Want to relax in front of a good series or a good Netflix movie before leaving for the weekend? You did well to click on this article, since is as usual there to advise you on the right programs to discover in the catalog of the SVoD streaming platform.

What movies are to watch or see again tonight on Netflix?

A nervous and breathless movie with Tom Cruise: Jack Reacher


Someone kills five people in the middle of the street. All the evidence points to the man who was arrested. During his interrogation, the suspect utters only one sentence: “Find Jack Reacher”. Then begins a breathtaking race to discover the truth, which will lead Jack Reacher to face an unexpected but formidable enemy, who keeps a dark secret. 

Adaptation of a series of bestselling novels written by Lee Child, Jack Reacher may seem at first glance just another lambda action movie without identity and without flavor. This is however far from being the case, since it imposes itself as a nervous, applied and surprisingly excellent thriller.

Released in 2012, Jack Reacher was Tom Cruise’s attempt to build a successful new franchise, like Mission: Impossible. If this ambition will only last two movies in the end (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back was not successful in 2016), this first opus an effective action movie, carried by a violent and inhabited Tom Cruise, and with a cast of great class and great talent: Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, Jai Courtney, Werner Herzog, Richard Jenkins…

Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who will reunite with Tom Cruise for Mission: Impossible 5, 6, 7 and 8, Jack Reacher offers a dry and refined action thriller, with a measured pace close to the political thrillers of the 70s. of actions, energetic and surprisingly brutal, surprise all the more, before the movie ends in apotheosis in a scene with brilliant construction and tension of mastery.

Far from the tasteless movie that it may seem to offer, Jack Reacher is a real surprise of its kind, a simple, effective and uncompromising object. It’s also one of Tom Cruise‘s very good original and recent roles. An excellent moment that we warmly recommend.

A fun and entertaining movie: Red Notice


Interpol triggers a Red Alert – the famous “Red Notice” – to capture the most wanted criminals in the world. To help him in his research, he calls on John Hartley, one of the best FBI agents there is. Until the day when the latter finds himself embroiled in a robbery and forced to join forces with Nolan Booth, the biggest thief of works of art in the world… In order to stop the most wanted art thief in the world.

 Mixture of Tango and Cash, Ocean’s Eleven and Indiana Jones, we are surprised at first to see Red Notice worked so well. The cause ? A frantic and well-balanced rhythm of valves and action, which leaves very little time for respite. Nothing to get bored of, especially when the set is served to us by the improbable duo Dwayne Johnson / Ryan Reynolds, with a surprisingly effective chemistry.

The two actors play the card of self-mockery with apparent delight, and if Reynolds’ usual grand-guignolesque number may annoy some of them, the majority of the lines and scenes hit the mark, and we often end the smile. Gal Gadot, a little further back, also has the opportunity to shine, and to steal 1 or 2 scenes.

Red Notice is also a great opportunity to travel: Rome, Egypt, Russia, Argentina… The movie makes us see the country, and the generous and hard-hitting action and adventure sequences follow one another for our greatest pleasure. Between two fights and improbable scenes, the movie even allows itself one or two surprisingly touching moments, which tackle the toxic father-son relationships in our society.

If we often have the impression of seeing a somewhat vain pastiche, we must admit that the two hours of the movie pass in a breath. Red Notice is ultimately exactly what it sells: effective, generous and fun entertainment, which will make you have a great evening, as long as you put your brains aside a little. And there are evenings, this kind of movie does a world of good.

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