Skin care, be it normal, oily or dry, has no gender boundaries and it is right that it is given the right importance in one’s daily routine.

Skincare for men, the importance of taking care of your skin

But what are the best men’s skincare products ? In this case, of course, there is no unequivocal answer but it is necessary to base oneself on the needs of one’s own skin . Depending on whether the skin is dry, oily or shiny, it will be necessary to take the corrective action with the right product.

Figuring out what skin type you have isn’t always that easy, so the first step is to look carefully in the mirror. Those with dry and rough skin to the touch must focus on skincare products for dry skin , choosing products that are absolutely non-aggressive but rich in nutrients. Particular attention must also be paid to the beard as it must be treated with moisturizing oils and balms to avoid the formation of ingrown hairs which, in addition to being annoying and unaesthetic, can cause small localized infections. Oily skin is a very common problem among men and also in this case it must be treated with ad hoc products capable of purifying the skin and tightening the pores, eliminating excess sebum. On the other hand, those with combination skin generally have lucidity in the T-zone while the cheeks tend to redden and fill with impurities. In this case, the best thing is to choose a specific product for the different parts of the face , opting for example for a purifying product for the T-zone and a more moisturizing one for the cheeks.

All the steps for proper men’s skincare

Of course there are differences regarding the best products for the skin for men and women, trivially in the first case we will find different products dedicated to beard care but in general, to take care of your skin day after day there are some irreplaceable steps, such as cleansing or scrub for which ad hoc products have been created and which could be an excellent gift for him . The kits and products for men’s skincare are made ad hoc both for those looking for a specific treatment and who love taking care of their skin and for those looking for a multipurpose and versatile product that is also suitable for their everyday routine.


Cleansing your face in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep is one of the most important steps in a correct skincare routine as it allows you to cleanse the skin of all pollutants by purifying the pores of the skin. In this case it is advisable to use a specific product for your skin type , choosing a non-aggressive solution capable of respecting the skin’s pH.


The scrub is another element that cannot be missing in a man’s skincare: the microgranules of the scrub in fact not only allow you to purify the skin but by opening the pores they allow you to improve beard growth . However, pay attention to the frequency of the scrub: doing it every day can lead the skin to react to defend itself by producing even more sebum; better then limit the treatment to once or twice a week .


Keeping the skin hydrated is essential and not only for those who suffer from dry skin: a good moisturizer in fact allows you to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, while eliminating that feeling of dryness on the male face.

Grooming products

For all lovers of a well-groomed beard, grooming is perhaps the most important step in the beauty routine. The various products dedicated to beard care , such as oils, balms and aftershaves, allow you to always keep it tidy and disciplined, as well as soft to the touch.

Face masks

Face masks are a gift to your skin that we give ourselves when we manage to carve out a break from the daily routine. Whether in the form of a cream, a patch or a tissue, men’s face masks allow you to give a boost of energy and improve skin tone according to your needs, choosing from moisturizing, illuminating or purifying face masks.

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