How to make an informed choice when deciding which car to buy? Choosing a new car is not easy at all! Buying a new car is always a step that must be well thought out. The choices offered by the manufacturers are so numerous that getting lost is easy! So how to be able to choose the right car?

In this article we have decided to provide some useful tips to make it easier for you to choose the car to buy, arriving prepared at the dealership.

What type of car to buy?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself when deciding to buy a new car. In particular, it is necessary to stop on two fundamental points:

  • What budget do you have?
  • What is the use of the car that will be purchased?

Like it or not, the first point is always the budget . Evaluating at first how much money you want to spend is a primary action. Knowing this data, it will be possible to make a sort of selection among the various models that require an economic effort close to the allocated budget.

The second step is to consider the type of use of the car ; if, for example, the car is used only in the city for the journey from home to work, then the vehicle to buy should be a city-car or a compact car so as not to suffer excessively when looking for a parking space.

If, on the other hand, you use the car mainly for extra-urban journeys, then the choice may also fall on larger models that can make you travel safely and in total comfort.

In summary, the motivation that leads us to purchase is very important . The reasons can be many: son on the way? New job? Putting these points together, it will be possible to estimate the suitable cars that the market makes available to us.

How to read up before choosing the car

Before going to the dealership, it is useful to do some research online on the car of our dreams. Knowing all the characteristics of the car you want to buy is essential and, today, we have very valid means to do so.

As always, it is essential to choose well-known and official sites such as those of car manufacturers to obtain reliable information. YouTube is also an inexhaustible source of information and it is possible to watch real road tests, perhaps models of our interest.

Before proceeding with the purchase of a new car , it is good to read up on prices, equipment and engines available, so as to choose the car that best suits your needs, but not only! Indeed, every motorist knows that he will have to make an estimate of the running costs of the vehicle he intends to purchase. Therefore, the cost of insurance, road tax, coupons and maintenance will have to be assessed in order to understand whether or not you can have a budget available to maintain the future car.

car buying advice

Which car is worth buying: evaluate the characteristics

The first piece of advice we would like to give in this car buying guide is: buy what you like best, the one that really excites you. However, for an ideal, conscious and rational choice there are many aspects that must be taken into consideration and the activities to be done.

In order to make the right decision it is important to prepare yourself with a series of steps that we will now examine in detail. In this way you can make the best choice for you, the one that maximizes the financial impact of the purchase without neglecting the emotional aspect in choosing the car.

The main steps we will go through will be:

  • Engine type and power supply
  • The type of bodywork
  • What use will we make of the vehicle
  • How often we replace it
  • Driving pleasure

The car is the second most expensive asset in an individual ‘s life and it goes without saying that we should pay due attention before, during and after the purchase.

New car: which power to choose

This choice hides several pitfalls, therefore, we suggest you evaluate, to begin with, the kilometers you will travel with the car and the type of route you will use it on.

The range of offers from car manufacturers is very broad and gives you the possibility to choose between more than one engine:

  • Electric
  • Full Hybrid (benzina e diesel)
  • Mild Hybrid (benzina e diesel)
  • Hybrid plug-in (benzina e diesel)
  • Benzine
  • Diesel
  • Methane
  • LPG

Electric car

It is a car with an electric motor that uses as its primary source the chemical energy stored in one or more rechargeable batteries and made available by them to the engine in the form of electrical energy.

Full Electric cars are recommended for motorists who use the car for short and city trips. The models with greater prestige and performance (i.e. those with a high autonomy) can also be used for longer distances (up to 500 km) without having to recharge the batteries. To decide on the purchase, however, you will have to take into consideration the selling prices and the charging costs.

Full Hybrid Benzina/Diesel

Hybrid cars have two engines: one electric and one thermal (Petrol or Diesel). The electric motor comes into operation when starting from a standstill with the energy stored in the batteries and gives the necessary thrust to reach low speeds (normally up to 60 km per hour). On the other hand, once a certain speed is exceeded and when more power is needed, the heat engine takes over.

From then on, the two engines are able to work together with the electronic control of the Hybrid Synergy Drive system which modulates their interaction at all times.

Basically, the electric motor works by itself up to a certain speed (eg: 50 KM per hour), after which the thermal engine turns on and works in synergy with the electric one, reducing consumption and emissions.

The Full Hybrid cars are perfect for those who use in the middle mainly in the city , so at low speed and therefore in electric mode. They do not need to be recharged (they are recharged by the braking energy recovery and by the heat engine) and therefore they are an excellent compromise at this time when the Full Electric have a rather limited autonomy and the available control units are few and especially in the north. Italy.

auto full electric

Mild Hybrid

With Mild Hybrid (MHEV) we mean a system consisting of a reversible electric machine that recovers energy during braking (or deceleration) and in certain driving phases provides the thermal engine with a little extra power. Cars equipped with mild hybrid technology are becoming increasingly popular because it reduces fuel consumption, emissions and extends the life of diesel engines . This solution is available with both petrol and diesel engines.

In conclusion, the Mild Hybrid cars have reduced fuel consumption but cannot be compared to the Full Hybrid ones or, as we will see later, to the Hybrid Plug-In.

Hybrid Plug-In

Currently, plug-in hybrid technology is the best performing, as it allows you to bypass one of the limits of Full Hybrid cars, whose batteries are recharged exclusively with energy recovery in release.

Thanks to the plug-in power supply it is possible, in fact, to travel several kilometers without being forced to use the petrol (or diesel) engine, avoiding emitting pollutants.

This result is guaranteed by the accumulators which, when compared with those present in the “classic” hybrid models, prove to be more powerful. Furthermore, these accumulators can be recharged not only in the deceleration phases, but also by resorting to public columns or, if desired, to the domestic electricity network.

Buying a plug-in hybrid on the market means enjoying the following advantages:

  • Travel of some tens of km with the help of the electric motor only;
  • Access to restricted traffic areas (Check the legislation in your region);
  • Zero emissions when the heat engine is not used;
  • Power surplus and tiles;
  • Absence of problems related to autonomy;
  • No additional costs compared to standard hybrids;
  • Same concessions as standard hybrids: the 2020 incentives were refinanced with the Relaunch Decree;
  • No specific maintenance required;
  • More charging options for the electric motor

Pay attention to the costs of this type of cars ! To buy one, the minimum to be budgeted is € 33,000.00 for a Renault Capture, but you can get to almost € 200,000.00 for a Porsche Panamera Turbo.


There is not much to add to gasoline cars . If you don’t go too far (less than 15 / 20,000 km per year) it may be your choice. These are absolutely reliable and efficient engines , especially the small ones mounted on small cars. They are the perfect engines for those who prefer sporty driving.

So the correct choice for those who are not forced to travel many kilometers.


We are all aware that diesel cars are having a lot of problems on the city front. They are always subject to blockages because they cause pollution.

The data, then, on the traceability to an increase in tumors due to the effect of the gases emanating from these engines does not help to recommend this engine, preferring the methane versions which however have other disadvantages such as greater devaluation over time and much more important engine wear. .

We continue to think that the diesel engine is the best for those who use the car for work and travel many km. Consumption is reduced, the engine has a lot of torque at low revs and this makes driving pleasant or relaxing. Modern diesel engines are also quiet and have quite long maintenance intervals.

So, if you go a long way and don’t live in the big Italian metropolises that are starting to ban diesel cars, don’t hesitate and buy this motorization without hesitation.


Let’s start with a clarification. CNG cars ALSO run on methane because these vehicles are born with a petrol engine that can also be used on methane. The main advantage of methane is the low cost of fuel . In fact, even if the price you see displayed in the distributors seems high to you, know that it is price per kg. With one kg of methane you will be able to travel on average 1.6 times the way you would travel with a liter of petrol or LPG.

Another advantage is represented by the environmental impact : compared to petrol cars, methane cars emit even 20% less CO2. It is very important to point out that methane vehicles can circulate within the ZTL.


Like methane, LPG is also an alternative fuel to be used with engines powered mainly by gasoline (it can also be used on diesel engines).

Compared to petrol cars, LPG cars have significant advantages. First of all to the distributor, since LPG has significantly lower costs. But there is also an environmental advantage, as an LPG car pollutes less thus allowing us to safeguard the environment in which we live. As for methane vehicles, LPG can also circulate inside the ZTL.

How to choose a new car: bodywork, equipment, options and engine

There are basically the following bodies:

  • Citycar
  • Of Berlin
  • station wagon
  • MPV
  • SUV
  • Coupe/Cabrio
  • Pick-up
  • Off road
  • Hybrid / Electric
  • Vans

How to choose a car? It all depends on the use you will make and how much you want to satisfy your needs. As always, the budget is the basis of everything.

Example: do you live in areas where winter freezes or does it often snow? Your ideal car is four-wheel drive, a technology that offers better road holding in both difficult and normal conditions.

If we use the car mainly in the city , small cars (super cars and small cars) should be preferred for the convenience of use and parking . If we use a car mainly outside the city and on the motorway , it is advisable to purchase a large car for reasons of comfort but above all safety.

When is it worth buying a new car

Another very important factor is the cadence with which the car is replaced . In our opinion, a machine should be replaced during the Best Selling Time phase, which we have already talked about several times in previous articles.

When to change cars: best period, advantages and disadvantages

The Best Selling Time is the best time to sell your car. This phase takes into account specific factors:

  • the offers on the market;
  • the value of the used vehicle at a given time;
  • the expected trend for the future value of the asset;
  • The cost of rebuilding between the resale of the used car and the purchase of the new one;
  • Your driving cost.

However, it is not easy for a person who does not have this tool to determine this instant. For this reason we have taken action in this direction and very soon, for all holders of a Tivale guarantee , the guarantee of the certified future value without limits, it will be possible to determine the Best Selling Time comfortably on their smartphone by receiving a simple notification.

Buying new cars: devaluation and concessions

Have you defined the type of car , power supply and budget ? Perfect, now you can start looking for a new car to buy , starting to evaluate models online and in dealerships. But be careful not to underestimate the future value of the car you have chosen: you don’t want to end up with a super devalued car, do you?

Surely you will be confused and you are wondering “but then what does the devaluation depend on?”. The answer is that it all depends on the market trend . For this reason, we must be careful, especially if the goal is to resell the vehicle after 4-5 years . To understand what the loss in value could be, you can do online research, checking the prices of used cars.

Or contact us! With the TiVale guarantee you will be able to understand which brand or model depreciates first, all based on what you are considering. Tivale is an independent guarantee certificate on the future value that can be valid for up to 10 years ! It is the only guarantee on the market that allows you a clear way out in case of immediate need and that can be purchased regardless of the payment method of the chosen vehicle.

The best purchase formula for a new car

To this question we always answer “choose a traditional loan”. Surely, nowadays, there are many purchase formulas , each of which has strengths and weaknesses adapting to different personal needs but, the least binding method for you is traditional financing.

What car to buy: ideas and prices

The criteria on the machines to buy we have seen them above. Budget and nutrition must always be taken into consideration. If you are a novice driver or simply want to change cars and do not know which car to choose, below you will find advice on buying a car based on price ranges.

Cars around 10,000 euros: the ranking of the best

Can’t find the ideal car that costs just over € 10,000? In 2021 you will be able to buy the following cars:

  • Dacia Sandero, €7,950
  • DR Zero, 8.500 €
  • Kia Picanto, €11,900
  • Citroen C1, €10,7500
  • Renault Twingo 11,500 €
  • Fiat Panda, € 11,950

Best cars under 15,000 euros

Does your budget not exceed € 15,000? Choose your ideal car among these:

  • Citroën C3 PureTech 83 Live – 13.650 euro
  • Dacia Duster 1.6 GPL Essential – 13.950 euro
  • Hyundai i10 1.0 Prime – 15,000 euros
  • Kia Picanto 1.0 EcoGPL Cool – 14,750 euros
  • Lancia Ypsilon 1.2 Black and Noir – 14.450 euro
  • Renault Clio SCe 65 CV – 14,400 euros
  • Volkswagen up! 1.0 3p. move up! – 13.600 euro

The best cars under € 20,000: the ranking

Buying a car is always an important step and if your budget does not exceed € 20,000 you can choose between:

  • Ford Fiesta, yes 17,050 euros
  • Fiat 500 L, from 18,650 euros
  • Mazda 2, yes 18,300 euros
  • Renault Clio, yes 15,050 euros
  • Seat Ibiza, yes 15,350 euros

Best cars under € 25,000: the ranking

Are you turning your gaze on 0 km cars? You can choose one of these recommended cars:

  • Jeep Renegade
  • Mazda CX 30
  • Nissan Juke
  • Mini (5 door)
  • Peugeot 2008
  • Skoda Octavia
  •  Suzuki JimnyFord Puma
  • Honda HR-V
  • Audi A1

Ten sports cars for less than 50,000 euros

Are you a sports car enthusiast and don’t know which one to choose? For less than € 50,000 you can buy:

  • Audi S3 Sportback – 49,900 euros
  • BMW M 135i – 47,000 euros
  • Cupra Ateca – 47,200 euros
  • Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 auto. – 50,000 euros
  • Honda Civic Type-R Sport Line – 42.400 euro
  • Mercedes A 35 AMG – 47,780 euros
  • Mini Clubman John Cooper Works – 44.200 euro
  • Renault Mégane RS – 41,550 euros
  • Toyota Yaris GR – 39,900 euros
  • Volkswagen T-Roc R – 44,000 euros

What a car to buy at 18

Have you just turned 18 ? First, happy birthday! If you are in the process of getting your license , you will surely want some advice on the first car to buy . You will have to pay attention to the power supply, the kW of the vehicle and the budget.

  • Car for novice drivers – weight / power ratio not exceeding 55kw / ton

Car manufacturers have adapted to the legislation and launched specific models on the market, the most interesting are:

  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Fiat Panda
  • Ford KA
  • Dacia Sandero
  • Lancia Ypsilon
  • Toyota Yaris Hybrid


We are sure these new car buying tips have been helpful to you. As you may have noticed, we have introduced you to some new features that you will soon be able to use.

TiVale will allow you not to run into fraud and excessive devaluations. Look for an authorized dealer who has our future value warranty certification!

In order not to risk running into problems, we have created a guide that will help you take this path without making mistakes, relying on those who have been experts in the sector for more than 20 years. You can download the guide for FREE from the box at the bottom of the article.

In the meantime, let us know what’s up with this article and write us your questions in the comments.

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