Ah, onanism! Gone are the days when masturbation was seen as a temptation sent by the devil to Earth. Some even claimed that practicing it, one could become blind or strange rashes could follow the act. In fact, giving yourself pleasure is beneficial for several reasons. And why not do it by taking advantage of the best sex toys specially designed to please the man?

This type of sex toys are not only used for self-exploration, because they can also be a great complement to your sexual encounters as a couple. To introduce you to all their possibilities in depth, we have created a detailed article with everything you need to know about sex toys for men available today. No taboos, let’s get started!

The most important things in a nutshell

  • The best sex toys for men are a pleasant way to get to know your body better, but also to change the routine with your better half.
  • Opt for TPR or TPE plastic and silicone. These materials are hypoallergenic, flexible and soft. Glass can also be a good option, but keep in mind that the toys will have limited movement.
  • Before buying sex toys for men, you should consider what kind of sex toy you want. We analyze this and other purchase criteria in detail at the end of the content.

The best sex toys for men on the market: our selection

Male dildos or vibrators for men of all kinds, but not only: the best sex toys for men are distinguished by variety and fantasy. The options are many. Below we have collected the best ones currently on the market. Give them a try, as they are really interesting sex toys for men!

  • The best prostate massager
  • The best vibrating ring
  • The best male sucking masturbator
  • The most realistic sex toy for men

The best prostate massager

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Vibràtóri-Dónnà-Pëne Púntó G Dìdỏ Anḁlé Vîbràtóri-Sqúîrtîng Séssó Réàlisticó Donna Vîbràtórepúntó-per-Donna,Sèx-Tôyspèr-Cóppiè Dónnà ​Vibrànte Dónnà Sụççhìàrê-çlîtộrîdêḙ Sḙxy Shop Hot Oggettį

The vibrating dildo for prostate massage is certainly among the most popular male sex toys, regardless of sexual orientation. The one in question has a USB rechargeable battery and 9 vibration modes, which also extends to the two rings that can be placed on the testicles and penis.

It is also covered with silicone and is operated by a remote control. Those who have used it consider it an exceptional product and appreciate its great versatility, as it can also be used by women or during couple sex.

The best vibrating ring

Portable Massager, 10 Frequency Modes, Soft Silicone for USB Rechargeable, Waterproof (Black)

The vibrating ring made by Louviva is applied around the penis, where it is able to give pleasure to both the bearer and his partner. It offers 10 different vibration modes, easily recognizable by the color of the logo placed on the front of the sex toy.

It is waterproof, USB rechargeable, and according to reviewers it also appears to be very easy to clean and low noise. It enjoys great reviews and is also small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.

The best male sucking masturbator

The Urnight male masturbator is one of the best-selling and best-reviewed options by buyers, who consider it a good quality and very versatile sex toy, as well as easy to clean thanks to the removable silicone interior. It has an overall length that reaches 18 cm, of which the internal part has a depth of 11-15 cm with a diameter of 4.4 cm.

It offers 6 different modes of vibration and rotation, plus 3 sucking intensities. The front exterior has a realistic appearance, despite being made of transparent silicone, while the body of the instrument has a section that reveals the interior.

The most realistic sex toy for men

Clîdoride Vibrators Women Realistic Pene, Ŝěẋ Tóẋs Tóysper for Women Couples, Vibratorepunto for Women Sqûirt Vibrátor Woman Sexo Pûnto G Dído Víbránte Women Ovétto Víbránte Wîrless

For men, the most tempting alternative to more discreet sex toys has always been the realistic reproduction of female organs, as the reviews of the product in question also demonstrate, which is one of the most popular of all. PALOQUETH offers 3 different reproductions of the female body intended for the solitary pleasure of man, of which the smallest and cheapest one represents the woman’s pelvis with a realistic reproduction of anus and vagina, with different cavities to offer different sensations.

For the more demanding, instead, more complete bodies are available, from 5.5 kg and 7.7 kg, which reproduce the pelvis and torso, with abundant breasts; the difference between the two versions is, in addition to the price, the overall size of the body, which in the larger model reaches 42 cm in height and includes the shoulders. Buyers, as we anticipated, seem to like them very much, and claim they are not difficult to clean thanks to the included straw.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about sex toys for men

Pleasure is no longer a taboo subject. Society is becoming more and more open and therefore the amount of sex toys for men on offer today is plentiful. However, how they work is not always clear and you may have other doubts about it as well. This section will be particularly useful to you, as you will find answers to common questions about sex toys for men.

Shirtless man lying on the bed

What are the most used sex toys for men?

Even if not everyone knows it, today there are so many sex toys on the market that you can also find themed board games. Does this also apply to erotic games for men? As you can see in our selection, yes, there are. And others can also be found. Below we describe the most common:

  1. Masturbation cylinders : generally it is a cylinder that realizes a realistic type masturbation, creating an environment similar to one of the sexual cavities (mouth, anus or vagina). There are two-in-one options or one that includes extras like vibration.
  2. Vibrant Rings : Women aren’t the only ones to enjoy vibrating rings. These devices also usually offer various levels of vibration speeds, as well as easy charging via USB connection.
  3. Dildos and Vibrators : They don’t need much introduction because we all know them as sex toys for men, women or couples. The dildo has the shape and size of a penis, while the vibrator, as the name suggests, also includes vibration to add pleasure.
  4. Prostate Massagers: Prostate massagers may or may not be accompanied by a ring. This option is the ultimate in pleasure, as it stimulates the penis and anus at the same time. They are easy to clean and usually incorporate various levels of vibration.
  5. Life-size dolls : what in the past was considered more of a goliardic sex toy, today represents a real pleasure for men. The dolls called “inflatables” which today are made of different materials, are life-sized and rich in details to make them seem almost “alive”.

Advantages and disadvantages of sex toys for men

Why should you need one of the best sex toys for men if your hands and imagination are enough for you? That’s partly true, but you probably don’t know you’re missing out on levels of pleasure that you thought were unknown. If you are still not sure whether to buy one, take a look at the pros and cons list and you will be convinced to order your next sex toy!


  • They help you explore hitherto unknown pleasures
  • Depending on the model chosen, they can be useful in learning how to control orgasm
  • They can help fight sexual dysfunction
  • The best are made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials
  • Realistic options that enhance visual stimulation
  • Possibility of stimulating various erogenous zones at the same time
  • They can be used in pairs
  • They are easy to clean and maintain


  • They can be addictive in fragile individuals
  • Some battery-powered models can turn off at their best

How do you use sex toys for men correctly?

More than a practical guide on how to use sex toys for men, which changes depending on the object chosen, we want to offer you a series of tips that are valid more or less for everyone. Thanks to these you can live a healthier experience and extend the useful life of the product. Take note if you want to focus on pleasure and forget about the complications of poor hygiene or improper storage.

  1. If you have just received your new sex toy, first make sure it works . You must check that it has the batteries included or if the battery is to be recharged at the first use, and that the eventual vibration or heating system works, depending on the chosen product.
  2. If you haven’t done this before, wash it with a mild soap, even the first time you use it . There should be no residue from the factory production, but better be careful with an object that comes into contact with your private and sensitive parts.
  3. Start enjoying your new toy . Here it depends on your personal pleasure: look for a place and a possible company that you like. You can try using an intimate lubricant (for hygiene, it’s the best option) if you feel discomfort. Explore the different levels of vibration and / or heat and find the rhythm that excites you the most.
  4. Once you are done using it, clean it . It can happen, after a pleasure session with one of the best sex toys for men, to leave the toy abandoned on one side. Mistake! You must always clean it. Typically, warm soapy water is sufficient.
  5. Do not store your sex toy anywhere . The best sex toys are usually made of silicone or other delicate materials that can be damaged by other objects. So if you can, keep it in its original box or protect it in some way.
Sex toy

Why are the materials of sex toys for men so important?

The material from which sex toys for men are made is not chosen out of fashion. Being products that come into contact with delicate areas of the body, if they were porous or toxic, serious complications could arise. For this reason, the best sex toys for men usually resort to the following options:

  • Silicone: generally, silicone is combined with TPR or TPE plastic to give it greater flexibility. Some types of silicone are more difficult to recycle and require higher energy consumption during production.
  • TPR or TPE plastic: its main advantages are ease of production, ease of recycling, high resistance to breakage and low density (you get the same volume as silicone, but with less material). It is highly hypoallergenic.
  • Glass: a great option, but more delicate than the others, as it can break if handled incorrectly. Also, sex toys for men or women made of glass are rigid, something that many users will not like as it is quite limiting.

Purchase criteria

Before giving yourself the ultimate pleasure, you need to make sure you make the right choice for you. To do this, you shouldn’t settle for the first sex toy offered to you. That is why we have created this section: you will find purchase criteria that will help you find the next “playmate”!

  • Type of toy
  • Design
  • Dimension
  • Materials

Type of toy

The first thing you should ask yourself is what are you looking for. For example, if you want a sex toy for men to use alone, but that makes you feel like you are in company at the same time, you could opt for a hyper-realistic doll. It is true that they can get quite expensive (some easily exceed € 1500), but according to those who have used them they are worth every penny. For the rest, this table below could give you some ideas:

If you want you have to buy try the sensation of a masturbation cylinder that mimics the oral cavity experience both the sensation of oral sex and vaginal or anal penetration a two-in-one masturbation cylinder, which offers double entry and perception stimulate the anal area, a prostate massager or a dildo / vibrator. stimulate the anal area and the penis at the same time a prostate massager with vibrating penis ring. stimulate the sexuality of a couple any of the above options


The visual component can greatly increase the pleasure. For example, in the case of masturbation cylinders, there are some with a very simple design. Let’s say they are like a simple vibrating and heated hole. Others, on the other hand, are more sophisticated and also visually simulate the sexual cavities not only aesthetically, but also on a tactile level (external and internal).

The remote control can be a very interesting option both alone or as a couple. In solitude it will allow you to close your eyes and detach yourself from the object, while as a couple it can lead to interesting role-playing games.


When buying one of the best sex toys for men, you need to take into account the size of the product, as well as the type of toy you want to buy:

  • Vibrating Rings : While it’s okay to check the diameter of the ring, you shouldn’t worry if it’s a bit tight, as they are usually elastic. Of course, on the other hand, it shouldn’t be too big, as otherwise it can slip off or not make you feel pleasure.
  • Masturbation cylinders : one of the main problems with these objects is precisely the wrong size at the time of purchase. Keep in mind the size of your erect penis and, as with the ring, check that the width is not excessive or you risk not experiencing the pleasure you are looking for.
Black sex toy with remote control


As we have already said in the previous section, the materials used for sex toys for men are very important, as they are objects that come into contact with your private parts. You should focus on finding TPR or TPE plastics, as their quality is exceptional, they are very durable and have low porosity. Avoid alternative plastics, as they can contain toxins or degrade quickly.

On the other hand, silicone is also a great option, although it is usually a little more expensive and less flexible (most options combine both materials, i.e. TPR or TPE plastic and silicone).


Just as women have their erotic toys, men also have numerous sex toys to choose from. With them you will not only be able to experience new sensations of pleasure, but you will also be able to get to know yourself better. On the other hand, they are also ideal to use as a couple to increase the level of complicity or to change the sexual routine.

To buy one of the best sex toys for men, however, you have to follow certain purchase criteria. Does your penis size fit well with the toy you want to buy? Do you prefer a prostate massager that allows you to stimulate other areas as well? In the final section of the article we told you about these and other factors. You just have to choose!

If you found this guide on sex toys for men interesting, leave us a comment. You can also ask us a question in case you have any doubts about it and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Soon!

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