Every man, at least once in his life, has tried some seduction technique to touch a woman and drive her crazy with pleasure. Although in the time of social media and online dating chats, the methods of approach between men and women seem to have drastically changed and the courtship times have almost disappeared, seduction still remains a fundamental part to conquer the woman or man from whom one is is attracted.

Touch is still the simplest and most powerful weapon of seduction that exists to attract a partner to oneself, since it has an intoxicating effect on the human body. In fact, research has shown that intimate, even casual contact between two people offers so many health benefits. When we touch the person we are interested in, a series of physical reactions are triggered in her: heart rate lowers, blood pressure decreases, stress levels are lowered and oxytocin levels rise. Perhaps it has happened to you that a woman has passed her hand through your hair, while gently touching your chest before kissing you, you are as if crossed by a small electric shock along your back and a wave of oxytocin envelops you that makes you feel excited and eager.

For some couples, foreplay is essential and the sexual experience can be improved through particular seduction techniques. However, to do this you have to commit and experience what your partner likes or dislikes. Here, then, are some little tips to touch women to the fullest 

Touch a woman holding her hand

Since ancient times, touching the hands of a woman or a man has been a way to show different types of intimacy. In ancient Greece, the touch of the hands, for example, had an important meaning: touching the hand of the other was a way to show that one was unarmed and could be trusted.

In more modern times, touching each other’s hands becomes a way to demonstrate to the outside world that you have established some kind of relationship with the other person . Holding the hand of a girl in public, it is still shown today to feel a form of affection and union with the latter. And this gesture can be interpreted as a rather powerful affirmation, as the partner receiving the attention, perceives it as a form of protection and masculinity on your part.

Where to touch a girl to make the heat grow? She gently touches her neck!

The neck is a real erogenous zone, so if you want to touch a woman to get her aroused , don’t neglect this part of her body. While kissing a woman on her lips can become a monotonous and obvious gesture, touching the strings of her arousal through soft, light kisses on her neck can be a unique experience for both of you.

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How should you touch a woman on her breasts and nipples …

Thanks to the numerous nerve endings, the breast is a very sensitive erogenous area of ​​the body , especially in correspondence with the nipples. It is possible, some women, reach orgasm through the stimulation of these alone. There are those who love pinches and bites, those who prefer sweeter caresses or wet from the tongue. Other women still don’t like being touched for long.

Touch women in the inner thighs

After having advanced the erogenous zone of the neck and having gently touched her breasts, you can proceed to another particularly sensitive area and show her that you are in the mood to go “all the way”: let’s talk about the inner thighs .

Touching the soft skin of the inner thighs is a great way to slowly introduce it to the limit of climax. If you feel aroused, stop and start over until you see her eager to move on. Starting from the inner thigh, you can go up to the most intimate areas and enter the places of true erotic pleasure.

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Touching women: how to ‘fingering’

The woman is not a keyboard, just touching the G key is not enough to give her pleasure. And what’s more, they are not all the same: not all are worth insisting on the most sensitive erogenous zones (the clitoris and the inner part of the vagina) . Men, be careful: if you are not very convinced of what you are doing, shyness or inexperience can play tricks.

Foreplay and the clitoris: How to touch a woman in the “right” places

Find out first if the woman is willing to be masturbated, maybe notice her reaction to touching and petting. Situation and partner become one and even before turning into speleologists, remember that feeling involved and creating the right atmosphere is crucial. Caresses can open the doors to foreplay and with special massages you can touch more sensitive parts of the body: a kiss on the neck, a caress on the hips, a clamp on the thighs or buttocks .

Only if she makes you understand that it is time to push yourself further, then go straight to the vulva, stroking it under the panties for example or touching the outside of the vagina, playing with large and small labia .

When the vagina is wet and lubricated, finger masturbation is smooth and painless. Otherwise, the penetration can be painful and could cause inflammation and discomfort . The right remedy in these cases is the use of a neutral water-based lubricant.

Forget the idea that the female genital organs are a kind of tube in which you slide a plunger up and down. Haste and too fast movements are often unwelcome, especially in the initial phase of female masturbation . Better to start with stroking along the outside of the vagina .

The most sensitive point is undoubtedly the clitoris, that “little button” located in the upper part of the vagina. Most orgasms come from her direct or indirect stimulation, but beware: the clitoris is an extremely sensitive area and insisting on that point can cause pain and discomfort.

The important thing, in any case, is to identify with your partner’s breathing, in the rhythm that is being created between your caresses and her excitement.

Masturbate and touch the woman by stimulating the G-spot

Many women, during masturbation, love to search for sensations reminiscent of penis penetration: you can therefore use two fingers or resort to stimulators for the G-spot to indulge their erotic desire.

The G-spot is located approximately 4 to 5 cm inside the vagina towards the clitoris. When stimulated, it swells and becomes pleasant to the touch (for her). Some women reach multiple orgasms this way and may even “ejaculate” or squirt .

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What to avoid when you touch a woman

Once we understand how to touch and arouse a woman, let’s try to evaluate the things not to do instead. Here is a helpful reminder:

  • Try wildly to put your fingers inside the vagina.
  • Lingering on the dry clitoris in a crazy way.
  • Doing things that are too pushy for the degree of intimacy between you, like putting your wet fingers in her mouth. Maybe he doesn’t like it.
  • Try not to appear insecure, afraid, with shaky hands. The woman must feel confident and believe that you know exactly where to put your hands and what to do.
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