We love perfumes . However, many times, we do not know in which areas to apply them to get the most out of them, that they are not invasive and at the same time allow us to enjoy their aroma all day. From how to put them on to how to make them last and stay on, these are some golden rules you can put into practice that you should know. First of all, we must know that an Eau de Parfum , which usually contains between 17 or 20 percent concentration of the fragrance, is not the same as an Eau de Toilette , from 12 to 15 percent, or an eau de cologne , around 7 percent to make it last longer. It also influences if you carryfresher and lighter citrus notes, which evaporate more easily than the sweeter and more intense ones, such as amber or vanilla , which leave more traces on your skin.

The 6 commandments to apply your perfume and make it last longer

1. Vaporize in strategic areas

Coco Chanel already said that we could apply our fragrance wherever we wanted to be kissed. And it could be an infallible trick when it comes to putting it on. However, the experts from the Perfume Academy recommend applying the fragrance in the pulse areas where the heart rate is best appreciated. “The small vibration of the pulse makes it easier for the aroma to be released and thus the presence of the perfume is enhanced because the fragrance evaporates in a much slower and constant way. We are talking about areas such as the wrists , behind the ears , the nape of the neck , the neckline , the ankles or the areabehind the knees . Depending on the situation, some of these areas are very sensual and can play in your favor over short distances.” Even the nape of the neck is a strategic area to take into account if what we want is to apply the perfume in a way little “invasive” for others. By applying the perfume here, we will be able to keep the mark left by our fragrance behind us without invading the people around us. And in terms of distance, the ideal is to spray it from a distance of about 10 to 20 centimeters because in each pulse area, the heat multiplies its aroma.The French have the trick of spraying a cloud in the air and passing through it so that the way to perfume is still still It’s subtle.

N5 by Chanel

 An iconic and timeless floral perfume with notes of Rosa de Mayo, jasmine, aldehydes and a soft touch of vanilla that make it unique and magical on the skin.

2. Choose versions of your favorite perfume

It is not strange to see that there are variants of our favorite perfume in the form of soap , body milk and even deodorant. But one of the versions that we like the most is hair perfume because it improves diffusion as it is a “hot” area of ​​our body and a powerful radar of sensations and therefore of smells. There are many perfumed hair mists that take care of the hair without drying out the fiber due to the effects of alcohol, but remember to do it in a subtle way.

3. Moisturize your skin before perfume

Daniel Figuero , Fragrance Ambassador of Dior Parfums , already told us that the perfume adheres worse to dry skin . “The pore is more open, and the light moisture mixes with the fragrance and gets into the skin,” she notes. Therefore, apply it right out of the shower and after putting your body cream and putting a touch of your fragrance on it so that its sillage lasts all day. And another option is to bet on the body lotion of your favorite fragrance .

Wood sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone London

This fresh yet long-lasting fragrance has the power to transport us to the sea because it smells of cliffs and fresh air and sea salt, with the woody touch of sage.

4. Do not rub your perfume on the skin

It is very common to rub your wrists when we try a perfume or when perfuming ourselves on a daily basis, but it is something that we must avoid, because, as the fragrance experts from the Perfume Academy point out, “notes break, altering its aroma and directly influencing its durability”. Even the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian goes further and has confessed that the friction created by rubbing the perfume warms the skin and in turn produces natural enzymes that modify the evolution of the fragrance . So after applying your perfume, let it be and rest on your skin.

J’adore Parfum d’eau de Dior

Alcohol-free and very soft but with permanence on the skin, this fragrance accurately translates the emblematic floral bouquet of J’adore with a fresh and clean aroma due to its notes of jasmine sambac, neroli and magnolia.

5. Perfume your clothes, coats and closets

Perfuming clothes, or your coat, even your closets in a subtle way, is another way to broaden the trail of the fragrance. Nothing like spraying a few drops of it on your scarf or handkerchief to feel its aroma for days. And the natural materials such as wool or cotton in our garments also have an influence, distributing the smell better than synthetic fabrics. And for a greater sillage, it never hurts to always have a travel spray on hand to always spray your favorite perfume and touch up at any time of the day.

For Her Limited Edition by Narciso Rodriguez

This Christmas, the iconic fragrance for her Eau de Toilette is reinvented with a limited edition bottle, lacquered with gold. A unique perfume that smells of musk intensified by the delicate notes of osmantho flower, amber and patchouli.

6. How many times should you perfume yourself

The number of applications may be related to the type of fragrance we have in our hands. Some perfumes can offer us different versions of the same aroma. And the difference between them lies not only in the percentages of pure essence, but also in a variation of the notes to enhance its fresh character or, on the other hand, its intensity, durability and fixation. One application of the perfume would be enough throughout the day, compared to lighter compositions such as cologne or fresh water in which we can repeat the application of our fragrance after a few hours without fear of overwhelming anyone.

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