advice most lavished by the experts, lend an ear to his partner therefore figures in pole position. By taking her by the hand (literally and figuratively) and gaining her trust, she will more easily show you the way to her sexual fulfillment.

It also happens that a woman does not know her body well, and therefore her potential as well as the erotic objectives to which she can aspire during intimate intercourse. Many are unaware of the limits of the pleasure they can achieve and the means to get there. This is a golden opportunity to accompany them towards the discovery of new horizons. By guiding your partner in the exploration of new carnal sensations, she will be doubly grateful to you.

Complimenting a woman is a form of spiritual and mental caress

Whether we are a man or a woman, we all like to be complimented. Do not hesitate to flatter your beloved on her physical assets. Whether it’s the curve of her hips, the shape of her breasts, the softness of her skin, the beauty of her legs, the delicacy of her hair or simply the charm emanating from her smile and her gaze. Tell her everything you like about her honestly. Compliment her especially on the parts of her body that she tends to hide, or on which she complexes. You will prove to her that you find her really beautiful and that she is unique to you.

31% of women say they need more self-confidence when making love.

Don’t forget that a woman who is comfortable with her body is a more enterprising, more open and more sexually free woman. On the other hand, if there is one thing not to do, it is to lie to her, because she will quickly realize it and you will therefore lose all credibility. A self-respecting Don Juan must therefore know how to manipulate the body of his sweetheart, but also speak to her with sweet words that hit home. Moreover, a satisfied woman will always be inclined to return delicacies fivefold.

Preliminaries, an essential step

Those who want to fully satisfy a woman in bed without foreplay put the cart before the horse. You must always put the woman in condition so that she is totally relaxed and lets you take the initiative.

To do this, here are some tips. First of all, it is important that all the senses are involved: touch with caresses, taste with kisses, hearing with beautiful words, and even smell with a perfume adapted to the occasion. . She will thus be more receptive to the slightest solicitation thanks to sensory sensors that are better irrigated and on the lookout, especially at the level of her genitals. Relaxed and embarked on the carnal game, your sweetheart is ready for a take-off in good standing towards the firmament of love. Sometimes, it happens that the use of a little outside help is necessary to optimize its vaginal lubrication for example. This is completely normal, even recommended, so that the pleasure is not spoiled by pain sensations linked to friction.

Act at the right time in the right place

As is the case with a good musical melody, the tempo in sexual relations plays a primary role. Don’t go too fast or take longer than necessary. Certain clues can thus put the chip in your ear and help you to impose the perfect pace: degree of vaginal lubrication, express request from the woman, reaction of her body to the various excitations.

It is also necessary to find the gestures and turns that your partner appreciates the most. Each woman has different desires and fantasies, so it is essential to explore all her desires and identify them in order to better satisfy them later. The use of certain aphrodisiac products to stimulate the libido of women (but also of men) is also strongly recommended if necessary, especially among people who periodically experience a drop in diet.

It is also important to know the sexual positions that your partner enjoys the most in bed. This will allow him to evolve in familiar territory and gain confidence before pushing the carnal adventure towards other more daring and/or new postures.

Women’s orgasm, the key to a fulfilling sexual relationship

Knowing how to lead a woman to orgasm is not always an easy task and sometimes requires patience and a dose of talent. Several factors come into play and can have a role either as a facilitator or, on the contrary, as an inhibitor: state of mind, mood, predispositions, experience, immediate environment, state of health.

Also, do not confuse enjoyment and orgasm. According to an IFOP1 study, 49% of women in France admit to regularly having difficulty reaching orgasm, which is a higher level than among their European neighbors. This shows that there is still real substantive work to be done to allow the French women to get back on track.

If we tend to distinguish between two types of orgasms, namely the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal orgasm , in reality the majority of orgasms are clitoral and are reputed to be the most intense and extreme. The clitoris is not just the little button above the lips. It is indeed an organ rich in 8000 nerve endings and extends inside the body into the vagina. It can therefore be stimulated during a simple penetration, which sometimes gives the impression of a vaginal orgasm. We then speak of a combined orgasm.

Vaginal orgasm, on the other hand, is more convoluted. It uses the famous G-spot, which takes its name from the German sexologist Ernst Grafenberg who was the first to refer to it. But limiting yourself to these 2 types of orgasms would be a mistake, because a woman has several ways to enjoy her body. Nipples, skin, anus are all organs that can provide pleasure if they are used and excited in the right way.

G-spot and clitoris, 2 landmarks of female pleasure

“80% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm or to improve its intensity. »

Who has not heard the statement that if you want to give a woman an orgasm, you must first find her G-spot. Opinions differ as to its exact location. It depends on several elements, in particular the morphology of the woman which is quite complex in this part of the body.

The G-spot is located a few centimeters from the entrance to the vagina (equivalent to a phalanx of a finger). It is at the level of the upper wall (belly side) and it is rougher than the rest of the vagina. For more intense orgasms that encompass the G-spot, the clitoris should be stimulated during penile or digital penetration. How to do it ? Either you put yourself in a position where you can caress her by penetrating her (missionary, lotus, or spoon…), or you let the woman do it in a position where she finds herself on top. You can then take care of her clitoris while she gives the rhythm of the penetration (reversed horse or rider…).


Watch how your partner touches herself, discreetly observe the gestures and movements she makes, and reproduce the same ones.

Unequivocal studies have shown more than This proves how central the clitoris is to a woman’s sexual fulfillment, no offense to those who think otherwise. Again, there are a multitude of gestures and techniques to stimulate the clitoris : fingers, mouth, vibrator, type of movement (circular, vertical, horizontal, diagonal), type of pressure to be exerted (light, medium, strong), place precise where to exert this pressure (around or directly on the clitoris) etc… It is therefore necessary to be patient and show empathy to continue to explore all the possibilities until you find the right combination. Once you have found the right formula, Bingo! You have won the jackpot. You just

Always surprise the woman and be original

The best sexual experiences are not necessarily the longest, although lasting a long time in bed may be considered by some to be a criterion of success. According to several studies2, 7 minutes are more than enough to make you an unforgettable lover. To prepare your partner for a new erotic journey, don’t be shy, introduce him to original sensations, be imaginative and try varied and playful libidinous games. You can awaken the senses of your other half by, for example, giving her massages with scented oils, or by blindfolding her so that she can better focus on other senses such as touch or hearing. What women love in bed above all is originality and being the center of attention. Never forget it!

Interestingly, nearly 20% of women say they want more daring sex. If you know your partner’s favorite positions, don’t hesitate to take advantage of them, it will accentuate her pleasure and make her climb to 7th heaven more easily.

What correlation between female pleasure and penis size?

Talent plays a big role in a woman’s sexual satisfaction, as does penis size. That said, know that it is useless for a man to have a big penis if he does not know how to use it.

It is true that a small penis has always caused a complex in men and generates a certain skepticism in women. For a long time, a little sex was considered redundant. Fortunately, times have changed and what used to be an inevitability has now become a minor easily surmountable obstacle. No need to resort to invasive cosmetic surgeries to enlarge your penis and impress your partner. With the continuous progress in new technologies and the advancement of science in the field in recent decades, men now have natural solutions to increase the volume of their virile member. Whether with penis pumps or food supplements, the options are varied and adapt to the specific needs of each man.

By following all these tips and tricks, you are now well equipped to fully satisfy your wife in bed. You can now give her all the pleasure and enjoyment she expects from you. All you have to do is move forward and assume your new status as an outstanding stallion.

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