The anti-stress effect of sport is well known. However, not everyone knows that there are certain sports whose emotional health benefits are greater.

Most sports are effective in managing stress. Even so, certain disciplines in particular enhance the positive effects of physical activity and exponentially improve mood.

The best way, and with fewer side effects, to have good emotional health is to practice sports. Unlike medication, its effects are immediate, as soon as the person finishes the training session.

5 sports ideas to control stress

In order for the previous premise to come to fruition and be maintained over time, it is necessary to find a sport that is attractive. In other words, if internal motivation and a sense of control are guaranteed, well-being is guaranteed . To make it more attractive to choose one of these sports, we are going to mention those that help the most to control stress.

1. Swimming

Few environments are more relaxing than relaxing by the pool. That is the main reason why swimming is the ideal sport to remove stress.

Another reason is that, while one is in the pool, the stimuli that can be followed are greatly reduced. In the pool, the mobile cannot be answered, so the interferences of work or responsibilities are cancelled . In addition, the fact that you are doing a more or less monotonous exercise allows you to take things easy and be attentive to the present.

2. Yoga

Yoga is more than a modality of exercise. Actually, this is a philosophy that promotes the transcendental union between the body and the mind through exercise routines.

This discipline encompasses more than doing postures and stretching. In most sessions, a few minutes are dedicated—at the beginning or at the end—to meditate , take a few deep breaths, or connect with the thoughts that arise.

As for its effectiveness in reducing stress, more research is needed to draw firm conclusions, but there are promising results. According to a study carried out by experts from the University of Jaen, the regular practice of yoga has positive effects in reducing stress, anxiety and depression .

3. Cycling

As explained in the case of swimming, the reduction of environmental stimuli causes a decrease in stress; in the case of cycling, something similar happens. When the person gets on the bike and starts pedaling, he can only pay attention to what is happening around him, and this frees his mind from worries.

In addition, this sport has an added benefit, and that is that the landscape changes depending on the route that is chosen. Discovering a path that is visually stimulating can evoke very positive emotions .

4. Pilates

If what you want is an exercise to reduce stress and get in good physical shape, Pilates can be a very good alternative. This modality of exercise helps reduce stress by applying its principles.

First, breath control decreases arousal and the physical symptoms of stress . Likewise, Pilates promotes interoceptive awareness and shifting the focus of attention towards oneself. In this way, it is not possible to think about those thoughts that generate stress.

5. The race continues

The continuous race or running has a powerful anti-stress effect. So much so that, although after running one feels exhausted, it ends up being very addictive . The reason for this is that running demands perfect breath control. To avoid unpleasant sensations when running, it is necessary that both inhalation and exhalation be done rhythmically and slowly.

Another of the great benefits of running is that it is an exercise for everyone, as long as they do not suffer from any physical pathology that prevents it. The low cost of the sport and the ability to do it almost anywhere are also very attractive factors .

Reduce stress with sports

Stress is a very common evil in today’s society. The speed of the daily routine and the lack of restful rest are the main factors that contribute to stress.

Luckily, sport is a way to combat it without producing any adverse effects, according to a study carried out by professionals from the University of Seville. However, for its effects to be maintained in the long term, it must be done regularly for at least 10 weeks .

With all the sports to choose from, there’s no excuse to spend every afternoon on the couch. Give the one you like the most a chance and you will start to notice its benefits sooner rather than later.

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