It is very common that at a party or recreational day, someone comes up with the idea: let’s play men against women. And the teams are assembled. On each side, they then prepare to show who has the best performance in certain tests, looking for the winning team. Thus begins an amusing confrontation of the sexes.

The proposal of this entry is not to enter into controversies about which sex is better in some things or in others, but to share some ideas to have fun together. In the end they will see that there are more things that make us similar than those that make us different. With this dynamic of facing men and women, boys and girls, we can organize all kinds of competitions with a diversity of games, some that are not necessarily based on strength, but on physical or intellectual abilities. These games can be used at children’s parties, in games for adults and various recreational activities.

Among the various competitions we can do the following, based on traditional games: sack race, wheelbarrow races, or taking another on a piggyback, target shooting competitions, throwing various objects, to mention just a few. Also, we can make variants of team games, separating men and women, for example many ball games, chase games, charades, etc. Let’s take a closer look at some ideas for games, challenges, and fun women vs. men competitions.

1. Pounded meat: 

By teams, everyone is located on the floor, lying on their backs. It is about advancing rolling or circling over those who are lying down. In turns, each one rotates from their starting position until they reach the end, passing over the other players on their team. Everyone without exception must do the tour on the soft body mats. The team that manages to complete the test in the shortest time wins.

2. Flying ball. Competition with a ball, by teams of men vs. women

Teams of equal number of competitors are assembled. A playing area is drawn, similar to the image: in such a way that those in charge of throwing or receiving the ball and their respective teams are separated. It is about throwing the ball and sending it to be received by your team, but the opposing players try to intercept it and send it to their receiver. The challenge is to throw at least ten times in a row from the pitcher to the catchers of the same team and vice versa, without the other team taking them away. This game or competition is useful for both children’s games and games and recreational activities with adults.

3. Carrying balls with the back:

This challenge requires a lot of motor coordination between the players. It is a competition that is carried out in pairs. They need a big ball, it can be a plastic shirt. They place the ball between their backs and take it to a certain point. Several couples can participate at the same time, so you can know if one has an advantage over the others. In the game all of the team can participate or only one or two representative couples. 

4. Burn Game:

It is about burning or striking out those of the opposing team before the others. They are all spread out over the delimited playing area. When a player has the ball, he tries to hit a player from the opposing team and if he succeeds, he “burns” or “strikes him out”. That player is eliminated from the game. As long as one team retains control of the ball, try to strike out the other, players can pass the ball to each other to surprise opponents. If the ball is thrown to a player and he manages to catch it in the air, without letting it fall, he appropriates it and passes into the domain of his team, to start striking out or “burning” the opponent.

5. Pop Enemy Balloons:

This is a very well known game. It involves each player inflating a medium balloon and tying it around their ankle. Then, after the final whistle, they go out to step on the balloons of the other players, to burst them. In this case, we will have a women’s team and a men’s team and in the end, whoever finishes with the most inflated balloons wins. Being a team game, players can protect each other and try to pop the other team’s balloons as quickly as possible.

6. Walking on a board:


A board is taken and adapted so that three or more people can climb on it and tie their feet. For that they can adapt some straps, ropes, or whatever they have on hand. Then, in a coordinated way, they must advance to the finish line and get the points for their team.

7. Potato races:

For this competition, the participants must tie a rope around their waists, in such a way that it dangles at the back, like a tail. From the tip they tie a stone. Then, they put a large potato on the starting line. The challenge or competition consists of pushing the potato with the rope until it reaches the starting point. It can be a competition of only two players, one per team, or more than 2.

8. Braid Making Competition:

Manual skill skills. It is about making a braid with 3 ropes of 5 meters each. Each player has 1 minute to participate and gives up their turn to the next. The team that first assembles the braid wins.

9. Find the partner of the sock: 

This game requires prior preparation. All party attendees or guests are advised to bring at least two or three pairs of socks, which they will wear to games. The idea is to complete at least 30 very different pairs, of many colors, sizes and styles: short, long, men’s and women’s, for sports and formal shoes, even for babies. They are all loose, in a bag and mixed. Then, they are emptied on a table. Then, in turns, they must find the pairs of socks and match them. One minute is given per participant from each team. Whoever can match the most pairs of socks in 4 minutes wins.  

10. Build towers:

Build a tower out of anything you can find, be it soda or beer caps, coins, candy wrappers, tree leaves, small pieces of wood, shoes, small rocks, or whatever the players are given to search for on the playing area. They can set a goal: whoever puts the most amount of that element in the tower that has just been built wins. 

A variant may be that they build the tower with different things: use in the same construction a shoe, glasses, a cap, coins, pieces of wood, CDs, picture frames, etc. The organizer can beforehand make the objects available to the players a set of elements to build the tower or ask them to look for them.

11. Compare skills

Both teams, in turns, will demonstrate their skills by carrying out activities with the following elements: a ball, a tennis racket, scissors and paper, wool, designing a billboard with a piece of cardboard and looking in magazines, theme: children. 

12. Jumping Words:

For this game of attention and memory we need a ball or balloon. Everyone is organized in a circle, interspersed with men and women, either sitting or standing. The person who will start the round of words is named, who will also choose the condition that everyone will have when saying their words. This person takes the ball and throws it to any player on the opposing team, whether they are in front or to either side. He tells you, for example: say an animal, or the name of a person with the A, a fruit or whatever you want. Every time another player receives the ball, he says his word, but he must be careful NOT to repeat the words already said. If he is wrong, his team loses a point. When everyone has said their words, they change the subject. At the end the points of each team are added to see who did better.

Special conditions for greater difficulty: Depending on the age and knowledge of the players, the game can be a little more difficult, for example, put extra conditions: jungle animal, invertebrate, wild, names of capital cities, European countries, etc.

13. String of words:

This game is also known as “chain words”. To play in teams of men and women, they are organized as in the previous game. The dynamics of the game consists of forming words that begin with the last syllable or letter of the word that the previous participant said. It is not allowed to repeat words, so players must be very attentive and sharpen their memory to detect these errors. When a player fails to say a word in the stipulated time, a negative point is scored for his team and his turn is skipped, with three negative points, the entire team pays a collective penal penalty. Also, we can play to eliminate players who make a mistake, continue until there is only one left, and when this happens, the other team will be the winner.

14. Various team races:

Organize races like the following: Carrying objects in the hand, or on top of the head: a glass full of water, which is carried in one hand; if a drop falls out, you have to fill it up again. Carrying lit candles: if the candle goes out, you must return to light it at the starting point, Careers bouncing a ball on the floor, if you lose control, restart. Running on patasola or crow’s foot or with one leg. Or hopping on one foot, while holding the other foot with one hand.

15. Blowing marbles:

For this game or competition we need several marbles or crystal balls, chalk and a stopwatch.

After assembling the teams of boys and girls, of equal numbers, a large circle is drawn on the floor, with a diameter between 1 and 2 meters.

Then, several marbles or small crystal balls are placed in the center of it, one per player, depending on the number of members of each team. 

The challenge is to get those marbles out of the circle without touching them, just blowing hard. 

To blow them they must bend down, trying not to touch any marble with their body. They play in turns, when a player has drawn the marble that corresponds to him, he will be able to follow another of his companions. 

Time is counted and in the end the team that spent less time in this test wins.

16. Marble Ride:

This may be a variant of the previous game. We use a marble and a popsicle stick inside the mouth.  

The idea is to take the marble from one side of the playing space to the other, a few meters, pushing the ball with the stick, but the stick must be in the mouth. We cannot use our hands or any other part of the body to propel the ball.

17. Pulling out the balls with the tail:

Several balls are needed, hopefully large. We can do a team competition. 

It is about taking out some balls that are inside a circle of about 5 meters in diameter, only using the rear. It may be that they sit on them and move them. There is no time limit.

It may be that all or only two players representing their teams participate. 

Players simultaneously enter the circle where the balls are and choose any of them. Whoever manages to remove the corresponding balls with the tail the fastest wins.

18. Competition to inflate balloons or bombs and corsage weapons with them

The organizer of the activity must bring several packages of bombs, so that the competing teams can take the necessary ones.

It is about assembling several bouquets of at least 4 bombs or balloons each, for this, all the members can work at the same time.

They have 5 minutes to see which team does the best in inflating and assembling their balloon bouquets.

19. Body sign:

It is that each team must form with their body the letters that form a word that is assigned to them, adopting body positions. We see an example of how to form letters in the previous figure. 

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