The Nissan X-Trail returns to the scene with an all-new formula. Launched in 2001, it has sold 7 million copies worldwide through three generations. The new and fourth is marketed since last year far from our regions, in North America in particular, under the name Nissan Rogue. It sets its wheels in Europe to strengthen a range made up of the Nissan Juke and Qashqai. The Japanese firm invited us to its test in Slovenia. What did we think of this SUV? Test !

Adventurer look

Available in 5 or 7 seats, the X-Trail is above all a family SUV. However, Nissan has not stretched it to improve its habitability. It’s actually quite the opposite, since the length of the new X-Trail decreases by 10 mm compared to the outgoing model in order to better control its weight which is still 1,965 kg (all-wheel drive and seven seats).

The machine is imposing with a length of 4680 mm and a height of 1725 mm. Its size does not allow it to sneak into town, yet it is pleasant to drive in urban areas.

Nissan X-Trail (2022)
Nissan X-Trail (2022)
Nissan X-Trail (2022)

Nobody turns around when it passes, it’s a classic SUV with a nice design but not unanimous. Some find it outdated, others consider that its design is a bit off, probably too clumsy in their eyes. Make your own opinion, as for me, the style of the X-Trail seems rather ordinary to me, probably less pretty than the Qashqai.

Nissan says it was inspired by the first generation of the X-Trail (vertical front and rear) and modernized it through two-stage boomerang-shaped headlights and a “smiling” V-shaped grille . These are of course not the only changes made because this fourth X-Trail does not look like its ancestors at all.

A clear evolution in the cabin

If the exterior design left me a little on my hunger, the interior seems more successful. The designers have clearly tried to make it look more premium. They have also kept quite a few physical buttons (under the central screen and on the steering wheel) despite the presence of two 12.3″ digital screens. They are of fairly good quality and the graphics are up to date. Efforts have been made in terms of finishes and plastic textures despite the abundance of hard surface.This is all the more regrettable as Nissan has made available to the press a high-end finish priced at more than 50,000 € .

Nissan X-Trail (2022)

I appreciate the ergonomics on board, the good-sized head-up display and the space in the front and back. It doesn’t feel cramped, even tall adults will be very comfortable . Our test model was equipped with 7 seats, and unlike the first and second row of seats, the third is only suitable for people measuring less than 1.60 m. These are booster seats useful only when necessary.

Nissan X-Trail (2022)

They are located in the trunk, which has a loading capacity of 485 liters (575 liters for the 5-seater version), and which prevent the transport of any bulky object when in use. Designed for families, the X-Trail adopts some very practical solutions such as opening the doors to 85° which offer very easy access to the rear seats. There are a few storage spaces, two cup holders and a dedicated smartphone charging compartment.

The interior gives the impression of driving a more opulent car that tries to approach more upscale vehicles as best as possible. We feel good inside, especially since our X-Trail has an opening panoramic roof and Havana quilted leather upholstery.

Nissan X-Trail (2022)

Thermal? Electric? Hybrid!

On the road, the big brother to the Qashqai drives like no other car. Its e-Power engine is special since the wheels are driven only by the electric motors. There is, however, a combustion engine, but this is only there to recharge the battery which in turn powers the electric motors. In the end, the vehicle has a behavior halfway between an electric and a thermal.

The combined power of our X-Trail is 213 hp. The two electric motors are powered by a battery with a useful capacity of 1.73 kWh. 

Nissan X-Trail (2022)
Nissan X-Trail (2022)

Admittedly, at low speed, the acceleration is instantaneous and is done in silence. Pressing the accelerator, the 1.5L petrol engine roars to feed the electrical elements. In this case, one has the impression of driving a thermal car equipped with a CVT box .

This feeling is quite unique, the X-Trail is more pleasant to drive in urban and peri-urban areas, where the driver does not need to press the pedal to move forward. Simply put, the X-Trail is fun as long as the three-cylinder petrol engine is dozing . On paper, e-Power technology is quite promising: who hasn’t dreamed of driving an electric car without ever needing to recharge it?

Nissan X-Trail (2022)

On the other hand, when it came to raising fuel consumption, we were disappointed. At constant speed, it is difficult to consume less than 7 l/100 km . To be honest with you, I noted an average consumption of 7.5 l/100 km at the end of my test. Worse, on the mountain passes, consumption has skyrocketed to reach 16 l/100 km! On the descending phase, it dropped to 10.6 l/100 km, which is not nothing either.

We wonder what the interest of this e-Power technology is , because after all, even a thermal SUV (gasoline or diesel) can have similar consumption, or even less. In addition, the X-Trail rejects between 146 and 152 gCO2/km (depending on the options), so it is subject to an ecological penalty of €650 (146 gCO2/km) or €1,172 (152 gCO2/km), and since bad news never comes alone, he is also subject to the weight penalty .

Nissan X-Trail (2022)

If there’s one point where the X-Trail stands out, it’s behind the wheel . Its suspension is soft and comfortable at low speeds, then firm at high speeds. Far from being a sports vehicle, it is nevertheless dynamic and has no trouble linking turns.

Its steering may lack a bit of feeling , but we’ve tried worse. The consistency of its brake pedal is good, the braking is just as well calibrated.

True adventurer

The version tested is equipped with an e-4orce all-wheel drive that we were able to test off the bitumen. The behavior of the Nissan X-Trail is quite impressive , to be honest with you, I took more pleasure in driving on bumpy roads than on asphalt .

Nissan X-Trail (2022)

There is absolutely no loss of traction , the vehicle manages the torque distribution wonderfully well to move forward without the wheels spinning in a vacuum. Nissan organized a workshop to allow us to appreciate the off-road qualities of the X-Trail, and its transmission allows it to be very comfortable on the roads. This is undoubtedly THE strong point of this new generation, provided of course that you equip your SUV with the e-4orce transmission. 

The rates

The Nissan X-Trail is offered for sale from 42,700 euros in its entry-level Acenta finish. It will cost 44,700 euros for the N-Connecta version. The addition of all-wheel drive increases the prices: 45,000 euros for Acenta and 47,000 for N-Connecta. The Tekna finish is billed at 49,800 euros (52,100 euros with all-wheel drive), as for the most upscale version, Tekna +, it will cost 52,800 euros (55,100 euros with all-wheel drive).

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