Volcanoes are world famous phenomena. For some, it is a malevolent force of nature. For others, it would rather be a question of a spectacle of great beauty. Each of the conceptions has a part of true and a part of false.

Indeed, when a volcano erupts, the lava flow can annihilate all the surrounding species and the debris can reach cities and villages several kilometers away. But for thrill seekers, setting off to discover these volcanoes is an adventure combining both a change of scenery and adrenaline.

Each country has its own number of volcanoes. Here is the list of the most famous volcanoes in the world:

Japan’s Mount Fuji

Japan is a veritable paradise for those who appreciate volcanoes. In this country, there are several dozen, including the most famous and Mount Fuji . We are still talking about a mountain of more than 3,000 m in altitude classified for years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, the latter is no longer very active today. It last erupted in 1707 . Which in no way diminishes its beauty. Many artists have been inspired by its curves for their works, hence its international fame.

Piton de la Fournaise

Being in Reunion, French Dom-Tom, the Piton de la Fournaise, is talked about by its very active side . Every year, he threatens the local population at least once. And quite often you can see more than just smoke on the chimney. Lavas come out.

It is a mountain 2,632 m high. It is so large that it occupies, according to experts, nearly 40% of the south-eastern part of Reunion.

Italy and Vesuvius

We cannot talk about the most famous volcanoes in the world without making a detour to Italy. Here, there is a volcano called “Vesuvius”. It culminates at 1,281 m above sea level and is still active despite the fact that its last major eruption dates from 79.

According to experts, Vesuvius only erupts every 100 years . It is also expected that this volcano will become active in the years to come. A considerable risk for the 700,000 inhabitants of Naples is foreseen for this purpose.


Much appreciated by hikers and tourists looking for thrills, Kikimanjaro has become a real tourist attraction in northeastern Tanzania . According to information, the latter is no longer in operation and allows adventurers to experience a unique stay. It is still a mountain, formed by 3 volcanoes and culminating at more than 5,000 m.

Its beauty is all the more impressive as its summit is formed by ice caps. However, given the evolution of global warming, by 2050, these ice should completely disappear.

A short detour to Chile and Argentina with the Navados Ojos Del Salado

In Chile and Argentina, one can also find a volcano almost 7,000 m high . This is Navados Ojos Del Salado. So far, it is one of the most important ones in the world. It is also the highest recorded in all countries.

Located on the border of Argentina, this volcano erupted on November 14, 1933. It is a so-called “grey” type volcano which is particularly the pride of the region. It is also possible to appreciate it from afar during your stay on site.

The pelee mountain in Martinique

The French Dom-Toms are apparently well provided with a famous volcano. In the list, you can also count Mount Pelee. The latter is especially famous because of its history. In 1902, he completely razed a town in Martinique, Saint-Pierre, with its 28,000 premises. This exposes the strength of this volcano.

For information, the latter is located in the north of the country. It has an altitude of 1,397 m. Its last recorded eruption was in 1932 .

Eyjahjoll: Iceland’s volcano

Eyjahjoll is one of those that erupted recently. The last was in 2010, on October 20 and had done some damage, especially in air traffic. Its fumes prevent any visibility. So far there have only been 4 known eruptions.

The latter is located in the southern part of Iceland. It culminates at 1,666 m. It is of great beauty thanks to its chimney entirely covered with glacial cellote . However, when it erupts, it is considered to be a type of red volcano.

Stromboli in Italy

Also in Sicily, in the north of the country, there is a volcano called “Le Stromboli”. In fact, it is a volcanic island and not a mountain . In 1950, he was the subject of a film, hence his current fame.

The last official eruption of Stromboli dates from February 2, 1934. However, according to analysts, it is still active today. For information, it is a gray volcano.

The Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica

He is nicknamed “Irazu” in Costa Rica. In this country, one can find a great diversity of volcano.

It is a 3,432 m high volcano which became active in 1994 for the last cold. This Gray Volcano is found in the Cordillera Volcanica Central or a mountain range present in this part of the world.

France in its place

France is not left behind in the list of the most famous volcanoes in the world, thanks to the volcanoes of Auvergne. Located in the Chaîne du Puy, these have become real tourist attractions and natural sites of rare beauty. During a stay in France, many people are tempted by the Puy de Dôme, a mountain which rises to 1,465 m and is now endowed with all kinds of greenery.

But beware, the Puy de Dôme is not the only volcano that forms this region. It is indeed an alignment of volcanoes of all kinds and of different ages.


It seems that Sicily wins the palm of the countries which record the most famous volcanoes. In addition to those already mentioned, Etna can also be included in the list, even if the latter has only recently entered this category. Indeed, tourists passing through Italy can now reach the summit of this volcano by cable car. But it is an adventure not without risk insofar as Etna is still active and culminates at 3,350 m altitude.

It should be noted that Etna is not really located in Sicily, but in a neighboring city which is Catania. It entered into service on September 3, 2003, causing a few injuries and several material damages.

Seen from afar, Etna is already of great beauty. Its ice cap gives it a certain charm.

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