In the eyes of a movie producer, a plane ride is boring. Who would go to the cinema to see 300 people dozing or eating?

Despite the abundance of films about accidents, kidnappings and even snakes in the cabin, there are several films for aviation lovers that do not have to be about tragedies or catastrophes. We find biographies, epics, children’s, some romantic and famous parodies.

We can take advantage of these days of confinement to search YouTube or various platforms for some of these titles, which will keep the desire to fly lit when the crisis ends.

Up in the air

Ryan Bingham ( George Clooney ) loves to fly. He feels more comfortable on a plane than in his home, and if he travels thousands of miles from one end of the United States to the other, it’s because his job is to fire people in companies where human resources managers don’t dare to fire people. to face.

He barely has a fixed residence, he has no personal relationships, his dream is to reach the passenger club with 10 million miles, and he believes that the world is seen better from a window at 10,000 meters above sea level. But things can change and the impact of landing in another reality can be harsh.

Any frequent traveler will have identified with the scene in which Bingham advises his partner Natalie Keener ( Anna Kendrick ) how to identify passengers through airport security screening.

The Aviator

Martin Scorsese directed Leonardo DiCaprio in his portrayal of Howard Hugues , the millionaire with a passion for aviation who founded aeronautical companies, piloted and even took charge of a board to design mastodons like the Spruce Goose , one of the biggest planes in the world. history (and one of the most monumental failures).

DiCaprio gives a masterful interpretation of Howard Hughes, the millionaire who, in his passion for airplanes, designed a gigantic four-engine that only flew once

The film covers his life between 1920 and 1940, where in addition to his business and aeronautical facet, it highlights his passion for cinema, his stormy relationship with the actress Katharine Hepburn ( Cate Blanchett ) and his descent into the hells of the mind due to his disorder obsessive-compulsive and his paranoia.

Catch Me If You Can

Again we have DiCaprio but this time in the shoes of a young con man, Frank Abagnale Jr. , who amassed a fortune forging checks.

The facade was to pose as a Pan Am pilot in the mid-’60s, in the golden age of the world’s largest airline, and with such impudence that he shared the flight deck with other commanders; and he lived in a world of glamor with flight attendants arm in arm with him.

Following in his footsteps was FBI agent Carl Hanratty ( Tom Hanks ), who follows him like a bloodhound through US airports until he reaches France. Despite catching him, like hackers, the counterfeiter puts his principles aside and becomes a fraud consultant.


And now it is Tom Hanks who serves as a bridge. This is the only movie on this list related to a plane crash. But we included it because it is directed by the great Clint Eastwood , because it was a true event and, we already know, it has a happy ending.

The film describes the feat of Commander Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger , who managed to ditch an Airbus A320 in the waters of the Hudson River, with his 155 passengers and five crew members safe.

Sully recounts the real feat of the pilot who managed to ditch an Airbus A320 in the Hudson River and saved the lives of 160 people

The accident was due to the impact of the aircraft with a flock of geese at an altitude of 850 meters. But then Sully had to face other turmoil, such as investigations by the aeronautical authorities who believed that he could have landed safely at a nearby airport, a suspicion that he was about to end his professional career.

At the Terminal

These days a meme is circulating that Tom Hanks is an example of survival. Not only did he beat the coronavirus, but he also landed in Normandy ( Saving Private Ryan ), endured four years on an island ( Cast Away ), returned from outer space in a damaged capsule (Apollo 13) and crashed an Airbus ( Sully ) among others. other feats. And he also lived stuck in an air terminal.

Inspired by a true story, this Steven Spielberg film tells the story of Viktor Navorski , a citizen of the Republic of Krakozhia. Upon landing in the country, he falls into a coup, and since the US does not recognize his citizenship, he is trapped in a limbo that forces him to live in an airport.

There he befriends the cleaners, eats what they can give him in bars and restaurants and even works as a temporary bricklayer while the chief of the border police ( Stanley Tucci ) does everything possible to get the man to return to his country. .

Even if it has a happy ending, raise your hand if you didn’t think for a couple of seconds about Navorski’s unfortunate fate during some document control.

The flight of phoenix

The original film is from 1965, but the 2004 remake is easier to get  forced into the middle of the Gobi desert in Mongolia.

The motley crew of passengers and crew argue and fight, but as the days and hardships progress, they recognize that the only chance to survive is to work as a team, and achieve the seemingly impossible: rebuild the plane and get it flying. What if they do? It’s Hollywood, you can’t expect anything else.

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