2022 could truly be the year that will make our home smart . After a transition period of the smart home that has opened the doors to connected sensors and appliances, we are finally on the eve of a shared path between the various manufacturers that will allow the arrival of the most disparate products and services able to really make it smarter. our home.

In short, it will no longer be just a matter of turning off a socket from the smartphone or starting the washing machine with a touch within the app, but there will be greater interoperability between the various gadgets able to provide us with unexpected solutions up to now. A key part of this growing awareness is Matter, the new standard for the smart home that wants all connected devices in the smart home to communicate, regardless of who created them. This is why at CES 2022 in Las Vegas we glimpsed a piece of the future and of that smart home that could (finally) become reality. We’ve rounded up the best home gadgets coming out in 2022 .

The lamp that monitors your sleep (and more)

Sengled ‘s Smart Health Monitoring Bulb requires no hub and can be controlled by voice through Alexa. But in addition to coloring and turning on when needed, it also adds a pinch of extra functionality: it is able to monitor sleep, heart rate and other biometric measurements thanks to a radar installed above the bulb. It will be released at the end of the year at a price not yet formalized.

The smart doorbell

The eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual is a battery-powered smart doorbell equipped with a dual camera: a 2K camera to capture a visitor’s face and body and an HD camera at the bottom to monitor packages left on the threshold. Already available at a price of $ 260.

The security assistant

Spexor from Bosch is a mobile security “assistant” that can monitor intrusions and measure air quality and temperature . A small 12cm tall device that uses air pressure, noise and motion sensors to detect an intrusion and alert you to changes in air quality. It can run on battery for up to three weeks and can send you notifications using an eSIM card or via Wi-Fi. It costs 250 euros.

More sensors on the way

Let’s get ready for the arrival of many more sensors for the smart home. From the one that monitors the breaking of the glass of your windows, such as Ring Alarm , to the one that monitors the presence of carbon dioxide or smoke in the rooms: all of these are smart, activated by voice with Alexa and able to report anomalies directly. on the phone.

The robot vacuum cleaner that cleans floors

Cleaning the floors is not exactly new, but the Ecovacs Deebot X1 manages to do it independently, without requiring your intervention. Think for yourself to clean the cloth, fill the water tank and empty the bin thanks to the new multi-use charging station; in addition, it has a sensor that detects carpets and allows it to stay away from them. It will arrive in March at a cost of $ 1549.

The smart home door

Masonite presented the first smart door to be installed at home. By partnering with Ring and Yale, the M-Pwr Smart Door is the first residential exterior door to integrate power, lights, sensors, a video doorbell and a smart lock into the door system. It will be out later this year but no pricing or release dates are available.

The smart bathtub

Kohler’s PerfectFill technology can fill your bathtub with a simple voice command . PerfectFill consists of a drain kit and a digital valve that work together to bring the tub to the temperature and water depth you need. It costs $ 2,700, while the launch in Europe is expected by the end of the year.

The tap that is activated with the voice

Moen’s latest smart faucet – the Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control – lets you use it without handles: just voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant to turn it on and off, or use gestures to control the temperature . It will arrive in April at a cost of $ 675.

Samsung Bespoke

Samsung’s latest smart refrigerator is part of the latest line of modular and freely configurable appliances launched by the Korean company. The refrigerator, with integrated tablet, also has an updated bezel-less design for its distinctive 21.5-inch touchscreen, support for Samsung TV Plus, and updated internal camera technology that can scan food labels. At the moment there are no prices and release date available.

The router you need to manage everything

Netgear presented the latest news in the field of routers and Wi-Fi Mesh systems. The Orbi Pro SXK50 is an easy-to-use compact Tri-Band Mesh WiFi system , capable of offering faster and more secure connectivity than WiFi 5. An accessible device in every respect and a guarantee for both professional and home use, thanks to the mesh capable of eliminating dead zones. Added to this is the Plus MS108EUP switchaddressing the needs of small businesses and home offices where there is a mix of traditional IT devices, WiFi access points, sophisticated gaming systems and a growing number of IP and IoT devices that require speed, multi-gig capacity and power. Both are arriving in Italy in the coming months at a price not yet formalized.

Tapo Smart Actions

The ultimate goal of IoT devices is to make life smarter, easier and safer. Tapo’s features are designed for just that. The product line in fact includes a variety of smart devices, including switches, light bulbs and internal and external security cameras, which can communicate with each other to improve the user’s daily life. At CES, the company presented the Tapo Smart Actions system , which makes the ecosystem even smarter thanks to the ability to set customized scenarios and routines that integrate multiple devices and are activated via movements or timers . In this way, smart actions will be even simpler and faster.

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