We often see the latest trends in fashion, tourism, gastronomy and other sectors. But, does the same happen with respect to sexuality?

The Sex Trends 2022 report, produced by the Lovehoney Group (a group that includes the brands Womanizer, We-Vibe, Arcwave and Fifty Shades of Grey, among others) investigated some of the most prominent sexual well-being issues: from non-monogamous relationships to how pain relief is quickly becoming a major benefit of masturbation.

1- Non-monogamous relationships and fluid sexuality

A polyamorous threesome enjoying themselves on a park bench

A polyamorous threesome enjoying themselves on a park bench

Relationship models are expanding beyond traditional borders, and this is also having an effect on the types of sexual wellness options available. Non-monogamous ethical relationships (ENM) are gaining a clear leading role.

In the United States, a recent YouGov survey of more than 1,300 adults revealed that approximately one-third (32%) say their ideal relationship is somewhat non-monogamous. Non-monogamous ethical relationships are defined as a practice or a way of life in which couples maintain relationships of various kinds with people outside their relationship.

Different relationships

It is the term that encompasses many formats such as polyamory, partner exchange or open marriages

It is the term that encompasses many different relationship formats, such as polyamory, partner exchange or open marriages. All these practices are becoming more widespread as couples adopt a more liberal and diversified relationship structure.

One example of this shift away from monogamous sex is a 2019 online study by global pleasure brand We-Vibe that found threesomes to be the second most popular fantasy (of 28% of respondents).

2- Masturbation as an analgesic

HorizontalMasturbation is increasingly considered a part of the self-care routine and it’s easy to see why, as its many health benefits include stress relief and the release of feel-good hormones. Orgasms can release chemicals called endorphins with pain-relieving properties.

In 2021, a clinical study by the pleasure brand Womanizer called Menstrubation (menstruation+masturbation) found that masturbation could help reduce and control menstrual pain.


Masturbation can help reduce and control menstrual pain

The results revealed that 90% of the study participants would recommend masturbation to combat menstrual pain. And when asked if masturbation or medication worked better for menstrual pain, 43% chose medication and 42% masturbation. Very even.

In addition, 70% responded that regular masturbation influenced and reduced the intensity of menstrual cramps. Of this percentage, approximately one third (31%) confirmed that masturbation reduced the intensity a lot.

3- Sustainable sexual well-being

Some of the best selling sex toys on the market

Some of the best selling sex toys on the market.

Respect for the planet in the production of consumer goods and the composition of intimate products are also big trends in 2022. According to the research company Technavio, the global market for organic feminine care products is expected to grow by more than 770 million dollars during the period 2020-2024.


Responsible manufacturing also takes care of the ingredients of the product.

Responsible manufacturing also takes care of the ingredients of the product. The Lovehoney group is at the forefront of this trend. According to the company, the new product lines do not contain any animal ingredients or by-products, and the manufacturing process does not involve the use of animals.

4- Wearable sexual technology

7 Waterproof Sex Toys and Satisfyers to Get It Hot This Summer

Waterproof sex toy.

The research and development of technology has sparked a sexual revolution aimed at bringing self-pleasure to the forefront of society. The popularity of sex toys in recent years has shown that we feel more comfortable opening our bedroom doors to technology.


In a paradigm shift that considers self-pleasure as much more than masturbation

Beyond the design of the products, wearable sexual technology becomes a paradigm shift that considers self-pleasure as much more than masturbation: an act of well-being that can be enjoyed at any time and place in the form of pleasurable sensations and which may also have stress-relieving properties without the need for masturbation or ejaculation.

5- Sexual well-being accessible to all

Sex and accessibility

Sex and accessibility.

Although it is obvious that sexual well-being is a very satisfying human experience, social stereotypes and prejudices have traditionally and erroneously excluded certain groups of society that have been censored from exploring, expressing and openly discussing their desires. , desires and specific needs when it comes to sexual pleasure. Among them are people with disabilities.

Sexual confidence, self-esteem, and overcoming physical and emotional barriers can apply to anyone who wants to be sexually active, but for people living with a disability, these barriers can be even more difficult and have been an issue. ignored in health, education and the market until now.


There will be more opportunities for people with disabilities to explore their sexuality without shame, taboos or barriers

As cultural attitudes and norms around sex change and sexuality is seen as natural and healthy for everyone, there will be more opportunities for people with disabilities to explore their sexuality without shame, taboos or barriers. Demand will drive fantastic new advances in adaptive sexual technology in the coming years, making pleasure more accessible.

These changes will not only address basic human rights, but with one in five people living with a disability, innovations in these products make perfect business sense.”

6- Reexploring male pleasure

sex toy for men

Sex toy for men.

Contrary to some popular beliefs, the change in the perception of sex toys towards a concept of well-being has made women, and not men, the beneficiaries of the sextech revolution.

The discovery of the clitoris and the investigation of female pleasure, highly stigmatized in earlier times, has led to a boom in sexual wellness within the female-oriented tech industry, which also includes other innovations around female menstruation.

7- Artificial intelligence and space: the frontiers of sexuality

This new function is called 'Plus one'

Tinder app’.

New era

Consumers are demonstrating greater intimacy with technology

With the rise of digisexuals, consumers are becoming more intimate with technology, not just to connect with humans, but with the technology itself. Some companies even develop sexualized robots, as well as artificial erotic agents and chatbots.

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