Buying a new car is an important expense and obviously you evaluate: your needs, the functionality of the vehicle and the available budget, in order to reach the right compromise. Precisely for this reason we have created a selection with the best economic cars of 2022.

Our selection includes models in which design, technology, safety and savings are always present features. This guide takes shape by gathering information from the sites of the car manufacturers that we recommend to visit to learn about incentives and promotions and to have further savings in the purchase of the car.

Let’s take a look at our top ten with the lowest priced car models of 2022.

Dacia Sandero Streetway Essential

Also in 2022 among the economic cars Dacia Sandero continues to be on the podium with the Streetway Essential version .

The Dacia Sandero Streetway Essential comes with a well-finished and spacious passenger compartment, excellent boot capacity, rear head airbags and automatic emergency braking. Available with petrol and LPG engine. There are three petrol engines and are equipped with a particulate filter, TCe 90 FAP engine with manual gearbox, 90 HP 3-cylinder turbo ; TCe 90 CVT FAP innovative automatic transmission CVT with 2 pedals, 3 cylinders turbo 90 HP; SCe 65 FA with manual gearbox, 65 HP 3-cylinder engine perfect for urban journeys.

Cheap cars 2022 Dacia Sandero Streetway Essential

The Dacia ECO-G is the LPG engine integrated in the vehicle construction phase and saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions. Moreover, thanks to the turbo and the 100 HP , it allows you to combine savings, attention to the environment and driving pleasure.

Dacia Sandero Streetway Essential starting from € 11,500 

Hyundai i10

From the Korean house, the Hyundai i10 is among the car models with the lowest price and comes with a dynamic and modern design. With a length of 3.67 meters and a width of 1.68 meters , the i10 features a linear exterior to offer maximum spaciousness to a comfortable, sporty interior.

Hyundai i10 economy cars 2022

Prepared with a spacious and bright cabin and a 252- liter trunk . It has a 1.0-liter MPi petrol engine  with a power of 67 hp and 96.2 Nm of maximum torque or an LPG engine with a power of 65 hp and 91.2 Nm of torque.

Hyundai i10 from € 12,200

Kia Picanto

Another Korean is the new Kia Picanto with Urban , Style , GT Line and X Line versions . A spacious city car with a 255-liter boot available with a petrol engine and Eco LPG . The basic version, KIA Picanto Urban is 5-door homologated and as standard features: twilight sensor, door lock for children, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), bluetooth with hands-free and rear view camera with dynamic guides, 67 HP 1.0 engine .

best cheap cars 2022 kia picanto

While the Picanto GT Line and the X Line are equipped with 100 HP turbo engines and have additional accessories and standard equipment.

KIA Picanto starting from € 13.700

Mahindra KUV100

Mahindra KUV100 is the economic Crossover Suv of Indian construction, already present on the Italian market for some years. With a compact and modern style, it has a petrol engine with 87 HP 1.2 and manual gearbox.

mahindra kuv100 economy cars 2022

In the M-BFUEL version the engine is a 3-cylinder with 12 valves, MPFI, petrol / LPG, with double VVT ​​variable valve timing.

Mahindra KUV100 from € 13,995

Mitsubishi Space Star

Among the economic city cars of 2022 we find the Mitsubishi Space Star perfect for urban journeys. Available in various configurations, the 1.2 Invite Radio model with 1.2 petrol engine, approved for novice drivers. Same features, but more equipped is the 1.2 Funky .

Mitsubishi Space Star

The Space Star has a width of 1,665 mm and a length of 3,845 mm , it may give the impression that it is small on the eye, but the interior is spacious. It can accommodate up to five adults and is equipped with advanced and modern safety systems: assisted hill start, traction control, ABS is connected with ADAS systems for automatic emergency braking and lane change alert.

Mitsubishi Space Star from € 14.410

Toyota Aygo X

Among the best economy cars of 2022, the Toyota Aygo X is available in four different trim levels. The basic model is Aygo X Active 1.0 VVT-i petrol 72 HP , manual transmission, 4 × 2 drive.

Best cheap cars Toyota Aygo X

231-liter trunk and features various standard comforts, including: twilight sensor, key reminder warning, audio controls on the steering wheel, rear parking assistance camera, 6 SRS front, side, front and rear curtain airbags.

Toyota Aygo X Active from € 14,500

Hyundai i20

Among the best cars under € 20,000 that we have chosen for our selection, the Hyundai i20 with a unique and unmistakable, particular and technological style could not be missing. Available in three versions: CONNECTLINE , BOSE® , N LINE and three engines: petrol 1.2 MPI 84 HP , 1.2 LPG MT , 1.0 T-GDI 100CV 48V MT Hybrid petrol.

best cheap cars Hyundai i20

The subcompact is spacious and comfortable even for 5 people, has a 352 / 1,165-liter trunk which is reduced by 90 liters in the Hybrid version. It offers alloy wheels, digital dashboard, Multimedia System with Apple and Android wireless connectivity as standard.

Hundai i20 from € 17,750

Citroën C3

Another car that in 2022 has a lower cost of 20,000 euros is the Citroën C3 . Original design with side Airbump® that not only protect the bodywork but make it unique and recognizable.

The interior is comfortable, designed with the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program and features Advanced Comfort seats characterized by large seating. Innovation is one of the peculiarities of the Citroën C3 with 12 driving assistance systems .

best cheap cars 2022 citroen

The French car manufacturer offers the Citroën C3 in six trim levels and with petrol and diesel engines. The cheapest version is the Citroën C3 YOU special series! Pure Tech 83 , created on the basis of the Feel of C3. Complete with accessories with excellent value for money.

On the manufacturer’s website, discounts and promotions are available that make buying the Citroën C3 even more convenient.

Citroën C3 from € 18,250

Opel Corsa City Car

Casa Opel could not be missing in our selection of the best new economic cars . The Opel Corsa City Car comes in five versions: GS LINE ; BLITZ EDITION ; EDITION ; ELEGANCE ; DESIGN & TECH ; all featuring a modern design, multimedia controls and a cabin and trunk perfect for the family.

best cheap cars 2022 Opel Corsa City Car

The versions of the Opel Corsa City Car are available with petrol engines: 1.2 75 HP , 1.2 100 HP . While for the 1.5 100CV diesel engines you can choose between the ELEGANCE or DESIGN & TECH version; for the diesel 2.0 120 HP the GS LINE version.

The list price starts from € 18,900 up to just over € 20,000. On the Opel website there are interesting offers and promotions that we recommend you to evaluate.

Opel Corsa City Car from € 18,900

Mazda 2

We conclude our top ten with an elegant and technological Mazda 2 with 1.5L SKYACTIV G75 (55) HP (KW) petrol and 1.5L E-SKYACTIV G MAZDA M HYBRID90 (66) HP (KW) engines in four versions. The cockpit is comfortable and comfortable and you can enjoy the benefits of connectivity thanks to the Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto ™ system .

best cheap cars 2022 mazda 2

Of the four variants, the Mazda 2 EVOLVE is the least expensive, but comes with unique standard features, including dynamic car control, cruise control, automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection.

Mazda 2 from € 19,000

Obviously this selection of the best cheap cars 2022 is subjective, but I hope it will be useful for you in choosing or evaluating one of the cars that I have proposed to you, if you like, let me know in the comments.

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