Stress is an adaptive response that is part of our lives and that produces a state of alert. However, high levels of stress, in the medium and long term, not only produce their consequences on a physical and mental level , they also have their effects on the skin . From the lack of luminosity , to a duller tone, wrinkles , flaccidity … and you can accentuate them even more.

What happens to the skin when we are stressed

We suffer daily stress and the worst thing is that we have normalized it. The question is what happens to the skin when we are stressed. First, it makes us release cortisol and weakens our immune system. As Rosa Molina , a specialist in psychiatry at the San Carlos Clinical University Hospital , tells us , ” weakens the immune system and our skin protection barrier, decreasing elastin and, therefore, luminosity, turgor …”. If we suffer from anxiety and stress on a continuous basis, our body also releases more histamine, adrenaline and cortisol, which, in turn, produce hormonal imbalances and, when affected by these, our immune system, dermatitis, pimples and “a breakdown of collagen and elastin appear at a much higher rate than naturally occurs, which results in the early appearance of wrinkles and expression lines”, the expert points out.

The more stress, the more wrinkles and more spots

To combat the effects of stress on the skin, there is nothing like following an antioxidant diet, exercising and resting for at least seven hours, as well as opting for “barrier effect” cosmetics and sunscreen. .

Stress also changes the way the skin reacts to internal and external stimuli and has a major impact on the condition of the skin’s surface. The production of the stress hormone cortisol has various effects on it, as Consuelo Mohedano , director of Shiseido Group Prestige Training, points out : “The decrease in the protective barrier function of the skin and its immunity, and can worsen any skin disease such as rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, acne , psoriasis… and also contributes to sagging”. In addition, it can even cause hyaluronic acid to be destroyedand damages cellular DNA, affecting the part in charge of controlling cell aging. And this makes them die, get damaged more quickly or their renewal processes slow down and the skin looks much duller and older. Stress also causes insomnia and as a consequence, bags and dark circles , which only contribute to further aging our appearance.

How to combat the effects of stress on the skin

Fortunately, the stress that accelerates the aging process can be combated. Dr. Vicente Mera , head of the Internal Medicine department at Sha Wellness Clinic , proposes to reverse it “an anti-aging diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can prevent the shortening of telomeres, exercise and rest a minimum of seven hours a day in addition to keeping stress levels low. According to the expert, “there are methods that help in this regard, such as meditation lengthens the length of telomeres because it stimulates two genes that produce telomerase, the enzyme that lengthens the life of cells” .

Changes in our lifestyle and assets that help

Dr. Rosa Molina even stresses the importance of establishing routines and habits like the ones we have mentioned before and also “betting on quality social relationships and trying to do new things, avoiding alcohol and tobacco that accelerate aging “. We should also take into account epigenetic stress , and how our way of life influences our genes and is the cause of 70 percent of skin aging. For this reason, there is nothing like betting on treatments that improve the signs of inflammation and aging of the skin without rest to strengthen the microbiome because, as Diego Hoyos points out,, pharmacist and head of the Phergal Laboratories Training department , epigenetic stress could block the enzymes that destroy collagen in the skin and emotions can alter the expression of our genes. That is why introducing changes in our lifestyle and our cosmetics can help us. Of course, as Dr. Rosa Molina qualifies, “the first thing is to lower stress levels and once this is done, apply cosmetic products, but not the other way around.” And as recommended by Dr. Carlos Morales , director of the Dr. Morales Raya Clinic in Madrid, ” adequate photoprotection will be essential in our skin care routine.(the sun is the main stressor at the skin level) and a cosmetic routine with powerful antioxidants and retinol .”

Treatments to combat the effects of stress on your skin

Regarding the treatments that can alleviate the effects of stress on the skin, Dr. Morales highlights four of them for their ability to increase the production of collagen and elastin and for their contribution of antioxidants capable of minimizing the damage produced by the increase in free radicals generated by stress.

  1. Photobiodynamic therapy : consists of the application of a photosensitive serum that once absorbed by the skin is activated by a led light of a certain color. Improves luminosity and texture and stimulates collagen production.
  2. PDRN : are vitamins 3.0 or polyribonucleotides that once injected stimulate the production of collagen .
  3. Plasma rich in platelets or the growth factors that our platelets contain and that are capable of improving skin stress by eliminating free radicals and stimulating the normal functioning of the skin.
  4. Hydrafacial . It is a deep facial cleansing system infused with multiple antioxidant actives that improves skin texture, pore appearance, and radiance.

Cosmetics that help against stress

Shiseido Power Infusing Concentrate Ultimune

With double anti-aging defense for skin full of vitality, this serum strengthens the skin against the signs of aging with eight botanical active ingredients for greater anti-wrinkle effectiveness. Stimulates skin renewal and activates its self-defense power.

Magic Serum by Camaleon Cosmetics

This eye contour effectively reduces bags and dark circles thanks to assets such as argireline, a hexapeptide developed through molecular engineering that has revolutionized the world of current cosmetics as it reduces muscle contraction and wrinkles. lines of expression.

Atashi K-Bioferment Cream

This anti-wrinkle cream combats aging and carries out a lifting effect on the skin. Balances the microbiome and leaves a juicy, hydrated finish. With organic golden millet, a postbiotic with an anti-inflammatory effect and hyaluronic acid, among other active ingredients to combat stress on the skin.

Avene A-Oxitive Serum

With an amount equivalent to 15 percent pure vitamin C, this antioxidant serum helps skin defend itself and protect it from oxidative stress. With provitamins C and E (shield effect antioxidant complex) and GP4G (cellular revitalizer) for luminous and radiant skin.

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