What are the best movies on HBO? Subscription streaming services are the fastest growing sector of the entertainment landscape, but before Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu dominated this field, premium cable companies like HBO offered consumers the option to watch movies and TV shows monthly with no advertising fee.

HBO isn’t content with letting streaming run away with its market share, but it is also now allowing users to subscribe to an entirely online version of its service called HBO Now after years of asking for such an option.

These days, cutting the wire rope is the preferred route for many, especially younger followers of pop culture. Cable packages are bloated, filled with content few people want, and come with various additional fees. Whether you subscribe to HBO on cable or streaming, the service has a great variety of movies to help you pass the time, even if the list isn’t as strong as the subscription that the big three carry. .

Before you get started on the best movies on HBO list properly, there are some important tips that need to be done. First, the following movies are available to watch and stream on HBO as of this writing. As movies expire, the list is updated and great new options are added. The 15 movies below are also numbered for simplicity, but not ranked.

An American werewolf in London

There are many iconic movies about vampires, ghosts, witches, and ghouls, but unfortunately the werewolf falls short in this section and plays more stinkers than hits. Probably the best werewolf movie of all time is 1981’s An American Werewolf in London , directed by John Landis, and is now one of the best movies on HBO. With incredible practical creature effects that endure to this day, the film tells the story of David Kessler (David Naughton), an American backpacker in Europe who survives a werewolf attack that kills his best friend. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for David to realize that he is now doomed to kill during a full moon.

Drunken Love

The fourth feature, starring perennial critic Paul Thomas Anderson (2002), Drunken Love offered a showcase for Adam Sandler’s then-unknown dramatic tabs as Barry Egan, a desperately lonely man with serious anger issues. Unfortunately, these chops have only been seen a few times since, and Sandler was mostly content to stick to his usual wheelhouse of slapstick comedies like Adult. Still fans of the actor Sandler will have this critically acclaimed movie to remember, one of the best movies on HBO.

The stepfather

While the two sequels quickly degenerated into the realm of Campy Slashers, 1987 ‘s The Stepfather (now on HBO) is a movie best not to be overlooked for those who enjoy a good mix of suspense and horror. Directed by Joseph Ruben, The Stepfather Works Out 80% With Rotten Tomatoes, and no doubt a lot of that is thanks to Terry O’Quinns (long before Lost made him a household name). Outstanding leading role as “Jerry Blake,” a man obsessed with achieving the idealized American family life, as portrayed in shows like Leave It to the Beaver. If Jerry’s various attempts inevitably fail, no one is safe in his path.


While it’s by no means the best DC movie of all time, there’s certainly something appealing about director James Wan. Aquaman Solo movie, one of the most successful superhero outings in recent history and new to HBO. Jason Momoa stars as Arthur Curry / Aquaman, who is forced to face his fate and return to Atlantis after living above the surface. Arthur is hired by Mera (Amber Heard) to depose his vicious half-brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson), who has ascended the throne and rules with an iron fist.

11. Point break

The performers are two popular heartthrobs of the time, with some of them revolving around surfing in the 1991s. Breaking Point At first glance, it might seem like a one-way action movie. Directed by future Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow Breaking Point This is a very good action movie that has a compelling relationship between its two leads and is a great choice for an HBO streaming session. Keanu Reeves stars as FBI agent Johnny Utah, an inexperienced lawyer whose job it is to infiltrate a gang of masked bank robbers known as ex-presidents. This gang is led by Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), a charismatic criminal with whom Utah forms a surprising alliance.

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