Tips to take advantage of platforms to watch movies on this weekend.


Movistar+ offers this British comedy in which absurd humor for almost all audiences wins by a landslide. The situation is new, a group of ghosts sees their tranquility disturbed when the new owners of the mansion arrive. The relationship with her will be especially intense, in a twist that it is better not to reveal. There are two seasons and a third on hold. Created, written and starring a large part of the team responsible for ‘Horrible histories’ and ‘Yonderland’. With the guarantee of the BBC.'The Pink Wedding'

‘The Pink Wedding’

Also on Movistar+, we can see this charming comedy about a woman (Candela Peña) who decides to turn herself around and love herself more. Icíar Bollaín directs and writes (with Alicia Luna) a beautiful story, curdled with good humor and truths like bread. Nathalie Poza won the Goya a few days ago for best supporting actress, in a cast full of great performers, such as Sergi López and Ramón Barea.'Akelarre'


Netflix, Filmin and Movistar+ allow us to see the most awarded film of the movies in the latest edition of the Goya. It’s a witch story, but there’s no lack of humor either. Directed by Pablo Agüero, the cast includes a group of young people who are not well known (yet), joined by Àlex Brendemühl. Once entered into matter, perhaps with some doubts at first, the film goes further.'Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker'

‘Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker’

Who says that you can watch the series in one go on Netflix? The exception is the second season of the series born from the Bong Joon-ho movie (‘Parasites‘), which continues to leave us one chapter per week. Jennifer Connelly remains the main attraction of the cast, which Sean Bean has definitely joined this year. The story is about a train that cannot stop, like the ‘Speed’ bus, in this case because the planet has been frozen. For lovers of comics and dystopian worlds.'Unfortunate stories'

‘Unfortunate stories’

Javier Fesser applies his filter of wild humor to the stories of four helpless characters. The filmmaker models them as if they were from cartoons. He gives the feeling that he doesn’t love them too much, but there is no doubt about his love for cinema and his quality in handling the camera and all the film resources. It can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.'Collective'


The British Academy has just included this Romanian documentary series among its Bafta Award nominations. It narrates the journalistic investigation of the most notorious case of health corruption in Romania, after the fire in a nightclub in Bucharest in 2015. The fire started the drama, but most of the victims came from the subsequent disaster.'The leftovers'

‘The leftovers’

After its premiere on Movistar+, the series has made the leap to HBO. It is a modern classic, of the disconcerting genre, that can irritate in one chapter and fall in love in the next. Damon Lindelof adapted Tom Perrotta’s novel, with a brilliant cast, including Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston, Carrie Coon, Ann Dowd, Liv Tyler, Margaret Qualley, Regina King… To all of them is added the also hypnotic music by Max Richter. It is better to get carried away than to become obsessed with explanations, as is often the case with Lindelof (‘Lost’).25 years without Kieslowski

25 years without Kieslowski

Filmin commemorates the 25th anniversary of Kieslowski’s death with the recovery of three of his first films. ‘La scar’ (1976), ‘El aficionado’ (1979) and ‘El azar’ (1987) are added to the catalog this Saturday. However, on the Spanish platform you can continue to see his best-known titles, such as the trilogy of colors, ‘You will not love’, ‘You will not kill’ and the wonderful ‘Verónica’s double life’. A pity that the Polish master left us early.'Half Heaven'

‘Half Heaven’

To continue celebrating the Goyas, on FlixOlé we can see some of Ángela Molina’s films. ‘Half of Heaven’, by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, is one of the most suggestive options, with Fernando Fernán Gómez, Margarita Lozano and Antonio Valero among the stars. The protagonist overcomes all kinds of troubles to end up triumphing in Madrid in the forties.'Cherry'


Apple TV+ has just released this film by the Russo brothers that follows in the footsteps of Tom Holland. The actor gives life to a young man to whom life deals bad cards and he plays them badly. Emily’s (Ciara Bravo) love is about the only thing worth doing. Drama and black humor are combined, perhaps with more ambition than effectiveness.'Snowflake'


In addition to superheroes, galaxies and witches, in the giant’s catalog you can also find this children’s film, which mixes real and animated images. It tells the story of the famous albino gorilla who for many years was the great star of the Barcelona zoo. One of its advantages is that today’s children hardly know it. It is directed by Andrés G. Schaer and among the adult protagonists we can find Pere Ponce and Elsa Pataky.'The Attaché'

‘The footprint’

On Orange TV we can see that Michael Caine is still great, but that the 1972 version, directed by the great Mankiewicz, is second to none. The Briton is fighting a duel this time, not just an intellectual one, with Jude Law, and not with Laurence Olivier. The script is by Harold Pinter, based on the work of Anthony Shaffer, all directed by Kenneth Brannagh, but the names are not enough. Unnecessary or not, this new version can also help pass the afternoon.'Castamar's cook'

‘Castamar’s cook’

Tatiana Rodríguez is the creator of this adaptation of the novel by Fernando J. Múñez. The luxurious cast (Michelle Jenner is the cook) and the careful production are not out of place when it comes to transporting us to the 18th century. The protagonist begins to work for the Duke of Castamar (Roberto Enríquez), who until then has not recovered from the loss of his wife. Hugo Silva, Maxi Iglesias, Silvia Abascal, Nancho Novo, María Hervás, Fiorella Faltoyano and Paula Usero also have their moments of glory.'I am alive'

‘I am alive’

The fourth season of this fantastic crime thriller, and much more, has just premiered on La 1. It can also start to be seen on RTVE a la carte. The story resumes with a global blackout that is suffered even on the Catwalk, that place of transit between life and death that fans of the series already know well. Javier Gutiérrez and Alejo Sauras continue to lead the extensive cast, to which Guiomar Puerta joins to fill the gap left by Anna Castillo.

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