There are always fun plans to do, and if you like to do them in a group, too. Whether you read this summer or winter, you’ll find something to do here. Nor should you worry about not having a lot of money to spend, since many of them are free or do not exceed the price of a coffee.

Play an escape room

This activity has been in vogue for a few years now, and for good reason: it is not just about leaving a room, but requires great mental ability, teamwork and speed. The work behind an escape room is immense, and it shows.

If you prefer not to leave the house, there are also online escape rooms that can be solved by several people, and many of them are free.

Play sports

After being locked up for so long, you might want to stretch your legs. Whether it’s hitting the gym together or getting outdoors, there are plenty of ways to have fun while getting fit.friends running

Play board games

There are people who take this hobby to its maximum expression, because there are true jewels in the world of board games. Whether you are one of the classics of ludo or if you like to try the rarest ones that exist, board games are always fun plans to do with friends.

Paintball o airsoft

On the other hand, if what you want is to release adrenaline -and, why lie to yourself, the odd grudge-, these two options are really exciting plans.

Paintball consists of shooting paintballs at each other in games similar to gymkanas, while airsoft uses small plastic balls as ammunition.

Go on a trip

If you have the opportunity to enjoy a trip together, this is a plan that can include more fun plans. Discovering new places and spending time together can greatly enrich your relationship.Friends hugging from behind

Cooperative food

If you don’t feel like going out or simply don’t want to spend a lot of money while still enjoying the social benefits of eating together, a good option is for each of you to cook something different and eat it together somewhere. In addition to enjoying different flavors, you will have an opportunity to show off your best recipes -or eat a lot-.


Losing shame within your group of friends can be a great moment if it is done through music. In a context of pure fun, where vocal ability has no relevance, you can unleash your most uninhibited self. In addition, a lot of tension is released by singing at the top of your lungs.friends at karaoke

Time Capsule

Do you have a group of close friends, almost siblings? You can make something that reflects the friendship you have, like a time capsule: in a box, each put a valuable piece of evidence of your friendship, like a photograph or a handwritten letter. After a few years, you can open it and spend an afternoon of good memories.

Throw a themed party

It doesn’t have to be a mega party, what matters is that you gather your closest friends and invite them to hang out at your house with some music, snacks and, if they wish, board games. Of course, everyone must be dressed in the chosen theme .

This can be from Vikings, Egyptians, cowboys, aliens…. And to add more fun, you can ask your friends to help you decorate the house according to the theme.

Tell horror stories

When it comes to fun plans, telling horror stories is one of the classics. To make it more spooky, they can count them in a field under the stars, at the edge of a campfire, or at home by candlelight.

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