When we ask hairdressers and trichologists, there is no single answer about how often we should wash our hair . There are people whose hair becomes more greasy and others less and they space out the washes. The question that always arises would be how many times should we wash our hair a day or a week to always have healthy hair and scalp ?

To wash your hair daily or not, that is the question

How often you should wash your hair depends on many factors , whether your hair is oilier or drier , your lifestyle, or whether your scalp tends to get more oily. But according to experts, it is a fact that washing your hair infrequently can cause it to fall more and worsen flaking scalp or seborrheic dermatitis, and even more so if we do it with a shampoo. which is not adequate because we can ruin the natural lubrication of our scalp.

When washing our hair less favors its fall

David Saceda , a specialist in dermatology and trichology at the Ramny Cajal University Hospital , assures us that there is no specific frequency of washing for each person, but it is better to do it more frequently than less . In such a way that “hair problems such as flaking on the scalp or psoriasis if we wash our hair little, worsen and we can also promote hair loss .”

For oilier hair, more washes

That is why Saceda insists that “the more frequently we wash our hair, the better, even if it is daily.” In addition, he insists that “our hair is not going to fall out because we wash it more.” As a guideline, he points out that a non-greasy scalp of a woman “should be washed at least three times a week and that of a man who produces more oil on the scalp, daily” he qualifies.

Choose the shampoo that leaves your hair healthy

When it comes to washing our hair, Dr. Saceda recommends taking care, yes, of the shampoos we choose for this purpose. Because “when washing the hair we eliminate residues but we also remove the natural lubrication of the hair shaft and this should be compensated with moisturizing products that protect it again so as not to break the cuticle”. In short, washing your hair daily does not harm your hair at all and does not increase its fall, but quite the opposite according to the experts and yes, stop doing it. In this sense, also doctor Carlos Gmez, doctor at the MC360 hair clinic, washing your hair more does not destroy the follicles. “The follicle is destroyed when there are inflammatory situations or damage to the scalp itself that are not treated. This can be caused by the use of inappropriate products or in those people who have previous pathologies.” That is why experts insist on choosing those that adapt to the scalp as well as the type and state of our hair at that particular moment. And “every time we notice dirty hair, wash it daily,” he concludes.

Shampoo for a daily hair wash

Rene Furterer Karit Hydra moisturizing and shine shampoo

 A moisturizing shampoo with shea butter to gently cleanse dry hair that reinforces the hydrolipidic film for optimal protection of hair and scalp. Without silicones, it gently cleanses, hydrates and protects dry hair without weighing it down and facilitates detangling.

 Champ Sensitive Scalp by Apivita

 Ideal for cleansing sensitive hair and scalps, this shampoo with prebiotics and honey provides a very gentle cleansing without sulfates. Balances the microbiome while reinforcing capillary defense against environmental aggressors (pollution, thermal tools).

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