With the excesses of summer, it is common to put on a few kilos of fat. In addition, it is also common for this fat to accumulate in some specific parts of our body. In this case, the abdomen and waist are two of the areas where most of the body fat accumulates.

An increase in belly fat can make our clothes fit small, or make us feel more bloated and uncomfortable than before. However, the risks are much greater, since, according to the experts at the Mayo Clinic, there is research that ensures that belly fat carries serious health risks.

But it’s not all bad news, since belly fat can be reduced. Thus, if we want to make that fat disappear, it is enough to take care of yourself and lead a healthy life.

Within this healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to implement a healthy and balanced diet, good rest habits, proper hydration and an exercise or physical activity routine.

In that case, we must take into account how many calories we consume each day and how many calories we burn with the exercise we practice. The truth is that if we eat too much but exercise too little, it is likely that our belly fat will increase.

With the aim of reducing abdominal fat, below, we propose five simple exercises that you can do every day at home.


Including burpees in your daily training routine will help us work the abdomen, chest, shoulders, lats, triceps, and quadriceps. To perform them, simply stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Then we must throw the hip back while lowering the body to the ground, as if we were doing a squat. Next, place your hands just outside your feet and jump back with your feet, letting your chest touch the ground.

Subsequently, we must push the hands against the ground to raise the body on a plank and then jump with the feet just outside the hands. Finally, with the weight in the heels, we will jump explosively in the air with the arms above the head.

It is convenient to do several series with repetitions and rest between each one of them.


This exercise is very simple and helps us work practically all muscle groups in the body, including the abdomen.

To do it, we just need to lie face down on a yoga mat and support ourselves with our forearms and the balls of our feet.

Keep in mind that the hips are slightly elevated, the back straight and the neck relaxed. We must stay in that position for about 15-20 seconds and we can perform several repetitions.

Leg raise

Another very beneficial exercise to reduce belly fat is leg elevation. To do it, we will lie down on a mat with both hands at the sides, resting on the ground. We will stretch our legs well and raise them without bending the knees, taking them as high as possible and descending in a controlled manner. We can do three series of ten repetitions each.

Crossed abs

The crossed abdominals help us tone the abdomen and burn the fat that accumulates. To do them, we will lie down on a mat or mat with our hands behind our heads and our legs stretched out. Then we will flex the right knee and raise it until it meets the left elbow. Later, we will repeat the movement with the opposite side. We can also perform three series of 15 repetitions each.

Skipping on site

This is a very common exercise that consists of running at a good pace and on the spot. To do this you have to control your breathing well.

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