Dance is both an artistic and a sporting activity. The fact of abandoning oneself to the rhythm of the music makes the whole body work in such a way as to make it more toned. Dancing allows you to have fun and sculpt your figure at the same time.
All dance forms provide these different benefits. So, to help you learn to dance, this playlist takes you to the rhythm of waltz, rock, cha cha cha, samba, salsa, paso doble or tango. In addition to these ballroom dances, also learn the kuduro step o sexy swaying. Good viewing !


Learn the kuduro dance on video! A Zumba teacher gives you a little lesson to master the steps of this dance that has set the dance floor on fire since 2010. Seemingly complex, kuduro is easy to dance. Within minutes you will have the tchiriri rhythm in your feet. Discover all the instructions of the coach in video. On track ! 

The Viennese Waltz

The waltz is the traditional opening of a ball. This dance full of grace and refinement is easy to learn. In this tutorial, dance teachers give you a short Viennese waltz lesson. This form of waltz is always danced on the right. The couple of dancers then moves on the track while turning on itself. 

6 Beat Rock

Learn 6-beat rock on video! Two dance teachers are giving a rock class today. This ballroom dance is similar to boogie-woogie. The way of dancing rock indeed varies from one country to another. But, the majority practice 6-beat rock. This dance is easy to master once you know the basic steps. 

The cha cha cha

Cha-cha-cha is an easy-to-learn Cuban dance. Just master the basic steps and you’ll have the rhythm in your feet. Here is a cha-cha-cha class where two dance teachers show you these basic steps. As the name suggests, your feet rub the track reproducing the cha-cha-cha sound. This dance is similar to rumba and mambo. It is characterized by a triple sway. 

The samba

Need free samba lessons? Do you prefer to learn to dance discreetly at home? Here is a video where two dance teachers give you a samba lesson. This dance is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Brazil. The samba characterizes the Rio Carnival. Although Bossa nova is the most well-known form of samba, there are other variations that can’t be ignored, such as the whiskey or the promenade. This video teaches you these two figures. On track ! 

Cuban salsa

Need salsa lessons for beginners? Want to learn the basic steps of this Cuban dance? Want to know the passes and tricks to master? A dance teacher gives you a video lesson to teach you how to dance Cuban salsa at home. Clear the track to have enough space. When you and your partner are ready, class can begin. 

Puerto Rican salsa

Salsa is a Latin dance that comes in several variations depending on the country. The best known styles are Cuban Salsa and Puerto Rican Salsa. The latter is illustrated in this video. A dance teacher gives you a little lesson to learn Puerto Rican salsa. Learn the basic steps of this ballroom dance by carefully following the coach’s instructions. It’s easier by watching the video, good viewing! 

Bellydance swaying

Do you admire the swaying belly dancers? Have you ever tried without succeeding in moving your pelvis well? No worries, learn how to do a good hip wiggle today. In this video, a Bellydance teacher gives you a lesson to learn the hips. This sublime pelvic movement is easy to perform. Video demonstration! 

The paso doble

Want to learn to dance the paso doble? Want to assimilate the basic steps of this very Spanish dance? A couple of dance teachers give you a video paso doble lesson. Practicing as a couple, this dance is easy to learn. As its name suggests, it involves taking two stylized steps while giving the impression of a fight between a man and a bull. 


Passionate about Latin dances? Do you want to learn tango in particular? Discover in video a lesson on the basic steps of this dance. Two dance teachers then show you how to dance the tango. Born in Buenos Aires at the end of the 19th century, this dance expresses passion and melancholy. Despite its bad reputation from the start, tango rose to fame thanks to young people from good Parisian families. 

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