Adolescence is a period of life that is not always financially easy to manage. It is at this time that the small personal needs are felt more and more. Indeed, we want to buy everything that can make us happy: new clothes, hi-tech accessories, sweets, etc. However, all this would require great expense. The pocket money given by the parents is not really enough to provide for all his needs.

The desire to enjoy financial autonomy is one of the main reasons for wanting to make money. An additional reason is also the desire to stop asking for money from his parents who are becoming more and more drunk. However, making money as a teenager is not easy. Especially, when you are not yet of legal age to obtain a work contract.

Fortunately, anything is possible. There are many ways to get a few tickets while still young. In this article, we have gathered several ideas on which you can start to make pocket money.

What does the Youth Employment Act say?

How to make money as a teenager – what does the law say?

Theoretically, it is possible for a 16-year-old teenager. Indeed, the regulations in force allow children between the ages of 14 and 16 to work . However, to make money, the teenager will have to work during the school vacation period. And the task will have to be a light and very framed task.

Make money on the internet


The teenager and the internet is a beautiful love story that won’t end anytime soon. It is therefore normal that the first source of income for a teenager comes from the internet. However, you must agree with your parents to make the withdrawals. This is the only obstacle standing in the way of online work for teenagers. How to make money on the internet then? We give you some ideas.

Create your YouTube channel

What teenager doesn’t know YouTube today? Even teenagers from underdeveloped countries know about the very famous online video platform. His videos are so famous that they go around the world in minutes. Do you know that YouTube videos can make money for those who produce them?

Indeed, when a video reaches 1000 views, it earns 1 euro to the person who posted it. Besides, many teenagers have managed to make money by creating their own YouTube channel. Plus, most people who have made a name for themselves on YouTube started out as kids.

So why not get into YouTube video production? Find a topic that can interest teenagers, a topic that can attract thousands of views. Make an entertaining, pleasing or instructive video. If it succeeds, you can make money. A lot of money. However, this method might take some time. You don’t succeed on YouTube overnight. So you will need a lot of patience and perseverance.   

Sell ​​photos online

This is yet another area in which teenagers excel: photography. Whether with their smartphone or with a camera, teenagers always manage to get nice shots. It is possible to make money online through the sale of these photos. Indeed, there are many sites that allow you to sell your photos. So, don’t wait, grab your camera or smartphone and take some great photos. Retouch them if necessary with photo editing software and sell them.

Such an activity will allow you to make money, but also to perfect your photography skills. In the beginning, submit your photos to small agencies. Then, if you find that you are making progress, turn to the more well-known sites such as Shutterstock, Dreamstime and iStock. It is clear that you will enjoy making money.

Use your social media accounts

Social networks and teenagers. This is yet another love story. Most teens have at least one social media account. Moreover, they are usually followed by thousands of people. This can be a source of easy money making. All you have to do is develop your image on social networks , become essential and the money will start to come in.

For this, it would be interesting to use the trendiest social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Post beautiful photos on your account, attract audience and sell advertising places or make money from affiliate links. With all the love you have for your accounts on social networks, it would be interesting for you to think about monetizing them.

Write an ebook and sell it

Make money writing ebooks

Here is another way to make money online. If you have a nice pen, you can use it. Writing an ebook will surely earn you money. Indeed, the blog business is based on writing ebooks. However, to successfully sell your digital book you have to choose the right subject.

Most people who fail to sell their eBook fail to find a term that appeals to the audience. They write about a subject that appeals to them instead of writing about a subject that really interests Internet users. The most well-known platform where you can sell your e-book and make some money is Amazon KDP.

Make money by taking paid surveys

It is an activity that can bring in a lot of money. In addition, it can allow you to make easy money. This activity consists of answering a questionnaire on a given product, service or subject. In return for your participation in surveys, you will receive compensation. There are many sites that specialize in paid surveys . These sites are often in partnership with polling institutes.

In addition to paid surveys, some of these sites offer other activities to allow you to earn some money. We have for example, the reading of paid emails. You read the emails that will be sent to you and you will receive financial compensation. Because they offer different ways to make money online, these platforms are called multigrain sites.

Make money doing odd jobs

How to make easy money? It’s probably doing odd jobs. Indeed, it is the most classic way for a teenager to make money. We give you some ideas to make you money quickly.   

Make money babysitting


This is one of the many ways to make money easily and quickly. However, you have to love children, be very attentive. It is an activity that requires a lot of patience. You can start by keeping your younger brothers (if you have any) for training. Then take care of the children of your family members and friends. You can earn the trust of the parents you want to work for by getting a first aid certificate.

This will require attending free first aid courses at Red Cross centres, community centers and hospitals. Parents will then be more willing to leave their children in your care. You can also invite them to come and assist you. This might help them trust you more easily.

In addition, you can also keep animals. Looking after animals requires less attention than looking after children. Obviously, it is less well paid. But it could save you some money. It is also possible to walk your neighbours’ dogs for a small financial compensation. Most people enjoy walking their dog. Unfortunately, they often don’t have the time to do so. This is an opportunity for you to make money.

Make money tutoring

Make money tutoring

Are you particularly bright? You can take advantage of this to make money by giving private lessons. Find a student in the lower grade or another student who doesn’t understand the lessons very well. Remember to first find out about the rules for tutoring at your school. Then start delivering the lessons.

It will also be a way for you to better assimilate the concepts you will teach. It is also possible to register on sites that offer private lessons. Nevertheless, most of these sites require at least the Bac to register. However, there are still flexible platforms that will allow you to apply without the baccalaureate.


Everyone loves having their garden well maintained. Unfortunately, they lack the time needed to do the maintenance. It’s a boon for you. It’s a good way for you to make money. Offer your services around you for the maintenance of the gardens. There is always someone who needs a gardener and who is willing to pay to have a garden that is always well maintained and green.

In addition, maintaining a garden is not a difficult task. You will only have to mow, pick up the dead leaves that fall from the trees and cut the hedges. If the workload is too much for you alone, you can call on a friend.

Shopping for an elderly person

It’s a way to make money while being helpful. Some people often have reduced mobility due to their fragile health. They are therefore no longer able to do their shopping themselves. You can make yourself available by helping them run their errands. However, explain to them that you need some money and that you would like to help them. They will then understand that the service is not free. This will avoid a misunderstanding. It’s time for you to get helpful with the grandmas and grandmas in your neighborhood.

Make money working in the service industry

The service sector is a sector that employs a lot of teenagers. The plus is that you can work there part-time. We give you some ideas.

Work in a restaurant

It is true that most restaurants prefer to recruit teenagers over the age of 16, but it is not uncommon to see some restaurants recruiting 14 or 15 year olds. Very often, it’s for washing dishes, shopping for the restaurant or even serving customers. On the other hand, to work in a restaurant, you must have the agreement of your parents. They must give you written parental consent.

In addition, we generally work in restaurants during the school holiday period. You need to be physically prepared. Indeed, we spend most of the time standing in a restaurant. This activity will allow you to make some money from tips and salary, but will also allow you to gain experience.

Work in a shop

Many shops recruit teenagers. You will be able to work by helping them to arrange the shelves, to help the customers in their search for articles and to make packaging. It’s true that it’s a job that doesn’t pay very well, but there are some shop owners who are generous by offering you good salaries if you are punctual and work well.

Work in a place of entertainment

Teenagers are very familiar with entertainment venues. They go there to have fun. These places can also be places where you can earn some money. Indeed, places of entertainment such as amusement parks, cinemas, swimming pools often recruit teenagers. Although these functions do not require experience, you will have to do qualifying training. These are activities that have many other benefits besides making money.

Make money by becoming a host or hostess

Becoming a host or hostess is a bit special. You have to have certain qualities. First, you have to have a good presentation, then you have to have good speech and finally, you have to have a sense of hospitality. The reception can be physical or telephone. As we have already said, it is a part-time job. Moreover, agencies recruit teenagers to be part-time hosts or hostesses. And you can earn good tips!

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