Here are the Best smartwatches 2022 available for iPhone and Android users.

In the smartwatch sector, especially for Android, the choice is decidedly wide. The possible variables are many and largely depend on autonomy and price.

Below is our continuously updated guide.

Best Smartwatch 2022: Buying Guide

The best smartwatches are a very large slice of the market because they don’t just show notifications on the wrist. Instead, they are a set of functions that are increasingly in step with the times: fitness tracker, a wallet and in some cases, even a phone.

A smartwatch can even save your life with high heart rate alerts and automatically connect you to emergency services in the event of a fall. And, at this time where we are trying not to touch objects as little as possible, you can use contactless payment systems (NFC) on your wrist to pay for purchases in stores.

best smartwatch review

The selection of the best smartwatches was carried out taking into consideration all the functions most sought after by users. Some have a huge number of apps that you can download, while others, with GPS watches , heart rate monitors , and more, are health-oriented. That’s why some of the devices on this list are also among the  best fitness trackers  .

Many smartwatches have batteries that barely last a day, while others can go nearly a week on a charge. And of course there is the design: the best smartwatches can be customized with specific straps, to best adapt to everyone’s personality.

What is the best smartwatch? Let’s find out the ranking of the best smartwatch watches

The best smartwatch watches

After selecting dozens of the best smartwatches, the best choice in my opinion is the Apple Watch Series 8  (which replaced the recent Apple Watch Series 7 version ) as it features an easy to read, always on display, a built-in compass and all the advanced health features we’ve already loved from Series 6  and Series 5 releases . Detection and a built-in electrical heart rate sensor for electrocardiogram on the go, the ability to know body temperature and a crash detection function. Plus, you can buy the Apple Watch 8 with LTE, so you can leave your phone at home for a truly worry-free experience.

The Apple Watch SE is a very good alternative; in practice it is like owning an Apple Watch Series 8 but without some functions and its list price is really very competitive; it is in my opinion a very capable device and is also in my selection of the best fitness trackers.

With watchOS 9, Apple wants to turn the Watch into a real Swiss army knife. Many new features are interesting.

The best smartwatch for Android users is definitely the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (alternatively I also recommend the Galaxy Watch Active 2 ). It offers built-in GPS, heart rate sensor, water resistance, and Samsung Pay support, as well as advanced heart health features. Samsung smartwatches also have excellent battery life, which lasts at least four days (or twice as long as the Apple Watch).

But let’s find out the best proposals on the market.

1. Apple Watch Series 8

The best smartwatch ever.

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch 8 is the best Apple Watch ever. It’s not a major upgrade over the Apple Watch Series 7 in terms of features, but it has the same great design and bigger screen.

The novelty between Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 7 is the skin temperature sensor, which can inform cycle and fertility monitoring, as well as sleep monitoring. Series 8 also launched with the long-awaited low-power mode, which can extend the battery life of the latest Apple Watch to 36 hours.

Additionally, the Apple Watch 8 has a new crash detection feature, which takes advantage of improved motion sensors for immediate help when you may need it most.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is a complete health tracker and communication tool. With watchOS 9, this smartwatch packs the latest and greatest of what the Apple Watch experience has to offer. Whether you want a smartwatch to work out, take calls from your wrist or use the best Apple Watch apps, this is the best smartwatch for anyone using IOS devices. So it is vital that you have an iPhone, of course.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: The best Android watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung’s smartwatches have won the fame of Apple Watch ‘s main opponents in the field and first with the Galaxy Watch 4 and now with the Galaxy Watch 5, they have made an even more decisive choice of field by abandoning the previous proprietary Tizen system to pass to the new Wear OS from Google.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a new skin temperature reader, a more scratch-resistant display, and a longer battery life.

It’s the best Samsung watch ever, because while there aren’t many differences between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 4, the changes make what was already a great device even more performing. And starting at 299 euros, it remains a fair value.

While the skin temperature reader isn’t working at launch, there’s a lot to like about the Galaxy Watch 5. For example, it lasted for two full days in our tests and reached nearly 50% charge from 0%. in 30 minutes. Wearing OS 3 with the Samsung skin also has more benefits, including Google Assistant and better interoperability with other Samsung devices.

5. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3
  • Dimensions: 40.5 mm,
  • Battery life: 6 days
  • GPS: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • LTE: No
  • Mobile payments: Optional, Fitbit Pay
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS

The Fitbit Versa 3 is among the best android smartwatches , a refined upgrade compared to the Versa 2 of the first series. Amoled screen and here too we find the Alexa function integrated but above all now it is possible to answer calls with the support of Google Assistant, even more advanced sleep monitoring features, especially now that Fitbit has implemented a software update that allows a monitoring function with blood oxygen saturation levels (These data are useful for identifying conditions such as sleep apnea).

The most important news comes with the addition of the integrated GPS function , which allows you to make the most of it during training.

New update for fast charging and saving battery for more days and I think the Versa 3 is one of the best smartwatches around if you are looking for a way to monitor your sleep habits.

Like its predecessor, the Versa 3 runs on iOS and Android and costs under $ 250, which makes it great value. Fitbit has added a Spotify app to Versa 2, so you can control music playback from your wrist.

Overall, it’s a solid smartwatch for people who don’t want to spend too much. I don’t know if it’s the best fitness smartwatch, but it’s definitely one to consider.

4. HUAWEI Watch GT3

Huawei Watch GT3

n the last two years, Huawei’s smartwatches have consistently been among the best sellers thanks to the excellent quality-price ratio and autonomy that can reach two weeks without problems.

The Watch GT3 represents the latest evolution of this range and while maintaining the elegant circular structure that has enjoyed so much success to date, it integrates new sensors and a completely redesigned operating system . In fact, following the suspicions of anti-American espionage, Huawei cannot use the apps developed by Google and was forced to develop a new operating system for both smartphones and smartwatches.

Unfortunately, this requires on the one hand, for those who do not have a Huawei smartphone, the download of the Huawei store (App Gallery) and on the other hand that of the management app Huawei Mobile Services.

Unfortunately, some functions, not least that of the digital assistant, require the presence of a Huawei smartphone with at least the version of the EMUI 10 operating system. On the other hand, the telephone section is really excellent both in terms of speaker and microphone.

The only real limitation, which we struggle to understand, is that it is possible to add a maximum of ten contacts to the smartwatch address book so that you can call them directly. Considering the rich amount of memory (4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory) we think that the number of contacts in the memory could easily reach a few thousand.

The Notifications section can also be greatly improved since it does not allow you to respond directly to messages from WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Nothing to say, however, about the sports section that allows you to check our performance in over 20 different activities.

The Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro smartwatches debuted in 2021 as part of the big announcement of HarmonyOS 2.0.

5. Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular (2022)

Apple Watch Series SE

The Apple Watch SE is a kind of hybrid device, combining an old Apple Watch design with the Apple Watch Series 8 chipset.

The $ 359 smartwatch doesn’t have all the features of the 8 series, but it still stands out for its great fitness tracking and safety features. It also offers an LTE option, making it a good choice for those interested in trying Family Setup.

When choosing between Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE (2022), your final decision will be whether you want to spend $ 150 more for a brighter display with an always-on option, an ECG monitor, skin temperature and a display. bigger

If these tools aren’t a problem for you, SE is a highly capable option for iPhone users. You’ll even get watchOS 9, the most up-to-date Apple Watch software with power-saving modes, new and fresh watch faces, an updated training interface, a redesigned compass tool, and the new Drugs app.

6. Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit Sense is both stylish and impressive, with advanced health and fitness features like an ECG, stress tracking, heart rate zones, and skin temperature measurements; the Sense is “an elegant smartwatch to help you cope with the stresses of modern life”.

It’s an interesting feature set and is paired with all the basics you’d expect from a fitness-focused smartwatch, including tracked workouts, GPS, a voice assistant (with your choice of Alexa or Google Assistant), and meditation tools.

Fitbit Sense is the company’s high-end smartwatch with more advanced health and wellness features than the Versa line. Not only does it have an FDA-approved ECG sensor and blood oxygen reading, but the Sense also has the ability to measure electrodermal activity and skin temperature.

With a stainless steel case and crisp screen, Fitbit Sense really feels like the complete package. being one of the best Fitbits, the Sense works with both iOS and Android and comes with built-in GPS, a native app store, Alexa, and more.

7. Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7
  • Dimensions: 41mm, 45mm
  • Battery life: 24/24 hours
  • GPS: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • LTE: optional depending on the model
  • Mobile payments: Apple Pay
  • Compatibility:  iOS

Thinner edges for the widest screen ever (nearly 20% more viewing surface), but also an always-on Retina display that is up to 70% brighter indoors and in the absence of wrist movement.

Even those who don’t appreciate Apple’s products can’t help but recognize that Apple Watches have long been the best smartwatches on the market, both in terms of aesthetics and how they function. Then of course they have their limits, the main one of which is the autonomy that hardly reaches two days, but obviously you can’t have everything.

The model just presented, Apple Watch Series 7, is certainly not revolutionary but it has many small improvements worthy of note. The main one is the size of the screen which now increases to 41 mm in the small version to reach 45 mm in the larger one.

Not only that, but the side profile is halved, reducing to just over a millimeter. All this is enough for Apple to claim that the screen is up to 20% larger. Other changes to the Watch Series 7 include a brighter always-on mode, which makes it easier to see the time even in direct sunlight and view notifications without having to “wake up” the smartwatch by turning your wrist. A new “oversized” virtual keyboard makes it easier to enter text in applications that use this option.

The larger screen also makes the text easier to read. As for the telephone section, there are no particular innovations compared to the previous version, we remind you that to have the Cellular version it will be necessary to invest 100 euros more than the classic Watch.

Those with budget problems can consider the Apple Watch SE version which has fewer sensors and smaller screen but starts at 309 euros in the Sport version. As a speaker and microphone, however, Apple Watch is confirmed as the best and allows us to speak and listen to our interlocutors in most situations. Then of course connecting Bluetooth headsets remains the best solution to talk for a long time. Below are the main models

8. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: The best Android watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung’s smartwatches have gained the reputation of being the main opponents of the Apple Watch in the field and with the Galaxy Watch 4 they have made an even more decisive choice of field by abandoning the previous proprietary Tizen system to switch to the new Wear OS by Google.

The main advantage of the new system is certainly the ability to install hundreds of apps from the Play Store and Samsung has succeeded without losing the most interesting functions of the old Tizen system . There are currently 4 versions of the new Galaxy Watch 4 on the market, which then become 8 if we consider the possible LTE connectivity. The main differences between the standard model and the Classic one are in the larger dimensions and in the bezel which in the more expensive model is mechanical, similar to that of many traditional watches. On all models there are two physical keys to which you can assign some predefined functions such as access to the Bixby digital assistant.

The ability to use Google Assistant instead should arrive with the next update.

Unfortunately, some of the newest and most interesting features of this new model, such as pressure control and the electrocardiogram , are reserved for those who own a latest generation Samsung smartphone. The autonomy that does not reach the two days remains the real weak point of the Galaxy Watch 4, but it is the price that you have to pay for an advanced operating system like Wear OS and the ability to install most of the apps on the smartphone.

Attention then that in the LTE model consumption increases further and it can be difficult to get to the end of the day if you make many phone calls or browse for a long time from the smartwatch. The phone section is valid and you can use the Bixby digital assistant to call and reply to messages.

9. Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS

More than good autonomy, practically indestructible chassis, complete connectivity from all points of view and the ability to make phone calls or answer calls by connecting via Bluetooth to a smartphone, whether iOS or Android. So is it the perfect smartwatch? No, but we are close to it. But let’s go step by step. This Tickwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS uses Wear OS in version 2, release 3 will arrive in the course of 2022.

The autonomy reaches three days thanks to the presence of two screens, one AMOLED more ” energy- intensive ” and one, above, of the backlit FSTN type that is used in standby. The integrated coprocessor also intervenes to extend the life of the battery, which works in place of the main one when the AMOLED screen is not active or in the saving mode called Essential (which if activated takes the autonomy to over a month, according to the manufacturer).

The Tickwatch integrates Wi-Fi, NFC for payments using Google Pay, Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS ( supports all systems: GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS). There are also several sensors, including the one for heart rate (it does not perform a real electrocardiogram but still manages to warn us in case of irregular heartbeats) and for oxygenation of the blood.

The smartwatch is capable of detecting sleep quality, fitness, and has a whole host of health and sports apps. As mentioned, by connecting it via Bluetooth to the phone we can start the phone calls by accessing the phone book of the smartphone, or answer. Microphone and loudspeaker have proven their worth even in noisy environments.

But then, what’s wrong? Simple, there are some details to finish. The vibration is not felt much, Tickwatch’s app notifications are verbose and sometimes poorly translated. Finally, we find Google Assistant integrated, but which has some bugs to be corrected.

10. Amazfit GTR 3 PRO

Amazfit GTR 3 PRO

You need an important wrist for a smartwatch like the Amazfit GTR 3 PRO, but then the quality of the 1.45-inch AMOLED screen will immediately catch the eye.

I am often asked if it is worth buying an Amazfit Watch, and the answer is yes, especially the large Amazfit GTR 3 Pro.

This is the brand’s best smartwatch, and while we wish it were a little more comprehensive for the price (there’s no NFC, for example), there are extensive health and fitness features on board. With improved accuracy over the previous generation Amazfit GTR 2, GTR 3 Pro offers an excellent single measurement tool for heart rate, blood oxygen, stress levels and more in a single reading.

When you’re not checking your body or exercising with over 150 exercise types, the watch’s built-in apps, hands-free voice commands and menu layouts can be tailored to your needs. Pair this with up to 12 days of battery life and this is one of the best smartwatches for Android that doesn’t come from one of the top notch names in the connected wearable.

11. Honor Magic Watch 2

Honor Magic Watch 2

In relation to the price it is the best smartwatch for fitness, as it is able to monitor 15 different sports activities and at the same time monitor the heart and oxygen H24

The most recent smartwatches integrate the sensor for the continuous monitoring of the heartbeat and also allow to know the level of stress and that of oxygen in the blood (the latter value is important for those who suspect that they have contracted the Covid 19 virus. ).

Honor is the “economic” brand of Huawei, but in reality it has very little regard for the economic structure of the case in stainless steel.

Even the round display with a diameter of 1.2 inches is well built and thanks to the AMOLED technology it allows not only a problem-free view in all light conditions but also to reduce consumption to the maximum since blacks do not require energy.

Those who love swimming will then be able to take advantage of the opportunity to immerse it up to 50 meters and to keep swimming in the pool and the sea under control. In addition of course to running, cycling and hiking control! power.

The new Honor Magic Watch 2 integrates all these functions and in addition it also allows you to control up to 15 different sports activities.

You can use the watch to control music playback when connected to your phone via Bluetooth. You can also sync music from your phone and play it later through the watch speaker or a Bluetooth headset. In this way we will be able to listen to our music without having to carry the phone with us. Also from the smartwatch you can check your stress level through a series of breathing exercises.

12. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

samsung galaxy watch active 2

Sizes:  40mm, 44mm | Battery life (nominal):  24-60 hours | GPS:  Yes | Swim proof:  Yes | Heart Rate Monitor:  Yes | LTE:  Yes | Mobile Payments:  Samsung Pay | Compatibility: Android, iOS (works best with Galaxy phones)

  • Dimensions: 40mm, 44mm
  • Battery life: 24-60 hours
  • GPS: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • LTE: optional depending on the model
  • Mobile payments: Samsung Pay
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS (but works best with Galaxy phones)

As good as the Apple Watch, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 but certainly cheaper. The Samsung watch works with both smartphones, iOS / Android and has GPS, a heart rate monitor and LTE. It can also automatically track Sports activity and sleep. 

The circular design of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is visually appealing, whether with the 40mm or 44mm model. Based on Samsung’s Tizen operating system, this Galaxy Watch boasts other useful features such as Samsung Pay, music management via Spotify, and heart health features.

This includes an upcoming ECG function (relative to price probably the best smartwatch with ecg ) similar to that offered by Apple in the Apple Watch series 4 and 5 , although Samsung is still awaiting FDA approval before issuing an update. software that enables heart rate monitoring.

But the main reason the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the best smartwatch for Android users is also because of its excellent battery life.

13. Garmin Fēnix 7

Garmin Fēnix 7

Among smartwatch manufacturers, Garmin stands out for the quality of its products, often used by professional athletes as well. The new Fenix ​​7 represents the most recent evolution of Garmin sports smartwatches and integrates several interesting innovations, starting with the possibility of using touch controls (even with gloves) while maintaining its classic side buttons. Proof of everything The stainless steel construction exceeds the shockproof and waterproofing requirements of the US military.

The smartwatch is available with a 42, 47, and 51 mm case in the standard version and in the Solar version which offers ten hours more autonomy thanks to the integrated solar panels. In smartwatch mode, the 47 model reaches 18 days of autonomy, with the addition of 4 days for the solar-powered model. With active GPS , the Solar model has an autonomy of 73 hours . In addition to the classic heart sensors, a flashlight is integrated in the Fenix ​​7 that allows you to orient yourself during the night.

By monitoring the heart rate during activity, the smartwatch is able to calculate the energy still available through the Real Time Stamina function which indicates when it is best to slow down the effort. Together with the heart sensor, there are those for compass, barometer, altitude and temperature. In addition to maps of Europe, there are maps of over 2,000 European golf and ski courses.

14. Fitbit Charge 5: more and more smartwatch watches

Fitbit Charge 5

An “ evolved tracker ”: this is how Fitbit defines its new Charge 5 , even if its features make the line between smartband and smartwatch increasingly blurred.

Among the novelties of the new model, a renewed design stands out: the new Fitbit is thinner and at the same time decidedly more robust. It features a color AMOLED display with a diagonal of 26 mm and an aluminum, glass and resin case and the screen, which is twice as bright as its predecessor, allows you to read the watch face even in direct sunlight. . Also interesting is the variety of straps that allow you to change the look of the tracker whenever you want: from the infinity models in light silicone, to the breathable Sport ones, to the hook-and-looop straps in nylon and those in handmade Horween leather.

Always focused on well-being and health, it monitors physical fitness (it has 20 types of basic workouts), stress ( it is also the first tracker to offer an EDA sensor that detects sweating of the skin to determine the level of stress), heart health (continuously detects your heart rate and sends notifications if it is too high or low relative to your personal ranges, as well as detecting potential signs of atrial fibrillation), sleep and general well-being.

In addition to all the aforementioned features, Fitbit Charge 5 also allows you to keep notifications under control, to give SO quick answers, to customize the dials and is also equipped with GPS for the training phases. If we add that, in the face of improved brightness, the battery lasts up to seven days and complete compatibility with both Android and iOS, the smartwatch horizon is getting closer and closer.

15. Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin Vivoactive 4

Discover offer on Amazon

  • Dimensions: 440mm, 45mm
  • Battery life:  up to 7 days for Vivoactive 4S, 8 days for Vivoactive 4
  • GPS: yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • LTE: No
  • Mobile payments: Garmin Pay
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS

Garmin has taken the best features of its Vivoactive 3, the best fitness smartwatch , and made them even better with the € 299.99 of the Vivoactive 4 and 4S. The watch is now available in two sizes, 40mm and 45mm, to offer a better fit for most people and includes both Garmin Pay and out-of-the-box music storage (instead of having to pay more for functionality premium as on the Vivoactive 3).

Vivoactive 4 also offers animated on-screen yoga and Pilates workouts to help you improve your workouts. A new pulse sensor measures the oxygen level in the blood and provides detailed sleep information. All of this, plus a 7-day battery life, makes the Vivoactive 4 one of the favorite smartwatches for fitness enthusiasts .

16. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini looks a lot like an Apple Watch , with an incredibly similar metal body and rectangular AMOLED display , although it’s actually a bit thinner than the Apple device.

Despite costing much less than the latest Apple, despite offering much longer battery life (up to a month, as long as you keep the always-on display off), as well as additional features such as sleep tracking.

Software is the only thing that really lets the GTS 2 Mini down. Amazfit’s operating system is slow and a bit uncomfortable, and the same problems extend to its phone app, however the company has been working hard to improve functionality and stability since the launch of the GTS 2 standard last year.

The Mini’s feature set sits between the fitness tracker and the smartwatch, but the experience on offer is quite interesting.

17. Withings ScanWatch (best hybrid smartwatch)

Sector No Limits S-02

Withings ScanWatc h is my pick as the best hybrid smartwatch you can buy. First, it has been clinically validated to notify users of signs of atrial fibrillation and nocturnal breathing disorders. It also has an ECG, pulse oximeter for SpO2 readings, connected GPS and also a fairly accurate heart rate sensor.

The small OLED display is good enough for basic functions. Plus, it offers a month’s battery life, fantastic build quality, and great sleep tracking.

The dial is covered with sapphire crystal and the case is made of stainless steel.


In this section I will update the  best cheap smartwatches on the market from time to time. Because I believe, given the high competitiveness, that the level between performance and quality among cheap Smartwatches is very high.


Large 1.47-inch AMOLED ultra-thin display, continuous monitoring of blood saturation and heart rate, 96 training modes, smartphone notifications and up to 14 days of battery life

HUAWEI Band 7 Smart Watch, Ultra-thin Design, Continuous SpO2 Monitoring, 14 Days Battery Life, Notifications, 24h Health, Sleep and Stress Monitoring, 96 Training Modes, 5ATM, Green

Many still call them electronic bracelets, but in reality the newer smartbands, such as Huawei’s Band 7, look more like smartwatches when looking at the screen and technical features, despite having a price that is much lower. The new Band 7 has a 1.47-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 194 x 368 pixels and a thickness of less than one centimeter. Without the strap it weighs only 16g. The touch controls allow you to manage up to 96 different physical activities and keep blood saturation and heart rate under control 24 hours a day with a notification in case of problems.

Band 7 is available in green, black, pink and red and has an autonomy that can reach 14 days if the Always On mode of the screen is not activated. Notifications arrive in real time from the smartphone but cannot be answered. Just as it is not possible to answer any phone calls due to the small size that prevented the insertion of a speaker.

2. Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Xiaomi continues to offer one of the most feature-rich wearables in the budget fitness tracker market with the Mi Band 7.

It boasts key display and fitness tracking updates to provide a better view of your health, but it’s still not as smart as some alternatives, and battery life can be hit and miss.

Despite the slight price hike, the Mi Band 7 is still a remarkably capable fitness tracker, ideal for those who want to learn more about their health, sleep and fitness, but don’t expect smartwatch-level intelligence.

3. Oppo Watch

Oppo Watchi

Considering that Oppo has never released a smartwatch before, the global version of the Oppo Watch – in its 41mm and 46mm incarnations – is a very successful first attempt.

The larger 46mm model leads the way with its evolved Apple Watch-inspired aesthetic and optional cellular functionality, but beyond that, both sport a rich feature set.

Great performance (thanks to a pairing of smart processors and lots of RAM), swim-proof and one of the best Wear OS 2 experiences available; despite the doubts of the operating system.

The heart rate sensor during training is practical and very functional.

4. HONOR Band 6

HONOR Band 6

With the Honor Band 6 you have the ability to get a great range of tracking options, a large screen and excellent battery life, plus extras like a 5 ATM waterproof rating.

Slightly larger display than HONOR Band 5.

Honor Band 6 offers a lot for the price and makes it difficult to justify spending more.

5. Fania Smartwatch


It’s called Yamay, it’s cheap and it really doesn’t miss anything!

If we want to try to make calls and answer calls with a smartwatch without spending a lot of money, perhaps because it’s just a whim, we can look for this FANYA device on Amazon.

It integrates a speaker and a microphone, counts steps, measures some vital parameters and interfaces via Bluetooth with an iOS or Android smartphone. It costs 36 euros, so let’s not expect who knows what, as mentioned it is right to take away the whim!

6. Mi Smart Band 5

Xiaomi MI Smart Band 5, 1.1 'AMOLED Screen, Touchscreen, with Monitoring and Sport Functions, Black [Italian Version], unique

The sequel to the excellent Mi Band 4, the Mi Smart Band 5 features a new brighter screen, 24/7 activity monitoring, continuous heart rate monitoring, 11 different sports modes and the ability to record outdoor cardio sessions by connecting to your phone’s GPS.

The color display is very sharp (one of the best you’ll find on a device of this size) it also shows notifications, weather reports and app notifications, and you can use it to control music playback on your phone with a tap and swipe.

The GPS is integrated and it is complete; despite its high-quality touchscreen display and impressive range of features, Xiaomi has managed to keep the price down and make the Mi Smart Band 5 look much more expensive than it is.

7. Xiaomi IMILAB KW66


Smartwatch for iOS / Android devices, IMILAB KW66 is powered by a battery that ensures up to 30 days of autonomy. It is equipped with IP68 certification for use even in prohibitive environmental conditions. Aesthetically refined, it offers a 240 × 240 pixel 3D curved HD screen that can comfortably display a wide range of data and information, and connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

On board a system for monitoring heart rate and sleep, and Activity Tracker functionality for sports, with 13 predefined modes that cover a wide range of activities.

8. Amazfit NEO: the Vintage smartwatch

Amazfit NEO

Amazfit Neo is designed for those who want to combine technology and retro style.

Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and compatible with smartphones based on Google Android 5 and iOS 10 or later, this smartwatch offers a 1.2-inch Always-On screen, plastic case and a whole host of fitness and leisure features , such as heart rate monitor , pedometer, alarm clock, calendar and fitness tracker.

It is powered by a battery that ensures up to 28 days of autonomy and can also be used in water up to a depth of 50 meters. It is available in three colors: black, red and green.

9. Huawei Watch Fit

Huawei Watch Fit

In recent years, Huawei’s smartwatches have built a reputation for excellent construction and competitive prices . The Watch Fit continues this tradition with a model with a 1.64-inch AMOLED screen, 456 × 280 pixel HD resolution and automatic brightness adjustment. The autonomy can reach up to 10 days thanks not only to the presence of a large battery, but also to the double processor and special algorithms that maximize energy savings.

Watch Fit monitors 96 training modes and displays demonstration videos on the screen to help you perform some activities at their best. Provides values ​​for oxygen saturation and possible irregular heartbeats. ? a smartwatch with integrated GPS , so it allows you to use it without carrying your smartphone.

How to choose the best smartwatch

Ranking to the best Smartwatch

These smartwatch reviews are intended to help you choose this great market. If you already have an iPhone, the choice is practically obligatory: Apple Watch . The combination of the two is perfect: sensors and applications work in perfect coordination to offer the best possible experience both for those looking for a simple smartwatch, and for those who want something more complete to keep under control and develop their physical form. . If, on the other hand, you are using a smartphone with Android, the choice is wider.

When you compare the best smartwatches to buy, you will also have to do it based on the operating system of your smartphone. If you want an Apple Watch, for example, you’ll need to have an iPhone. And while Wear OS watches work with both Android and iPhone, but in the latter case you get inferior functionality when not connected to an Android device.

Samsung smartwatches offer the ultimate in cross-functional functionality, but even here, Android phone owners will get more in the way of notification responses and the ability to make and receive calls.

Next, you will need to evaluate which one fits comfortably on your wrist. Those with smaller wrists or even feminine wrists can rate chests up to 38mm, while larger wrists 40mm and up.

After that, the design needs to be evaluated. Although the Apple Watch is limited to one shape per specification, you can purchase it in different finishes. Samsung smartwatches offer a bit more choice, while Wear OS watches, made by numerous companies including Fossil, Skagen, Kate Spade, Moto, Tag Heuer, Diesel and others, offer a lot more options when it comes to their design. .

What can i do with a smartwatch watch?

Best Smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 5 Review and Opinions

A smartwatch is basically a ” smart watch ” that gives its best when used in conjunction with a smartphone, becoming, in effect, a wrist appendage. With it, for example, we can view the calls and messages arrived on the smartphone or directly dial telephone numbers and messages. In addition, a smartwatch also allows you to manage the multimedia elements on your smartphone by functioning as a sort of convenient remote control.

Some even manage to send audio directly to Bluetooth headphones . The Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch are the most popular smartwatches in the Apple and Android world, and they only offer the best when connected with a smartphone from the same manufacturer. The Apple, Garmin and Fitbit models present in this right choice can also be used for NFC payments, while for Samsung you will have to wait for a special firmware update.

Apple Watch, Fitbit and Galaxy Watch also offer a practical integrated voice assistant, so we can “talk” to the smartwatch as well as to the smartphone. Small gem: some products (for example the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch) use an eSIM that allows them to work even without a connected smartwatch and send calls and messages. Good, but not essential.

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