In the cinema, not everything is simple stories with a nice ending in which everything is tied up and well tied up. Today we want to bring you a series of films to think about and reflect on for days, alone or in company.

These types of films are enriching because not everything in the cinema has to attend to a single answer, we don’t want everything to be chewed up, we want to be able to develop something more about what happened, perhaps it is not interesting to chat for hours with friends about cinema


Denis Villeneuve, after making the successful Incendies, left us this great title that for many is already treated as a cult film. Based on the novel “The Duplicate Man” by Jose Saramago and starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Enemy tells the story of a teacher whose life has fallen into daily routine and monotony when one day watching a movie he discovers that one of the actors is identical to him.

Mulholland Drive

It was to be expected that David Lynch would have one or more films on this list. The master of commercial surrealism, and I say commercial because of the gap that he has been able to carve out in Hollywood without losing his author’s seal.

Mulholland Drive is a journey full of symbolism and mesmerizing scenes where the end does not matter but the path.


The time has come for a film that has grown with the passage of time and word of mouth. Considered by many to be the best Christopher Nolan film, I will tell you about its premise: Leonard is a man who after an accident is unable to generate new memories, his last memory is the death of his wife and the blow he suffered trying to prevent her death caused him this irreversible problem. Leonard tattoos clues on his body to remember and build the puzzle that leads to the murderer.

Forget about me

The world of dreams is the place where Michel Gondry is most comfortable. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet as the leading couple.

Clementine after the break with Joel decides to erase all the memories of their relationship through a new technology, when Joel finds out, he will devise a way to avoid it and rediscover what they once felt.


The story of a case from 1923 that occurred in Finland in which, after the passage of a comet, all the inhabitants of the town were disoriented without previous memories, giving rise to the conversation that a group of friends have while waiting for a comet to pass.

Lost highway

Once again David Lynch leaves us this thriller in which a musician begins to receive some strange tapes in which he can be seen hanging around his house. Later, at a party, a strange man surprises him by saying that he is at his house.

David Lynch’s cinema is not an easy cinema to summarize in 4 lines, but if you are looking for a good movie to think about, this will be a good choice.

Requiem for a Dream

Uncomfortable, disturbing and with addiction in the foreground. This film made Darren Aronofsky known, turning the tape into another cult film. His soundtrack sounded and continues to sound in a thousand places.

Captain Fantastic

Let’s rest a little to leave this jewel of recent years. I say rest because this film has a more conventional rhythm but with a message and an approach that will give rise to many conversations.

Donnie Darko

Donnie is a very intelligent boy who begins to hallucinate after seeing himself in a freak accident while he was sleeping that almost cost him his life (I don’t want to say too much). It is then when the change of perception of him contemplates a world in which he had not previously noticed.

The Machinist

A role for which Christian Bale should have been nominated at least -if not won- for an Oscar. Insomnia has taken over the life of our protagonist. This lack of sleep leads him to be reckless that will cost a partner two fingers, from there everything changes and he thinks that someone wants to make him pay for what happened.


After the loss of the love of his life, a science fiction writer feels how the passing of different women cannot make him forget what he once had, his one true love.


A writer in full creative block decides to invite some strangers to spend a few days. His wife feels forgotten and these new guests make her feel that nothing will ever be the same again.


Good science fiction, time travel but with a fidelity to the physical laws that we will need more than one viewing to be able to answer the thousand questions that will arise. Only apathy for the very demanding.

Fight club

Brad Pitt in one of his best roles.

Fight Club is a movie that can be enjoyed differently depending on the viewer. On the one hand, it has a dynamic narrative with action and touches of black humor that can be enjoyed without further ado. On the other hand, it will make you reflect on the society in which we live, consumption and the capitalist system that surrounds us.


Joaquin Phoenix is ​​the protagonist of the film directed by Spike Jonze. A film that will lead to great conversations or to reflect on the use of technology as a socializing element and why not say it, about love. Is physical contact necessary in love?

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