When the weekend arrives, especially, we want to find a moment to get together with our closest friends or family and have a good time together. If you are tired of always making the same plans and you want to surprise everyone with a different and original night meeting, why not organize a fun dinner? With a little imagination and determination, it is possible to host an unforgettable evening , full of novelties and surprises. Take note of the advice in this  article to know how to organize a fun dinner .

Steps to follow:


Once you have managed to find the day of the month and the most appropriate time for all the friends and family you want to come, it will be time to decide what type of dinner you prefer to organize. An excellent option that will undoubtedly leave everyone speechless is to plan a themed dinner focused on something that you all have in common, so you can relive all those anecdotes that have been important throughout the years of your relationship. Whether it is a dinner set in the 80s, in the hippie era, based on your favorite movie or set in that city where you have starred in your most special trip, it will be perfect to enjoy a completely different and fun evening.


Choosing the place where the dinner will be held will be the next step in organizing this event. You can prepare the menu yourself and invite everyone to the house or choose to reserve a restaurant specialized in preparing dinners for groups. The latter is perhaps the most comfortable option and can also become the most fun, since it is possible to find a restaurant with a show that suits your needs and offers you a wide program of activities and games to participate in! the laughs are guaranteed!


It is essential to choose a restaurant that is easily accessible for all the guests and make the reservation in advance and choose the menu based on the tastes of the majority of diners. Among the wide range of restaurants with shows available, you will find those that will take care of all the planning of the event with an already established entertainment and activities program or, on the contrary, restaurants where you can decide how the evening will be from start to finish. end, choosing and preparing the games and interventions that will liven up the night.


If you are looking for ideas of activities or games in which you can all participate, laugh and bring out your funniest side, some good options could be:

  • Costume contest. If you have decided to organize a themed dinner, there is nothing more fun than asking the guests to come dressed up and have a parade to see who is the most creative, daring and original of all.
  • Karaoke. Representing and imitating the musical performances of your favorite artists or those who have accompanied you in your youth is a great way to remember good times and have a great time.
  • Movie representation. This is a classic game for gatherings with friends but with which there is no lack of fun. Divide into teams, make a list of movies, exchange them and start to imitate the most significant scene from the movie that has touched you. Agree a prize for the winning team and a kind of punishment for the loser, so the game will be more exciting.
  • TV competition. Imagine that you are the participants of a television contest preparing a series of tests that you have to overcome or some lists of questions about yourselves to show who knows the others best.


And, of course, when planning a fun dinner you cannot miss a little good music to give the evening atmosphere. If space allows it, nothing better than simulating a kind of dance floor where you can move your skeleton to the rhythm of the music until the wee hours of the morning. Another option is to go to a place where you can continue the party all together and put the final touch on that wonderful night.

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