Halloween. Every year it’s the same thing, there’s always a friend who asks us what we’re doing and we never really know what to answer… It’s true, what do we do for Halloween? Whether you’re alone, with friends, with family, All Saints’ Eve is always a good opportunity to have fun.

Of Celtic origin, it would seem that the Salmain – Irish festival – is the ancestor of Halloween that we know today thanks to the Americans. If you don’t know what to do, it’s not necessarily too late to find something to occupy your evening. Here are 10 party ideas to celebrate October 31:

A popcorn/horror movie night

The base some we will say! Halloween is an opportunity for the most homebound among us to curl up on the sofa, wrapped up in a good big blanket, to watch the great classics of horror films like The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Carrie, The Claws of the Night… If by chance you bring a date home and the person is a little shy and/or frigid, the suspenseful trash movie may help the physical connection. You are scared ?

A costume party

Many do not wait until October 31 to dress up, as evidenced by the specimens encountered during bachelor parties or other integration evenings. Halloween is still THE evening par excellence to dress up and stroll down the street without appearing marginal. For a successful disguised party, impose a theme – such as “horror movie heroes” – to fit the genre and the atmosphere of the evening. If you don’t have any inspiration, watch some horror movies or dip into our costume ideas.

Drink demonic cocktails

With or without disguise, the Halloween party is another opportunity to wipe your face off and have a drink with your friends. We remind you that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health ! To mark the occasion, decorate your cocktails by replacing the eternal olive with an “eye” made with lychee. Otherwise, you can try to replicate the brainy cocktail . In a shot glass, pour a little schnapps or vodka then the grenadine or strawberry syrup, delicately using a pipette for a bloody effect, and finally, the whiskey cream which will freeze forming a small brain.

halloween cocktail

Get scared at the Manoir de Paris

Like a sadomasochist who takes pleasure in pain, you dream of feeling the thrill caused by fear. If the films of the genre are not enough for you, stay in reality and go to the Manoir de Paris. Although located at number 18 rue Paradis, believe us, you will be immersed in the space of a visit to the hell and the horror of the place. The actors of this big and scary staging will paralyze you with terror! You will not come out of this mansion unscathed… Mouhahahahaha! Between 20 and 35€ per visit

Take revenge on the neighbors with a candy hunt

Are your neighbors making too much noise, smoking in the elevator and leaving their garbage on the landing? Take revenge!!! Whether you have kids or not, dress up and go on a treat hunt. Remember that if they aren’t there, are pretending not to be there, or they don’t have any candy to give you, you have to play a trick on them. Throwing rotten eggs on their front door, wrapping toilet paper around their property or their car are just some of the ideas. So, trick or treat?!


Make a Pumpkin Lantern

Pumpkin lanterns, called Jack o’lantern across the Atlantic, owe their name to the hero of an Irish count; a certain Jack who manages to deceive the devil twice. For years, on Halloween, pumpkins have been hollowed out to house a candle in memory of lost souls. After cutting a lid on top of the pumpkin, scoop it out with a spoon. Once clean, shape the face of your lantern to your liking then place a candle or LED lamp in it for added safety. There are many tutorials on the net if you lack inspiration.


Concoct special Halloween recipes

After making your magnificent pumpkin lantern, what to do with the pulp and seeds? Cook them! Nothing is lost, everything is transformed, even on Halloween. Raw, grilled, in your salads or in your bread, you can enjoy pumpkin seeds as you see fit. With the flesh, treat yourself by preparing purees, pies and soups. It’s up to you and bon appetit.

pumpkin pie

A life-size game: The Prizoners

Gamers probably already know the place, for others run to discover it. The Prizoners is a live escape game where you come to play with friends. The goal is simple, in teams of 5 maximum, you have 60min to solve puzzles and perform tests to escape, all with scenarios around the history of the city of Paris. There are three different universes: the Bastille prison, the Sorbonne University and the Elyseum Palace. Night sessions have been created for Halloween, but a victim of its own success, places are going very quickly. 120€ per team


Halloween counter-party: do nothing special

Because everyone does not adhere to the concept of Halloween or simply because some people don’t care, it is not mandatory to celebrate October 31st! This year, it falls on a Saturday evening, so you won’t have any trouble finding a normal evening, without pumpkins, witches or monsters… Don’t forget to celebrate the Quentins, those great forgotten Halloween…

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