Sex toys for women: how to choose them

Far from still being taboo, sex toys for women are now widely spread and used. The reason is simple: alone or in pairs, they can be a real panacea for intimacy and sexual well-being.

The important thing, of course, is to choose the right ones. 

Vibrator or dildo? Massagers or vaginal balls ? There  are now many types of sex toys on the market . The first rule is to choose based on the intended use: some are in fact designed for clitoral stimulation, others for vaginal stimulation. And if shapes and sizes fall exclusively into personal preferences, since these are products that are used on delicate parts of the body, the only recommendation is to choose safe sex toys in materials free of toxic substances and washable.

Sex toys: the 5 most loved by women

In the wide range of sex toys designed to enhance female pleasure, some stand out above others because they are more popular with women themselves. Here is a selection of the most desired and purchased by users on the Amazon portal:

Vibrator Hedo M2

This highly appreciated vibrator incorporates efficient rechargeable lithium batteries, with numerous advantages over the old stylus batteries used in less advanced massagers. The batteries allow a higher vibrating power, supporting at best the 8 standard vibration modes. It will also be possible to modulate the rhythm of the vibrations, from a tickling caress to a satisfying pulsation. Hedo M2 has been designed in such a way as to make possible a wide range of movements and angles in use thanks to the surprising elasticity of the silicone used for the coating. So flexible that it can be folded in two! All Hedo products have European certification and are in line with the American RoHS directive: they are completely free from phthalates, PVC and other potentially harmful substances.

Lovely Wand massager

The Lovely Wand massager guarantees great power in a beautiful product, which makes the massagers of previous generations superfluous and antiquated. The silky-smooth silicone skin glides over the body, and the very quiet motor makes this model usable at any time, day or night, without worrying about annoying noises. Lovely Wand is equipped with 8 speeds and 20 types of vibration, thus allowing for personalized and deep relaxation at any time. At the same time, the padded head with flexible neck allows for a wonderful personal experience.

Satisfyer Curvy 3

The shaped head of this clitoral sucker – produced by Satisfyer , a real specialist in the sex toys sector – is made of silky medical silicone: with its pressure waves it caresses the clitoris. Patented Air-Pulse technology creates simultaneous stimulation using pressure waves and vibrations. The 2 motors are independent, it is therefore possible to switch without interruption from pressure waves and vibrations or vice versa. Curvy 3 is completely waterproof and works with and without APP Connect. It is recommended to use Curvy 3 with a water-based lubricant. Before and after use, for thorough hygiene, a specific toy cleaner should be used to prevent the formation of bacteria.

Kegel ball Al’Ofa

The Al’Ofa Kegel-vibrator sphere aims to satisfy women and their partners, improving sexuality. The remote control egg vibrator also offers a great way to experience exhibitionism, while still being discreet. Ten modes of operation, for massage and Kegel training, which strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, for bladder control. The product is seamless and waterproof: it can be washed in water without any problem.

Durex Eternal Connection Intimate Lubricant

Among the lubricants, very suitable for both personal and couple pleasure, the absolute bestseller is this product by Durex , perhaps the most famous among the companies in the sexuality sector. Eternal Connection – which is the most popular among the many products offered by the company, different in fragrance and characteristics – is a silicone-based lubricating gel, silky and warm to the touch: it gives a long-lasting lubrication, for intimate disorders associated with vaginal dryness. It is also suitable for facilitating vaginal, anal and oral sex, and can be associated with the use of natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms.

Sex toys for women: the vibrator

The vibrator is undoubtedly the most classic of sex toys . Designed to allow women to reach orgasm quickly and easily, its use can also be considered a foreplay , used by the couple as a sexual game. There are different types on the market: battery-powered, rechargeable and also with adjustable vibration and intensity modes. The shapes? They range from phallic-shaped classics to more compact ones. The materials? Generally the most used vibrators are made of silicone because they are more flexible and manageable.

Oliver James Wand Massager

Among the best-selling vibrators on Amazon is that of the Oliver James brand . Equipped with a flexible head and made of soft silicone, it allows you to choose between 20 different vibration modes and 8 speeds. Easily rechargeable via USB socket, which guarantees a full battery charge in less than 2 hours, it is easy to wash thanks to the waterproof material and also very quiet. The product is available in three different colors and is sold with the practical travel case included.

Durex Delight minivibrator

Discreet and powerful, the Durex Intense Delight portable vibrator is designed to provide 5 hours of vibrant pleasure. Thanks to the soft-touch system, it is designed to guide the discovery of emotions and to give more adventurous and stimulating foreplay. Practical and comfortable to carry with you, Durex Intense Delight is water resistant and does not contain phthalates. It is designed to inspire the discovery of emotions for adventurous and stimulating foreplay. Works with a AAA battery not included. Durex Intense Delight is not a contraceptive and only has a stimulating function.

Sex toys for women: the dildo

What is the difference between a vibrator and a dildo ? In principle, while the former has a motor and therefore vibrates, the latter does not.

On the market it is possible to find different ones: from those designed to reproduce the shape and appearance of the penis in a realistic way to those with different designs and even equipped with a suction cup.

MFMYEE realistic dildo

This dildo, among the bestsellers of the category on Amazon, is made of soft and safe silicone and equipped with a powerful suction cup: it can therefore be applied to any smooth surface, so that you can use it anywhere and with complete peace of mind. It is soft, tear resistant and high temperature resistant and microporous. Waterproof and easy to clean, it features a curved ergonomic design that ensures strong stimulation and greater enjoyment. An excellent sex toy for women and couples.

Sex toys for women: clitoral massagers

Among the sex toys for women, clitoral massagers are also very popular . Unlike the previous ones, these accessories are designed not for penetration, but to promote clitoral orgasm . As in the case of vibrators, these are small battery-powered devices, the movement of which can be easily adjusted.

Badpa Mini Portable Wireless Massager

The Badpa Mini Massager is among the best-selling and popular according to Amazon reviews. Compact and light but powerful at the same time, it has a long-lasting battery that is recharged via USB cable. Made of soft silicone, it allows you to choose between 10 different speeds to meet any need and can also be used in the shower because it is waterproof. The small and handy size makes it perfect as a sex toy to take with you 

Satisfyer Sexy Secret

Thanks to Air Pulse technology, Satisfyer sexy Secret Panty allows today’s modern women to decide in complete autonomy if and how to get an orgasm. After placing the sex toy on the clitoris, the Satisfyer produces pressure waves in different levels, which each woman can decide according to her personal needs. Discreet and portable, this stimulator is equipped with Bluetooth technology and a remote control.

Sex toys for women: vaginal balls

Finally, among the sex toys for women there are also  vaginal balls  or geisha balls . What is it about? Of a sex toy composed of one or two spheres connected together and made of plastic, silicone or steel. Their use is simple: once introduced, in fact, they can function as a sort of stimulator. In addition to the classic and simpler ones, today there are battery-powered vaginal balls on the market that can be operated and adjusted according to your preferences.

Fifty Shades of Gray – Vaginal balls

The best-selling product in this segment is a sex toy from the ” Fifty Shades Of Gray ” collection, consisting of two silver metal spheres linked together by a black hypoallergenic silicone cord. These vaginal balls are designed to tone and tighten the pelvic muscles and intensify the pleasure during intercourse. The balls are soft and with a weighted weight, designed to best stimulate the erogenous zones.

Waterproof Silicone Kegel Balls

Used both as sex toys and as a tool to train the pelvic floor, essential for female health, the Tracy’s Dog vaginal balls are made of washable silicone and are characterized by a slightly oval shape that facilitates use. Thanks to the included remote control you can easily select different vibration levels. Among their features also charging via USB. 

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