Every woman is beautiful, even with her flaws or marked features that make her physically different.In fact, it is those differences that make them stand out in the world.

Likewise, statistics determine that, in these 7 countries, women with the most striking features live.

Women, for the simple fact of being women, are beautiful no matter what they are.

They have characteristics that make them unique and unrepeatable, such as the gift of giving life.

Their sensitivity and delicacy, as well as how emotional they are, make them quite special beings.

And it is precisely at this point where the importance of respecting and valuing them lies.

Their ability to love and give the best of themselves is incalculable, so men, if you are reading this, pay close attention and take good care of the good woman you may have by your side.

However, we must recognize that there are certain places in the world that are characterized by having too precious women.

There are pretty girls everywhere, but there are cities and entire countries that attract attention specifically for this aspect that drives countless tourists and even the locals themselves crazy.

Today from Q’Pasa we will tell you about some of the countries that have the most beautiful women on the planet according to different rankings consulted by this means of communication.

10. United States

As one of the largest countries on Earth with one of the most diverse populations, American women stand out above the crowd.

Regarded as fun-loving, there’s a reason so many songs have been dedicated to the female flyers of the red, white and blue.

9. Netherlands

Women from the Netherlands are often found to be as honest as they are beautiful.

Dutch women seem to be able to balance their more progressive world outlook with a more conservative look.

They are usually women of great stature, with pale and thin skin.

8. Sweden

It is said that after centuries of raiding land, the Vikings took home only the most beautiful women they could find.

Their descendants, Swedish women today, are famous for being tall, with striking blue eyes and long blonde hair. However, her firm skin tends to tan in the sun.

7. Denmark

In addition to being beautiful, the women there do not suffer from the taboos regarding sexuality that society tends to impose.

So they are laid back, easy going, happy, and live life as they see fit. For them, the most important thing is to feel comfortable with themselves and enjoy the pleasures that surround them.

6. Ukraine

Her complexion and face in general cause envy, and of course, more than one sigh in men.

They are always smiling and proudly show off their blonde hair and tanned bodies.

5. Russia

It is enough to see the beautiful model Irina Shayk, to be clear that Russian women are spectacular.

Although well, we must admit that the beauty of this woman is somewhat peculiar, because it seems a mixture between Russian and Israeli.

The fact is that the majority of women from this country are very attractive.

4. Israel

Do you remember the super model Bar Rafaeli? Isn’t it true that she is a woman who impresses with her beauty and figure? Well, in case you didn’t know, we tell you that she comes from Israel.

So with this good reference you will be very clear that the Israelis are beautiful and exotic. Go get them!

3. Brazil

Exotic and sexy: this is how we could best define the beauty of Brazilian women.

Extroverted, voluptuous and happy women, and do you know what is the best? That you can find them with very varied attributes, because in Brazil the ethnic and cultural mix is ‚Äč‚Äčimpressive.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, one of the most beautiful models of the Victoria’s Secret angels, are from this country.

2. Colombia

Colombians have always had the reputation of being the most beautiful in the world.

Their Latin and varied beauty has an impact on neighboring countries, in addition to being characterized as persevering women, eager to get ahead, friendly and happy.

1. Venezuela

Just by telling you that it is one of the countries that has had the most Miss Universe, you will understand that its women are absolutely beautiful and charming.

Voluptuous, with tanned bodies, beautiful faces and silky hair.

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