Dumbbell exercises are very useful for training the arms in a specific way. Some of the recommendations that we will show you below should be part of your routine.

Finding the best dumbbell exercises to train your arms depends on the level of stimulation they cause. In addition, aspects such as the expected results and the execution of the technique should also be considered, which should not be so complex.

On the other hand, dumbbell exercises are the most common in general training. Basically in any gym or fitness room you can find this type of movement.

However, the fact that they are common or practiced regularly does not mean that they are not very useful, on the contrary. The continuous execution of these exercises is due to the wide margin of benefits that it offers to your body.

Based on the above, we will teach you what we consider to be the best dumbbell exercises to train arms. You are ready?

Dumbbell exercises to train arms

Dumbbell exercises allow hypertrophy in upper limbs.

The dumbbell stands out as an external load element, which influences the stimulation of strength and resistance. Usually there are dumbbells with different weights , so you should find which one fits your capabilities and needs.

Once you have the element that you are going to use, you can plan a routine with the exercises that we will teach you below.

1.Press Arnold 

The Arnold Press is named after its creator and stands out as one of the most complex dumbbell exercises out there. Its stimulation focuses on the shoulder area , especially the deltoids and some back muscles.

To carry out the Arnold Press you must sit with your back completely straight and the soles of your feet properly supported. Also, hold a dumbbell with each hand, respectively. Added to the sitting position, the arms should start bent just with the dumbbells at the height of each shoulder.

From there, begin to raise the dumbbells overhead as the forearms rotate so that the hands are ‘facing’ forward. He then brings the dumbbells down as you rotate your forearms and leave your palms ‘facing’ in.

2. Dumbbell push-ups

Combining push-ups with dumbbells is much more interesting and beneficial than it seems. This combination stands out as one of the dumbbell exercises to train arms and a large part of the middle area of ​​the body.

To perform dumbbell push-ups you must place yourself on 4 supports , the tips of your feet and your hands. In this case, each hand should grab one dumbbell, respectively.

Therefore, the support will be done on both dumbbells. It should be noted that the hands should be separated at the width of the shoulders. From this position you must perform a conventional push-up and when raising the body, raise the dumbbell in the right hand, while continuing the support in the left. Then support both, do another push-up and execute the movement of the dumbbell. This time with the left arm.

You can also perform a variation in order to make the movement much easier . Carry out dumbbell raises without performing the push-up.

3. Biceps curl

The biceps curl is one of the most common dumbbell exercises to train the arms. Basically it stands out for its specific stimulus, which is very necessary when working on the front area of ​​the arms.

To carry it out you must grab a dumbbell with each hand , stand up with your legs hip-width apart and keep your back completely straight.

Once in that position, proceed to bring the dumbbells to shoulder height, over and over again. Do not forget that the movement must be continuous and controlled.

On the other hand, remember that the exercise can be symmetrical or asymmetrical . It depends on your comforts.

4. Triceps Extension

The triceps extension is another specific exercise performed with dumbbells . In this case, it focuses on stimulating the posterior area of ​​the arm, where the brachial triceps are located.

The dumbbell triceps kickback is one of the basic exercises to strengthen the elbow extensor muscles.

Regarding this exercise, it is best to carry it out with a single dumbbell. This should be of a lower weight compared to the dumbbells used in the curl, due to the position of the arms. In order to do it, you must stand up with your legs hip-width apart and your back straight. Also, grab a dumbbell with both hands and place it behind your head with your arms bent.

In this position, proceed to execute an arm extension while bringing the dumbbell overhead. Try to ensure that this movement is controlled and properly executed.

Progress at your own pace with dumbbell exercises to train arms

Dumbbell exercises are very necessary to train your arms. However, they must be carried out under appropriate intensities for your body.

We advise you to know your ability to perform this type of exercise and, based on this, plan the volume of training in your routine. If you require advice, do not hesitate to seek the help of a professional on the subject.

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